Well, sort of. It's not really a ban on politics but a ban on politicking in the classroom.  See what you think.  Do teachers spend their time trying to pesuade students to a particular political ideology?  Will such a law actually force teachers to leave politicking at the door?  Would it apply to school events after school hours?  How would it be enforced?  Who is already enforcing the law currently in place?  Would students be turned into snitches?  


Rep. Mark Finchem wants the State Board of Education to craft an educator code of ethics explicitly prohibiting politicking in the classroom – an activity already banned under state law.  


The Oro Valley Republican’s proposal in House Bill 2002 would require the board to adopt uniform rules for all certified teachers in “taxpayer-supported schools” to bar them from a litany of political activities in school. Those include the endorsement or opposition of any candidate, nominee or elected or appointed official; any pending or enacted legislation, rule or regulation; any pending, proposed or decided court case; or any pending, proposed or executed executive action.


Finchem also proposes a prohibition on “any controversial issue that is not germane to the top of the course or academic subject,” where “controversial issue” is defined as “a point in a political party platform.”


But the bill seems to mirror prohibitions already in place under a state law that forbids the use of public school resources to influence elections. That would include advocating or opposing a candidate or the like during working hours.

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Not sure I would like this bill. it seems more like it should be an amendment to an existing bill.  But... this guy Kotterman seems a bit sniffy about it it's clear he is OK with indoctrination of kids.  thou protests too much





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