In an incredibly unbelievable move last Thursday, May 2, Gov. Brewer officially revealed that she has no qualms about going to the dark side to get her way on Medicaid Expansion. The topic of the Inter Faith Project event was "social justice" and the speeches centered on that leftist concept.

Brewer, Rep. Heather Carter (LD15) and Sen. John McComish (LD18), all of whom claim to be Republicans but vote and govern like Democrats such as Phoenix Mayor Stanton, also included in the evening, teamed up with the Valley Interfaith Project 2012-2013, a group that appears to be largely about amnesty, and 40 Pastors, to speak on Social Justice. The Agenda for the meeting was written in English and Spanish! Conservatives there were so disgusted - that exact word was used by all who contacted AFA about the evening - they got up and walked out as a sign of protest. The organizers spewed leftwing rhetoric to the audience but those in attendance were not allowed to respond except by applause. No questions, no comments, no negative responses such as groans, boos, etc. allowed. What happened to free speech in America? It was a typical left wing indoctrination agenda; a shameful event for Republicans to be a part of with our Governor mimicking Obama in her "it's all about me, my, mine" comments.

Social Justice, as we all know, is about taking from the person who earned it to give to those who did not. It is not about "equality." It is not about private charitable giving nor is it about government helping those who have no other source of help. It's not about creating opportunity. Indeed, it's about usurping opportunity to be replaced with dependency on government. It's about controlling those who are tempted by free stuff and become dependent on government to get it. It is about equal misery! It is, in this writer's view, one of the cruelest programs ever unleashed on America. Welfare/social justice robs people of the incentive to achieve, their sense of accomplishment and their place in the world. Thank you, FDR, for originating welfare and BHO for turning it into a personal crusade! Social Justice is predicated on the Constitution of the International Labour Organization, not on the Constitution of the United States. Medicaid Expansion is the perfect social justice program executed and paid for by the Robin Hood method, updated for today's world: rob from the achievers to give to the dis-incentivized.

The Interfaith Project booklet calls for a more "just society" which is the descriptive phase used for defining social justice. It seems to be all about giving citizenship to illegal immigrants - amnesty. It is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the oldest and largest organizing and leadership development network in the United States. Sound familiar?

This booklet also makes the case for raising taxes in Arizona, complete with chart showing how revenues have dropped while expenditures have risen. Suggestion: take illegal undocumented residents off state provided and taxpayer funded benefits that citizens rarely get! But no, that's not included in the agenda, only raising taxes on the rest of us who work, earn, pay our own way and give freely to the charities of our choice. This booklet is also written in English and Spanish!

These are the groups Brewer, McComish and Carter have chosen to align with while betraying Republican values and those who voted them into office. Why? Because it is an avenue for Medicaid Expansion, the program that nearly every Republican Legislative District has said, through official Resolutions sent to the Governor, that they are against. These Resolutions were voted on by the District Precinct Committeemen and nearly all were unanimous.

If you want to know the price for these lawmakers to sell out to get what they want, now you have it! Pandering to the left. Remember this in 2014. And don't wait. Start now to tell your fellow Republican neighbors, friends and family members just what their Governor and these two lawmakers think of their opinion and their desire for limited government.

Here's a list of the church members of Valley Interfaith Project:
(Note the pattern)
All Saints Catholic Newman Center, Tempe
Asbury United Methodist Church, Phoenix
Catholic Religious, Maricopa County
Central United Methodist Church, Phoenix
Chandler Education Association, Chandler
Creighton Elementary School, Phoenix
Dayspring United Methodist Church, Tempe
El Mirage Elementary School, El Mirage
First Congregational United Church of Christ, Phoenix
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mesa
Franciscan Renewal Center (Casa), Paradise Valley
King of Glory Lutheran Church, Tempe
Kyrene Education Association, Tempe
Mesa Eduction Association & MESPA, Mesa
Mount of Olives Lutheran Church, Phoenix
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Guadalupe
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, Paradise Valley
Red Mountain Methodist Church, Mesa
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Phoenix
San Pablo Episcopal Church, Phoenix
Santa Teresita Catholic Church, El Mirage
Scottsdale Education Association, Scottsdale
Shepherd of the Hill United Church of Christ, Phoenix
Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church, Phoenix
St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, Chandler
St. Andrew Episcopal Church, Glendale
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Phoenix
St. Margaret Catholic Church, Tempe
St. Patrick Catholic Community, Scottsdale
St. Stephen Episcopal Church, Phoenix
Tempe United Methodist Church, Tempe
Temple Solel, Scottsdale
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Mesa
Unitarian Universalists of Surprise
West Valley Neighborhoods Association

Glendale First United Methodist Church, Glendale
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Glendale
Pan de Vida Lutheran Church, Surprise
Riverview Elementary, El Mirage
St. Agnes Catholic Church, Phoenix
St. Benedict Catholic Church, Phoenix
St. James Episcopal Church, Tempe
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Phoenix

If you are a member of any of these churches, please have a person-to-person chat with your Pastor or Priest. Ask them if they are members of the National Council of Churches which is a member of the World Council of Churches, a Communist organization. If you are a member of a church that is part of these organizations and you tithe or pledge to these churches, part of every dollar you give goes to them.  There is no longer any question that our churches have been hi-jacked by the leftist Socialists for their own benefit to legitimize the co-opting of the U.S. Constitution and traditional values.  And our Governor is all too happy to go along with that!

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I attended with several other patriots. It was despicable from start to finish.

Speakers called the 800 in attendance "leaders". Those poor sheep were not even aware that they were being "used" as props by the professional lefties, including our governor. SHAMEFUL. 

Spot on Jim

This appears to be a reflection on the division even within the so called Church. Make no mistake! The left or those promoting leftist worldviews will seek to use the compromised church as a means to their ends.

Respectfully, Mark R Aksamit

Facilitator for the Northern Arizona Tea Party Coalition.

This is a great e-mail and needs to be sent to all like-minded contacts...good idea to send to those who are NOT like-minded. Maybe a light will come on. Ya think??

Sorry I missed the meeting of these "leaders". Sounds like a gathering of Mao followers. Those conservatives in attendance did the right thing by walking out and giving them their back. Never trusted Ms. Jan anyway and she needs to be given her walking papers. If I were there, I would have proudly walked out with those who did.

Feel free to copy and paste into your emails to others.  Please include a link to this page so people can comment if they so choose.

Thanks for advice as we need to get the word out about what really went on at the meeting and not the AZ Republics version!

This is a top notch article.  Thank you for including the links to the left wing groups.  It's time to be forthright to reveal the true nature of some of those elected to represent we the people.  We expect this behavior from the left but now we have to fight it from the right.  

Will the Arizona Republican Party stand up for Republicans on this matter?  What about Republican District and county boards?  Every District that sent in a resolution should stand up in their meetings and let the Governor know just what she has done.  I hope she has awakened the sleeping giant as Obama did in 2009 and conservatives, tea party groups and others will step back into the fight it seems most have left.





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