Patriots:  below you probably see what came in your inbox from Maricopa County.  They talk about facts but in FACT, they are propagandizing us with the hope we will buy into their despicable destruction of our voting system in tangent with the last County Recorder and the current one.  We wondered why the democrat wasn't upset with losing.  But then we learned he was replaced with his mirror image in Stephen Richer.  Don't cry for me, Maricopa!!!!


Maricopa County Launches “Just the Facts” Website to Combat Misinformation

July 23, 2021 (Phoenix) — There’s a new to way to get facts about Maricopa County elections. The Maricopa County Elections Department launched JustTheFacts.Vote today to address questions and misconceptions about the 2020 General Election as well as the processes and procedures that professional, dedicated, and impartial Election Department staff and bi-partisan temporary workers follow every election to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of the vote. The website takes the often-complex world of elections and makes it understandable for residents who may have honest questions about why things are done a certain way. 

The site is divided into two main sections:

  • The Facts section explains laws and guidelines that inform how the County conducts elections, and the checks and balances in place to ensure accuracy.
  • The Myth Busters section addresses inaccurate claims that have spread about mail-in ballots, voter registration, the security of county’s election system, and more.

The website further demonstrates Maricopa County’s commitment to transparency and to educating and empowering voters with timely, accurate information.  The Elections Department will continue to update the page with new information as it arises.

Visit JustTheFacts.VoteSubscribe to the “Just the Facts” newsletter.

About the Elections Department
Supported by the Board of Supervisors and Recorder’s Office, the Elections Department administers city, town, school district, special district, county, state and federal elections in Maricopa County. As the second largest voting jurisdiction in the country, the Elections Department serves more than 2.6 million registered voters. Find out more at Maricopa.Vote. 

In the midst of a pandemic, more than 2 million Maricopa County voters participated in the 2020 General Election, an 80.51% turnout of the nearly 2.6 million eligible voters.  See the steps taken to ensure the integrity of the November General Election here.


Editor's note: we don't  know how many legitimate people voted and if the Board of Supervisors know, it's only because they helped the steal!  And what a coincidence that this message was delivered in Spanish, too.  Just in case you want to brush up on your foreign language skills!

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A good laugh?  How is this for a punch line: IRS issuing refunds . . . !

They have created a situation where I don't believe anything they say.  How do you live in a society (a Republic) where you don't believe your elected officials.  I followed Richer, attended his meetings and even contributed to his campaign and a week after the election, I saw nothing but Fontes-esque behavior and talking points.  And seeing how some in the legislature conducted themselves as supposed conservatives this last session left me wondering if I were in the Twilight Zone!  
All of these people must be confronted and made to explain their actions and/or be voted out.  But again, there's that election integrity issue... I wonder how we ever let it get this far.  We've had it too good for too long and complacency set in.  

 LOL!!!! LOL!!!!

 I just left a comment  using the contact us: tab on the web page.. I encourage everyone to use the contact us tab to tell these Muppets to stop propagandizing us with this Leftist motivated nonsense and this is a VERY bad allocation of county and state resources, and to stop with the fake misinformation..

 Use it, it works, they do read the comments ..

here is the link:

Use it and save our state...

let your voice be heard ,,its not Facebook AKA (FakeBook)

I'm off Facebook... nothing there but suppression and liars and vitriol.





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