I've kept this for some time because the words and story shocked me a little back then. That was six years ago I was sent this, don't remember who, on February 20, 2013. Look where we are today and tell me, what do you think? Regardless of individual opinions on what happened with Andrew Thomas, his story if told today, might have a different opinion on his case with all we know now.


Excerpt from Andrew Thomas' speech.

The following are excerpts of a speech given by Andrew Thomas to the Paradise Valley Republican Women's Club in November and other groups in Arizona since.

A majority of us have concluded the government is broken and full of corruption.

Nobody can meaningfully combat this arrangement because those few who try are singled out and targeted by those who benefit from the status quo.

I suppose lawyer jokes have been around for so long because our legal system makes us laugh not to cry, as they say. I've experienced my own significant travails in the legal system. And I'll speak about that later in my remarks.

But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because my experience is just a small part
of a central narrative in American life today.

Americans have fundamentally lost faith in the government. That is a strong statement,
but it's not an overstatement. A majority of us have concluded the government is
broken and full of corruption. This sentiment is shared across the political spectrum.
My personal story is only a small illustration of why we are experiencing this
crisis of faith.

Coming from a Harvard Law graduate who was twice elected to run the fourth largest
prosecutor's office in the nation, the frank observation that the government is
broken is, of course, unusual. But to be clear, this is not just my opinion based
on my own recent experiences. It is what Americans and Arizonans have figured out
on their own.

Few political leaders truly have listened to and absorbed this complaint. Just
as the voters were the first to complain about illegal immigration ten years ago,
long before political officials would address their concerns, the people once again
have spoken out on this issue. The question is whether we have ears to hear them.

Public Opinion Condemns the Government

Consider some recent public-opinion surveys. Public confidence in government and
government institutions is at an all-time low. But just how low might surprise

We just saw President Obama win reelection with a bare majority of the popular vote.
That means almost half of the country rejected him despite all kinds of advantages
he enjoyed-including, for starters, a friendly and protective news media.

Other government officials and institutions fare even worse. Both the legislative
and judicial branches of the federal government have record-low approval ratings.
According to a Gallup poll in 2012, only 10 percent of Americans approve of the
job Congress is doing. A 2012 poll by the New York Times and CBS News found that
a strong majority disapprove of the job the U.S. Supreme Court is doing-an all-time
low for the court. Three out of four believe Supreme Court justices decide cases
based on their own personal or political views.

How about public trust in government as a whole? It is just as bad. In 2012, a
Pew Research survey found that a majority of Americans, 54 percent, believe the
federal government is "mostly corrupt." Only 31 percent believe it to be "mostly
honest." This means that for those with an opinion, almost two out of three Americans
view the federal government as corrupt.

The view of state government is not much better. According to a Gallup poll taken
in 2011 of people in the western United States, which of course includes Arizona,
a majority lacks trust and confidence that their state government can handle basic

Is this consensus wrong? Are Americans wrong in believing government is broken
and full of corruption? Are Americans and Arizonans expecting way too much from
government these days? No.

I submit that these beliefs, held by a clear majority of U.S. citizens, are right.
A majority views the government that way because that has been our collective experience.

A Government Run by Elites

How did it get this way? Government has become so big, powerful and self-perpetuating
that it can do whatever it wants, and can grind down the average person so that
he or she is powerless to fight it effectively. Based on their own experiences,
people have concluded that government is bloated, arrogant and too often lawless
towards its own citizens.

This did not happen overnight. Like the proverbial frog being boiled slowly, before
it realizes what has happened, this trend has occurred gradually but steadily.
Unelected and unaccountable power brokers have accumulated influence over the years
that the voters simply can't break through. Power is now concentrated in the hands
of a few people who are not elected by the people and cannot be effectively curbed
or fired by them. Our system of government has evolved into one in which the government
is run by people beyond public control, who work hand in hand with special interests
to further their agenda for their own benefit.

Who are these unelected elites who make the important decisions for all of us?
They are judges, bureaucrats and others who do not answer to the people in any meaningful

Too much arbitrary power in the hands of the courts and giant bureaucracies is a
prescription for tyranny. These zones of government power inevitably become a
swamp of inefficiency and a breeding ground for graft. Nobody can meaningfully
combat this arrangement because those few who try are singled out and targeted by
those who benefit from the status quo. This, in fact, is what we have seen lately
in Arizona and Maricopa County.

It's important to remember that this situation is contrary to the vision of the
Founders of our country. They did not create or endorse government that operates
beyond the effective reach of the voters. What has evolved is a paradigm of power
that fosters institutional corruption and undermines public confidence in the government.

. . .

