What, we wonder, is the Voter Fraud Commission supposed to do?  Are they supposed to dig out voter fraud and then find ways to stop it?  Are they supposed to focus on upgrading voting systems around the country, get them on or off line?  Develop new types of ways to vote?  Institute intense security measures?

What we know is that Kansas Secretary of State and high profile member of this Commission with tremendous influence, Kris Kobach, is a conservative in the true sense of the word, not as defined by Flake and McCain.  As a Secretary of State himself, he's had plenty of experience with voting and voters. Chairman Mike Pence states the commission was formed to "study voting issues without preconceived notions and preordained results."  Why, then, is the Commission so divided on their purpose?

VP Pence never mentioned voter fraud, as though that was never the intent despite the name of the Commission.  It's no surprise that there is a deep division on the Commission before it even gets off the ground.  And why 44 states have refused to provide requested sensitive information!

What kind of information are they asking for?  To get that answer, we interviewed our own Secretary of State, Michele Reagan, who has not joined the six states who have sent in that information.

Reagan explained that this is more big government intrusion into the lives of private citizens.  The type of information requested is not always in the hands of the Secretary of State.  Much of the hand over of such information is up to the individual counties.

As a citizen and a voter, do you want your phone number, home address, social security number, email address, voting record, what party you belong to, what ballot you pulled if you are an Independent and other personal details given to the federal government?  Maybe you absolutely trust the current Commission made up of seven Republicans, five Democrats and VP Pence.  Here is who is on the Commission:

Republicans: Kris Kobach, Kansas Secy. of State; Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State; Hans von Spakovsky, Sr. Legal Fellow, Heritage Foundation; Christy McCormick, Election Assistance Commission; Connie Lawson, Secretary of State, Indiana;  J. Christian Adams, former lawer in AG's office, wrote the book on corruption in the Obama AG office, Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Democrats: Alan King, Probate Judge in Alabama and now the Chief Election Official; Bill Gardner, Secretary of New Hampshire; Mathew Dunlap, Secretary of State of Maine; David Dunn, former Secretary of State, Arkansas; Mark Rhodes, Clerk of Wood County, W. VA.

Not surprisingly, all but one Democrat swears there has never been any voter fraud or they have never seen any fraud.  Republicans believe as Pres. Trump does, that voter fraud is a big problem.  So much for coming to this with no preordained position on voter fraud!

Let's say you think this is a good and fair Commission.  Let's say that you trust them to do the right thing, will protect the private sensitive information of all voters.  Let's say if there is voter fraud found anywhere, they will act in the best interests of voter integrity, absolutely, despite their pre-ordained points of view.  Let's say it snows in Hell every August.

What about future Commission members?  Do you have faith that a democrat president will appoint only fair minded individuals who have no pre-ordained views?  Will they absolutely protect YOUR sensitive information which will become part of the permanent record?  Do you want to be the victim of the information leaks that might accompany this or any other Commission members?  Knock, knock.  "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help."  Do you think it snows every August in Hell?

We applaud SoS Reagan and Gov. Ducey and all county recorders who refuse to submit sensitive data to any government Commission.  In fact, Ms. Reagan said it may become necessary to hand over such data.  Subpoenas could be served, laws could be passed, punishment could be applied, lawsuits could follow.  She told us that if she is forced by any means to turn over voter information, it will be worthless to anyone because the SoS office would protect sensitive information by redaction.  So the Commission gets a list of 298 "Betty Smith's" but no other information.  That protects everyone named "Betty Smith" and does nothing to inform the Commission.  

Voter fraud is a problem in every state to one degree or another.  It should be addressed.  Just not at the cost of harm to voters.  Reagan is doing the right thing for voters of Arizona!  Time for Plan B.

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Take poll on www.abc15.com/poll  It's about even whether you agree with verdict.  On Ch 3, the poll is 2-1 against Arpaio

The Voter Fraud Commission should investigate Obama and Hillary.  Those would be much easier investigations.

All this leads us to that well know verbiage .."I'm here from the government and I'm here to help".

All at what cost to the sovereign individual's privacy and "unalienable rights"? 





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