You probably don't spend a lot of time reading Arizona statutes.  But some of us do and we also peek at upcoming bills, too.  You would be surprised how compelling some of this reading can be and if you want to check out current law or upcoming bills, simply go to and browse around that website.

Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita has a reputation at the Capitol for getting election bills passed.  It is no easy job.  Republicans are timid when it comes to bringing Arizona elections into the 20th Century while we are already in the 21st!  "VOTER SUPPRESSION! VOTER SUPPRESSION!"  This all you would hear from dems who want nothing so much as no rules about voting at all.  As our democrat Maricopa County Recorder states, "Everyone should be allowed to vote."  Sure!  That is why they want so many foreign refugees coming into the state now that every single person over the age of 18 who applies for a driver's license will automatically be registered to vote.  How many ways can we say, "So long, USA.  It's been swell living here but future generations will never know that."

Bottom line, sign yourself up on Request to Speak at the Capitol.  It's the best and easiest way to lobby our lawmakers right from your computer/tablet/cell phone at home or on the road.  Speak up while we still have the chance!  Support the good policy bills.  It's not someone else's responsibility to do that.  It's yours and ours!

Check out our AZ Legislation tab for everything you need to know about good and bad bills and then post your position on RTS!  If you don't know how to do that, send email to us at and we will help you out.  We the people better stop coddling voters who are too dumb or disinterested in voting to sign their stinking early ballot envelope.  If they are that casual about voting, they should pass on that activity and let the adults do the heavy lifting!

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As seen in the Yellow Sheet:

 Ugenti-Rita’s S1032 (early voting; signature required; notice) goes further than she initially indicated (YS, 12/6). S1032 would bar counties from letting any early voters sign ballot envelopes turned in without signatures – even if the ballots came in well before Election Day.

That’s a major shift from last session, when an earlier version of Ugenti-Rita’s Laws 2019, Chapter 39 (S1054: early ballots; deficiencies; cure period) would have allowed county recorders to cure ballots with missing signatures until five days after the election. That bill was later amended to cover only mismatched signatures. While discussing missing signatures, Ugenti-Rita said state law should reflect what Maricopa County ballot envelopes already say – that an early ballot returned without a signature on the envelope will not be counted.

Maricopa County Recorder’s Office spokeswoman Christine Dyster [remember, they want EVERYONE who lives in the state to vote] shared a photo of a sample envelope, which says in uppercase red letters in both English and Spanish that a signature is required and a ballot won’t be counted without one. “Of course, voters forget,” Dyster said. “We want to make sure voters have options.” [Voters have options now: follow the rules, find someone to read them to you or don't vote.]

Under current practices in Maricopa County’s election office, unsigned ballots received significantly in advance of the election are mailed back so voters can sign them or request a new one. If there isn’t time to mail a ballot back and the voter has a phone number on file, elections staff would call to tell the voter the ballot is unsigned and give them the option to come in and sign the ballot or have the mail ballot discarded and vote in-person on Election Day instead.

Ugenti-Rita’s bill comes in response to Hobbs’ election procedures manual, which gives county elections officials up to five days after an election to cure ballots with missing signatures. That provision in the manual resulted from a settlement with the Navajo Nation, which sued Reagan and several county recorders over counties not providing the same ballot curing opportunities as other counties. 


Editor's note:  Voting is not a right or a rite.  It's a responsibility.  Voters need to be educated on the importance of voting and voting correctly.  Voting was never intended to be convenient.  It's worth a bit of time expended to do it.  Voters should understand their role in the election process.  Schools no longer teach civics which is where students once got this information.  Now, there is no room in the school day to teach civics when there is so much homosexual sex to be taught!

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For crying out loud as my beloved mom often said.  How much easier should voting be?  The ballot is delivered literally into the hands of voters and they are too lazy or disinterested in reading the BIG RED TYPE?  Get rid of early voting.  It's ruined the election process and made it easy for dems to cheat.  Ballot harvesting is here to stay unless we get rid of this craziness.

I will argue that, Clair.  There is no right to automatically vote.  There is no right for non-citizens to vote.  There is no right to have your vote counted if you don't follow the rules.  There is no right to be called down to the election dept after the vote to sign some env that wasn't mailed by you.  Or anyone else.  A right comes with a certain amount of responsibility.  There is no requirement they be informed to vote.

The same "shall not be abridged" is used in the 2nd amendment .... but it is being infringed by the leftists, so why would voting not be bastardized in the same way? Our government uses the term "right of citizens" for a reason ... illegals or aliens HAVE  NO Constitutional right to vote, nor should they, but by using a "backdoor" of the issuance of a drivers license they have defrauded the legal citizens of our right to vote! When you apply at the DMV for a "drivers license" you ... by way of the Motor Voter Act ... have given government the implicit authority to determine what it can be used for. The hypocrisy is that that same government will NOT LET YOU, through the legal system ...  use it as photo identification to vote. Our unalienable rights (creator given) have become inalienable rights (government given).

It's going to be a very short session.  Its an election year and they want to go campaign to keep their seats.  But its a good year to hold them accountable.  And to John's post, yes, illegals will be voting in most states and motor voter is much of the reason.

A Nation on her Knees as Reagan so warned 5 decades ago is deliberate.  Education and global elitists are on target. Politics, since America saved the world from Mao, Stalin & Hitler, focus on a global economy away from the only nation based on individual liberty & individual accountability!  WE neglect and negate the bloodshed for this God-given/directed opportunity for mankind to choose for himself good versus evil.                           

There is no right to vote in Arizona if you are not a citizen. That is something that the state and the voting devision and several courts seem to be able to read in as if it is a law. Our government is a Republic not a democracy. In a Republic we choose our representation within our state and local systems to represent our interests at those levels. There is no reason any person from another state should be able to weigh in with our representative on what they want at any level as if they are citizens of Arizona or its counties. Even our Federal elections simply instruct our "Electors" on our wishes for President and should not be taking instructions from outsiders from other states or countries. We have every right to keep all foreign people out of our voting process until they become one of us legally and provably.





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