The Arizona Legislature is now in session. Once in a while we get a good article that could make a huge difference in our election system if our legislators would adopt it.  It would take a shift in mind-set to put this in place.  A mindset reset is just what we need now!  Send this article to your three lawmakers: two House members, one Senator.  You can find their contact info at and click either Senate or House button that takes you to the complete roster in both chambers.  Remember, self-governance is exactly what was envisioned by our Founding Fathers for citizens of this great country to do to make it great again.

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If clueless Arizona Republican legislators step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture, they’ll be absolutely terrified at what’s happening to the Grand Canyon State.

Inexorable demographic, economic & technological forces are dramatically changing the complexion of the electorate.  This is not the Arizona anymore of Carl Hayden (a old-style Democrat), Barry Goldwater, or Eugene Pulliam (the conservative publisher of the mighty Arizona Republic Newspaper).

This Arizona is now doing the slow-motion, ending scene out of Thelma & Louise (and trashing a perfectly good 1966 Thunderbird convertible in the process).  The Demsheviks are at the city gates, and if you don’t want to go the way of New Mexico & California you’ll do the following;

Abolish all local “at-large” election schemes, as more than 20 states have done. Everyone runs in a district; no more bloc voting.  The Demsheviks invented bloc voting; it was the greatest creation of Andy Jackson’s hatchet-man, and ne’er-do-well POTUS #1, Martin Van Buren.  Just ask Tucson; the Dirty T’s dung heap has been doing it since 1929.   P.S. The Dems hate fixed districts; it puts more players in the swimming pool and they’re harder to control that way.

Allow voters & taxpayers to incorporate new towns & cities, without adjacent muni-approvals. This would directly aid Tucson’s business interests, who are in a war for that city’s future with the most viral hard-leftists outside of Santa Fe & Berkeley in the America West.  If you don’t think these memes (“virus of the mind”) cannot infect Arizona, you’ve not been paying attention.  Tucson is ground zero; it outgrew its petri-dish decades ago.  Phoenix is next on the menu.

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         A few days ago I sent out an alert about how Dr. Rapacki and the Arizona Legislature had the authority to demand, under threat of arrest, access to the Dominion voting machines.  Below is the result. 




Prescott eNews – Specialized Publishing

Post Office Box  2825

Prescott, Arizona  86302

 Wednesday –

January the 20th, 2021

 Mentioned below are the links to the latest edition of ARIZONA TODAY.  I discuss briefly (more to follow) the agreement made by the Maricopa County, Arizona Board of Supervisors and the Arizona Senate, to conduct a full and complete forensic evaluation on all machines and ballots associated with the November election.  I also share some personal thoughts.  Thank you so very, very much for your warm remarks and words of support and encouragement.  Thank you so very, very much for your prayers.  Thank you for caring in the first-place about what has occurred in plain sight to our election, and to reshape our Nation into something it was never intended to become! 

 Prescott eNews: 





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