The never-ending state legislature has been dithering around with a budget for the past few weeks.  They should have gone Sine Die three weeks ago.  For those of you who are not political wonks, Sine Die is the end of the legislative session for the year... unless, of course, the gov calls them back into session.

Word is that a "deal" has been reached with our mini-McCainesque Gov Ducey.  We can hardly breathe with anticipation.  We know that the gov wants yet more cash for education.  If you have been reading the series about the Cave Creek fiasco on sex "education," you might join us in wondering why we would want to hand over more money to schools that no longer educate.  But Gov Ducey is counting on those red4ed votes in the next election... whatever that is.  We think he aspires to Pres. Trump's job!

But we digress.  

What will it take to set the lawmakers loose from the daily grind of legislating?  Word from the AZ Cap Times is that leadership, as they like to refer to it, spent a restful weekend hammering out a budget.  Great.  They need approval of all of the Republcrats to pass such a budget because as we know, they will not get democrats on board unless 100% of the budget focuses on what they call education.  We don't rule out that possibility, but it is a bit of a long shot.

For us, we would like to see some bucks for infrastructure.  Have you traveled around the state lately to observe the sorry state of our roads?  State highways are in terrible condition but it's not a "sexy" topic for them.

We would also like to see a rollback (stop laughing) of the "tax conformity windfall" tax increase the governor unilaterally imposed on Arizona citizens, thus wiping out their Pres. Trump gift of a tax reduction.  How much does the rainy day fund actually need?  Proving what the government giveth, the government WILL take away.  Sure we know the $45 billion in the rainy day fund is just chump change to a voracious government, but how much is enough?  Especially when roads really suck.  And not just roads, but roads are used by 90% of the people daily.  We are in favor of a rainy day fund, but...  well, this would be one of very few years the state does not pass tax conformity legislation. We're reminded of that saying: pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.  Gov. Ducey, take note.

Thanks to the Trump Economy (no, not the sorry Obama economy, dems!), there is now a $1Bil surplus in the coffers, having turned the deficit into a surplus.  The gov said Arizona will not go on a spending spree.   Excuse us for mentioning this, but hasn't he spree-ed enough on education, considering how that money is being squandered?  Be assured, the Chamber of Commerce approves of the Ducey Theft. That almost assures that he will get more, please!  We can thank Sen. J.D. Mesnard for some of this.  He was for tax conformity before he was against it.  Hmmm, where have we seen that before?

So we say, hang on to our bank accounts.  The proposed budget should come this week. Whether it passes depends on how desperate our lawmakers are to go home.  It might be a long rainy summer of less money in your pockets.  The only good news is that the legislature might give us all a break soon and vacate the premises where no more damage will be forthcoming for a few months.

That is a true gift.

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When I see someone in politics has "reached a deal" it makes me very nervous.  I know the public will get the short end of that stick.

It always ends up with us getting the short end of the stick. The problem is too many voters want money for "education". Most of these voters don't know what they are paying for.  We the People are paying for the destruction of our Judeo-Christian based culture and everything that is precious and good. These idiots have not a clue. And how could they if they just watch TV, read MSM newspapers such as the Arizona Repugnant, and listen to the bureaucrats.  





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