[Editor:  On Saturday, Secretary of State Michele Reagan formally made this announcement at the Arizona Republican Assembly meeting.  When parties have to pay to hold their own elections in the Presidential Preference Primary - limited to party members only - we will likely start to see a Caucus system similar to what you saw last night in Iowa.  Start studying up on that system!]

Press Release:  Secretary of State Michele Reagan has proposed making this the last time the state runs the Presidential Preference Election (PPE) which costs the state nearly $10 million and bars one-third of voters from participating. Unlike any other election in Arizona, the PPE precludes so-called “independent” voters from participating.  Instead, only registered members of the state’s recognized political parties participating in the election may cast a ballot. 

     “Since day one, our mission has been to do everything we can to improve voter participation,” said Reagan.  “We’ve asked ourselves if it really makes any sense for Arizona to spend nearly $10 million on an election where the largest block of voters cannot participate.  We’re proposing the legislature repeal the PPE and return to the days where the parties ran their own presidential primaries. By returning control of national convention delegate section to the parties we are empowering them to decide for themselves the best way forward.  Parties might conduct an internet election, a mail ballot open to all Arizonans or adopt an Iowa-style caucus.  The PPE is about parties doing party business and they should do what they think is best for their members.” 

      In addition to the elimination of the election itself, the bill (HB2567) requests the legislature to supplement last year’s appropriation with $6 million dollars to cover the remaining state and local costs expenses related to the 2016 PPE.  The registration deadline for the Presidential Preference Election is February 22, with early voting to begin on February 24.  For more registration information visit: www.azsos.gov.


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The article says "where the largest block of voters cannot participate" ... is NOT our voting problem, for in the primaries the "turn out" of voters is miniscule at best.  So would this solve THAT PROBLEM? No, for apathy remains, laziness remains, and ignorance of issues rampant.

Voting is a citizen's responsibility !! How many times have they failed in being a part of our government both on the State and Federal levels? Get the answer to that question first ... then propose a way to make it a more palatable spending issue.  Addressing the "internet" balloting is wrought for fraud just as in the so many scams found on the internet, lies and misinformation, and it would take away the "responsible election process" of getting out of bed and voting personally by showing a face with a ballot.  In addition we still would have the "provisional ballot" to use.

Remember this:  "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin.  So who do we the people trust to count the votes when it's by snail mail, internet, or in person.  Is it the McCain clone Robert Graham? Get real, HE WON'T even close our Republican Primary as demanded by PC's as he thinks "independents" can't vote at all, when they can if they really care to. Politicians can get a horse to water ... BUT they can't make it drink !!

That makes sense that will open it up to other parties so we have options.  

We already have "enough options", we just don't have knowledgeable voters ! Information is dangerous to those who want to enslave us.

No, it won't.  It will still be party specific.  There is not an Independent Party to hold a caucus.

America is in danger IF WE become a parliamentary system of government.  You will lose your individual sovereignty by being reigned over by a political class of elitists. Democracy is NOT what we are in this nation. LEARN IT please, for multiple parties will destroy our nation of "opportunity", our Constitution, and YOUR sovereign individuality. Have we NOT learned what Ross Perot did for the Republican party? It gave us Bill Clinton who won with the LOWEST vote (41%) in our nations history. It divided us and gave us "the zipper man". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VogzExP3qhI

With a caucus system, we can prevent candidates like McCain using Independents to heavily influence the primary outcome.  The Independents are not precluded from participating.  All they have to do is register for a party for the Primaries, which they have often chosen to do. 

When Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove of the performance of a candidate like McCain (or even Flake if he keeps up his Gang of Eight RINOism) we can ensure that our preferences are reflected in our choices with a caucus system.

well that has not worked out to well has it. We now have a one party system.

Living in the Detroit area decades ago, there was a radio talk show host named Mark Scott, his show brought that up, and he forewarned the citizenry that there was really no difference between Republicans and Democrats for both we leading America into a world Socialist state the difference being that one was moving faster than the other .... and so it has come to pass ... up until this election, I pray.

That guy Mr. Scott lost his job when the station went to sports programming, and he died of a heart attack 2 months later. Truth is where the heart is, is the heart of America willing to stand strong or perish to evil?

Iowa is still voting in the HORSE N BUGGY era.  Instead,  just have everyone vote in the PPP.

We need to get rid of two party system some how they are taking us to hell and its our fault. That rancher from AZ that was killed is just a tip of the iceberg. They plan on taking all of the land the ranchers have under lease and then buy what is left for pennies on the dollar. when the ranchers go they will close down the dam system and we will be gone because there will be no water. Its strange the federal Gov. will attack christian backed Mormons,Branch Divien cults and kill children and put our soldiers in jail for doing the same while at war.

What destroy the 2 PARTY SYSTEM ?? This is not a socialist utopia sir, we need to regain our nation back from the crony capitalists and progressive liberals, not reweave the fabric of our representative Republic.

Seems like the bottom line is should we continue spending $10,000 for nothing.  Seems obvious.  Especially since we ban many voters.  Not like they have the option of not voting.  The current system supports the Dems and Reps in their desire to control the voters.  Save the money, let them fend for themselves.






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