[Editor:  Team Arizona members have attended presentations on this very important issue that will come before our Legislature in the 2016 Session that begins in January.  Rational people have weighed in on both sides and the AFA Team is divided on this issue. It is insufficient to listen to a well orchestrated presentation with no equally well orchestrated opposing opinion. The lobbyist, Constantine Quarard, is the presenter on the PRO side of the issue  You  MUST do your own research.  See some links at the end of this article to get you started,]

Andrew Costanzo - Member-at-Large, Republican Party of Maricopa County:   Sponsors of the National Popular Vote (NPV) movement are planning to introduce legislation during the Arizona’s 2016 session.  They are currently lobbying Legislative Districts in favor of this harmful concept.  I understand that this lobbyist group will even feed you [Editor: yes, they do and we aren't certain who is paying for this.  A question was vaguely answered.]  if you show up to hear their sales pitch.  A NPV for the President of the United States would be political suicide for the Republican Party.    Here are the facts;

Very similar in concept of having two senators for the respective states, the electoral process which we have in place helps weight the balance in favor of the states with smaller populations.  Every state is entitled to a minimum of three electoral votes comprising of one vote for each senator and an additional vote for the minimum one house member.  We also know these same less populated states tend to vote Republican. 

Conversely, with the exception of Texas, the states with the largest populations tend to vote Democrat.  Should we strip the Electoral College and move to a popular vote, the more populated states would have the weighted advantage by virtue of the popular vote.  If one can make the argument that the Electoral College should be eliminated then logically the same argument would be valid that the US Senate should be appropriated by population as well which would also injure the less populated states.  Courtesy of our Founding Father’s we have a republic with an Electoral College and not a democracy where the mob rules.   

The sponsors’ site,  boasts that 10 states and DC have enacted a National Popular Electi...  Each of these 11 jurisdictions are bastions of liberalism;  naturally they favor of striping the Electoral College so that they may continue to advance their liberal agendas.  

Our legislators need to hear where you stand on this important issue. - Andrew Costanzo  

The Electoral College - Origin and History

Unicameral Update

NVP Opposing Arguments

Did you know that since 1931, more Democrats than Republicans have voted in presidential elections? That was before the invasion of millions of illegals, many of whom have registered to vote?

Did you know that 50,000 Puerto Ricans, already citizen voters, have moved to FLORIDA, an important swing state, so they can vote in the NVP system. They, of course, vote Democrat and will swing Florida!

Did you know that only THREE times in the time span where the Electoral College has been used has there been a popular vote that would have changed the outcome of the presidential election.  Two of those occurred prior to 1888 and the third was the 2000 Gore/Bush election.  Does this seem a problem to you?  Or has our country changed to the extent that the Electoral College is antiquated?

Since the bulk of the voters live in high density large cities and since those cities are overall liberal, will a NPV dilute the votes from states with small populations like Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, etc.  Will those voters just give up and never vote again?  Even in Texas, the largest cities vote Democrat.  The difference is that Texas also has a large rural/small city population.

There are many aspects to this issue and it's important to give full consideration to all arguments and rely on your own research.

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Why do i feel like these lobbyists are trading on the fear of losing yet another presidential election?  Never let a good crisis go to waste!!!  Stop running the establishment candidates and stop shooting down the conservative candidates.  Let the voters decide for once and let's see what happens.  Grassroots would get out and work for a real candidate, not the phony candidates foisted on us by the GOPe.



We cannot assume as fact that these Constitution-busting progressive activists know better than our deliberative founding fathers.  They clearly do not.  I do not trust that they somehow have the ability to fundamentally transform our government system for the better, away from the most successful political system in the history of mankind.  Are they that arrogant?  And are we that naive to give them any credibility? We need to expose who they really are, what drives them, and, most importantly, who is paying for all this.

I have no evidence at this stage, but it smells of a George Soros scheme to undo our American form of government.  If not him, then who?

