Contact YOUR Arizona legislators (link found on Home page, left column under the eagle) and remind them of the perils of National Popular Vote (NPV) and why the Founding Fathers called for the Electoral College.  As of this posting, we have not seen an OFFICIAL popular vote count but Trump won far

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While Clinton may have won the popular vote exclusively by votes in New York and California - two liberal states - it was counties across America that gave the Electoral College to Trump.

'One hell of a feeling': Local officials in the counties that determined the election explain Trump's improbable victory  This is a great story [LINK] repeated across our country.

Information will be added to this page when Session starts in January.

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The map by county is much more telling of how "red" the country is. I was going to post but found this collection of maps that I find even more interesting.  From the Univ of Michigan they start with the same map as above and then skew several maps to reflect the actual vote.  Guess to make the snowflakes feel better but very telling of where we need to do more work and education--especially education .





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