When govenment refuses to understand it's we the people who have the highest authority, they fail in their oath of office.  The Board of Supervisors are guilty in many ways because not only are they refusing to turn over to the people that which belongs to the people, they refused to investigate the Dominion machines and approved them to start with.  We know they had prior warning about them.  Their liaison who was hired to protect the people from the Recorder instead became a buddy with the Recorder as we and others predicted would happen.  When we contacted  one of the Supervisors before the election to question why certain statutes were being violated, they just quoted the statute back at us.  When we persisted, we were given the name and phone # of a person who could answer our questions.  Guess what?  The contact was an employee of Fontes!  Fontes is a professional liar and creep.

Don't be surprised if the inauguration (which Biden is planning to do in his basement) doesn't happen on January 20!


With Congress set to meet next week to formally count the U.S. Electoral College votes, the Arizona Republican Party is using the hashtags #AuditTheVote and #StopTheSteal to encourage people across the county to call the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and demand a full audit of all votes cast in the 2020 General Election.

Meanwhile, two of Arizona’s top senators filed new legal pleadings Tuesday in a dispute over legislative subpoenas issued to Maricopa County’s BOS on Dec. 15 in an attempt by the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee to inspect nearly every document and piece of equipment used by the county during the election.

In the last few days thousands of people have used social media and traditional email to circulate the phone numbers, Twitter accounts, and email addresses for Maricopa County’s five supervisors and other top county officials. Some have also posted the supervisors’ home addresses.

Among those engaging in the grassroots effort is the Patriot Party of Texas which has used Twitter several times the last two days to entice people to “light the lines up” to the Maricopa County board.

On Monday night, the Arizona Republican Party tweeted that the Maricopa County BOS “are pleading to make the phone calls stop.” It also claims the county has “had to put more staff on the phones to keep the lines up and operating. Hopefully they figure out soon that an audit is all the voters want. Do that small thing, the phone calls will end quick!”

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NOTE:  A recall of the BoS is underway.

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I'm happy to find a recall effort is underway. This is an excellent example as to why "we the people" need to be united so any chosen elected or appointed official could be recalled in short order. All are guilty of Treason, be it by acts of omission or commission.

Yes, we are protesting daily from noon till about 5:30.  Also today we're having a Jericho March around the Capitol at 1:30 and a Maskless March organizing later in the afternoon.  Sometimes when you want to save your way of living, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

The behavior of this board is exactly why I routinely say, Never, ever, vote for an incumbent.  These people have completely forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around.

These jobs are not supposed to be careers, they are periods where someone gets to serve the public for a period of time.  When we forget and vote for incumbents, they soon forget this simple fact.  Just don't vote for incumbents!  ONLY on the most extreme circumstances, is it appropriate to vote for an incumbent.  Rarely, if ever, should be the key word about voting for an incumbent.  





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