Thanks Mike for a common sense reply.  It is indeed remarkable that some 230 years after our Founding Fathers wrote the foundational documents for the USA, that so-called learned men and women still can't wrap their brain cells around the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law even when they have the advantage of studying in great detail what some men in the late 1700's were able to conceive and put pen to paper.  As far as I'm concerned, the 17th Amendment radically destroyed part of the foundation of our government and to remove the appropriate affects that the Electoral College was and is designed to have upon the nation is reprehensible.  Likewise, without the kind of oversight required to curtail voter fraud, there can be no fair and balanced approach to voting.  Indeed, with State's like California that allow illegals to vote - the process becomes very murky and then to "count" illegal aliens and legal residents as part of the OFFICIAL CENSUS which is used to determine the number of House Districts - one can easily discount the accuracy of election outcomes.  House Districts are added, primarily in large population areas where legal and illegal aliens colonize and then balkanize.  House Members from these "ethnic" Districts are generally democrats and these democrats end up representing in Congress a group of people who for the most part are not citizens of the USA.  But, for Electoral college purposes, this conflated District ends up in the hands of the democrats.  There are a lot of things wrong with the way elections are held today and it is not the fault of the Founders.  Were we to adhere to the foundational guidance given to us some 230 years ago, our problems would more likely than not - not exist.  It's only when corrupt people try to "game" the system do we end up confused and in the midst of political chaos.  The Framers would surely shudder in their boots were they to witness what has happened to the blueprint they gave us for a Constitutional Republic.  The NVP is a very bad fiction desired by some very bad people.

With the countless millions of illegals arriving into our homeland, many newly IMPORTED male Muslims of military age (who then will be allowed to get drivers licenses due to the Motor Voter Act ... AND THEN be able to vote), we will have IMPORTED our own national destruction. This idiotic call for popular elections accelerates that demise.  It does not foster individual sovereign Liberty & Freedom, it makes our government one of the mob rules!!! 

The framers knew what secure borders meant to our Republic, but today the Republicrats haven't got the "courage of their convictions" to fight the battle that is here ... and coming on stronger ... that is the end game plan for "chaos" by Herr Obama. 

This is all part of "the plan" set out by Columbia sociology professors Cloward & Piven, who taught while Obama was at Columbia University (no wonder we can't see his college records and courses taken).  There's was a theory of SEDITION against the founding fathers ideals of capitalistic liberty, prosperity, and our Constitutionally Limited Republic.   

That Cloward-Piven Strategy of evil progressive liberalism, strives to pack as many people on the welfare rolls as possible, creating a demand that could not be met, facilitating the destruction of the welfare system ... and causing a massive financial crisis. No wonder our national debt will reach $20 Trillion next year!!  Then as a byproduct of this chaos ... a rebellion would be ignited amongst the people supported by illegals, black lives matter, poor whites, free loaders, Muslims "refugees", and would produce a "chaos" spurred on by drug gangs on our streets and our government would be damaged beyond repair.  This would make it possible for "new radicals" to assume the roles of oligarchs in a New World Order ... that would dismantle the Capitalist system for their OWN self-interest gain, and remove those individual rights given by the Constitution. 

The final result would be an "the ends justifies the means" ... of a soviet-style communist collectivism ... that could only come as a result of a popular election process.  We are NOT A DEMOCRACY of mob rule ... we are a Republic for a reason ... Liberty & Freedom of the sovereign individual ... and not that of a group dictatorship where we are ALL slaves to government by debt, political correctness, and executive orders.

Is there ANY conservative Republican legislator not controlled by CQ even considering this left wing Democrat scheme. I doubt it.  I also doubt it if CQ would be in favor of it if not for the lobbying contract.  Keeps the home fires burning in the off-year. 

Who is paying for all of this?  That question was asked at the noon presentation on Monday.  The answer was vague and murky.  Clearly, someone does not want that known which is why everyone should insist on following the money.  It's always about the money.  Who has it and who is in line to get it.

Remember in 2012 that Obama won 100% of the vote in several districts/counties and more than 100% of the vote in many others in Ohio and FL.  How does that help the Republicans again??? And no one challenged that, not the candidate, the RNC or the elections officials.

Thank you!

repeal the 17th amendment and preserve our election system. changing it every time one side falls out of favor is wrong.

What would Americans do if the "popular vote" demanded to ELIMINATED our borders?

Well that is what the international money changer financier George Soros is advocating by his funding of border-busting campaigns in the U.S. and overseas .. and who now openly admits his efforts in Europe are aimed at destroying national borders on that continent.  He has funded the "black lives matter", the "occupy wall street" group, and supports the "open borders" campaign here in the U.S..  He is the POWER & MONEY behind the insurrection against western capitalism and supports every Democrat by his corruption of government. 

By pushing a global initiative of "open borders" he is doing the following the very same process that Hitler did in Europe by conquering sovereign nations ...to HIS agenda ... without firing a shot for he was an admitted Nazi collaborator. That is the "new world order" of a one world government.  http://canadafreepress.com/article/76511?utm_source=CFP+Mailout&...

I do not doubt that he is also behind this "popular vote" push, and no doubt he and Obama are behind the human smuggling of Central American illegals into our heartland by the buss loads paid for by our increasing national debt that will crush America as we are being forced into bankruptcy ... where HIS plan will be completed ... "America gone with a whimper". 





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