As many of you know, implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has been in effect for some time now, even prior to the Supreme Court Decision upholding the individual mandate.  Most recently, Governor Brewer moved one step closer to solidifying Obamacare for Arizona by submitting an essential health benefits plan to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  This is a key component of the PPACA, as it dictates the marketplace on cost and coverage for health care for all of our citizens.  This is indeed a very disappointing development.
Arizona should maintain its strong opposition to Obamacare by joining other states that have declined participation in any health insurance exchange activities.  The selection of a single health benefits package that imposes mandates on the public, increases costs and falls short on affordability should not be a legacy worthy of Arizona.  The rules and guidelines relating to the health benefits are not even complete.  Answers to questions regarding coverage are not there to make an informed decision.  The only certainty we have been apprised of is that premium costs will go up – and will rise even more once guaranteed issue, community rating and additional mandates are factored into the cost of insurance.
I would propose that we not collude with the Federal government on creating an exchange. I don’t believe we have an obligation to build the foundation to a program that is fundamentally flawed and goes against free market principles and infringes on our state’s rights.  By doing so we assume responsibility for the shortcomings this law holds and are bound to take action on behalf of Arizonans in perpetuity.  This is not our idea.  It should not be our handiwork.
Furthermore, the selection of an essential health benefit is only temporary.  It will be in place only through 2014-2015, after which an entirely different benefits mandate process may be imposed.  So while we may believe we are averting policies that pay for voluntary abortions, provide greater behavioral health coverage, and offers greater developmental disability services, the Federal government can uniformly change these policies.  This is a false choice and we should be wary of doing the Federal government’s bidding.  It is an illusion to believe that we will have greater oversight if we manage a state-run exchange.  The mere fact that this essential health benefit is temporary is a clear indication.
Please join me in expressing your concern regarding Governor Brewer’s decision to move ahead with implementation of the Affordable Care Act.    It is indeed the federalism debate of our generation and we should side with Arizona.
Senator Nancy Barto

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Seems to me that in 2010 the people of Arizona voted to NOT have any form of universal health care or whatever the federal government wanted to call it.  It was Prop 106 and 55% of the people voted to stop obamacare....... what does Jan have to say about that??????????????






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