As an example, consider the American legal system. Once the greatest and most respected
in the world, it has rotted from within. A significant percentage of criminal cases
are never solved, and their victims never given justice, because courts have invented
so many rights for criminal defendants. Likewise, court rulings require our prison
system to pay for Cadillac health care for inmates. Thanks to yet another activist
court ruling, our one symbol of national unity, the American flag, can be burned

Phony elections reminiscent of those orchestrated in totalitarian countries are
held for the top judges in Arizona. The outcome is predetermined. Judges in these
so-called retention elections have no opponents. The voters are given no meaningful
information about them. Not surprisingly, not one has ever been removed from office,
despite egregious misconduct in some cases.

My own recent experience shows that prosecutors who dare to bring charges against
judges or friends of the judiciary will be put through a show trial, their basic
rights violated, and their law licenses confiscated by that same judiciary.

Learning from Ron Paul

How do we respond? If we are looking to strengthen the Republican Party, it would
serve us well to look at pockets of real enthusiasm in our ranks. During this last
presidential primary campaign, the supporters of Ron Paul stood out in this regard.
Many are young people. They are demanding tough actions from the federal government,
including the elimination of agencies and an audit of the Federal Reserve. They
have lost their faith in the government's ability to provide basic services and
preserve programs for their generation. We would do well to heed their energy
and activism.

Our elected officials will not address these concerns because these beliefs are,
to some degree, an indictment of their leadership. More fundamentally, leaders
know they risk severe retaliation for challenging the status quo. It will be left
to others to organize and give voice to these concerns. The core principle of this
cause should be: making government fully accountable to the people.

For my part, there is an old Roman saying: "Misfortune nobly borne is good fortune."
I can't say I've not complained about what's happened to me of late. My wife will
certainly tell you that I complain quite a bit! But this high standard is certainly
one to aim for.

Americans always have made the right decision when we reach the moment of truth.
There will be setbacks along the way. But the truth always has a constituency.
In time, the truth can command a majority. Until then, it is our duty to speak
the truth loudly and often, to stand firm until reform comes, and to remain defiant
on those occasions when we confront the face of evil.

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Replies to This Discussion

Andrew Thomas has been proven right.

And yet, nobody wants to discuss the nature of the corruption, government programs fraud, waste and abuse! That includes Andrew Thomas! (he ran from me when confronted with that issue!)

Sent to AFA but the author does not want to be revealed. For your consideration:

We are now in a position that we must win the war.

The country will never be what it was.   Never.   That is gone with the wind.     Any lingering thoughts you have about things returning to ‘normal’ are nostalgia.

It will be impossible to change the Marxists, so one must dominate them or be ruled by them.   They have the advantage in many respects.   Hopefully they can be marginalized if many Dems don’t follow down the crazy path, but there will never again be a consensus of governance in the United States.    You can’t eliminate this kind of cancer and leave any cell alive.   We probably won’t do that, and even if we do, the constitution will shred in the process.   The constitution depends on civility and that is not going to return.   You can’t win a war and respect the constitution at the same time.   Lincoln dramatically abridged the constitution to win the civil war, but at the time people still retained religion and common views of most values despite the war.   That is no longer the case and never will be again.  Too many people have incompatible world views.   We are no longer a country in important ways.

Maybe I should keep this stuff to myself.

No please don't keep painful truths to yourself Anonymous one's silence means no chance to beat down the Marxist who live among us. Remember one said Marxist was recently elected to the U.S. Senate thanks to AZ.

Did you conservative groups and Tea Parties and where he pointed to ?  The "young people".  And I believe because they have the altruism, the enthusiasm and the energy.  How many times I myself have thought and suggested to my own Tea Party group and to others, just recently to a Republican group to look to the youth ..... even to High Schoolers (that's right, even if they can't vote yet).  Look how the whole nation knows about the Covington kids?  Look .... they're only 15 or 16 years old.

And I get sloughed off.  Go to High Schools and ask an audience.  Go to colleges and ask to create a club.  There ARE some conservatives who actually have this vision and ARE doing this .... but not enough.  Go with one or two others, the way that Jesus sent them out.  Especially you old heads out there .... I say that a little facetiously but YOU have the knowledge and allot of experiences.  You are Elders ...... no, not in church, but in Life.  You can direct and guide these young people in a much better direction than our present society is doing.  Yes I know, you're retired.  But you're not retired from life, are you?  The Lord hasn't called you home yet, has He?

Great oration.  This is what I and many others have been saying for a while now.  Our younger kids NEED US to lead them, mentor them and set them straight in many areas.  But they also need us to listen.  I've been to one republican club meeting at ASU and am setting up a couple of Coffee and the Constitution get together a month in Tempe at my friends Coffee Roastery.  I invite you all to come if interested.  This will be an effort to make it fun, and help grow their group.


Randy,  if you will send the info on these meetings, we will put that out to see if you can raise some interest from "the Elders" of life!  Or you can post it yourself in Events and send us an email that you have done so and we will then send it out.

I will. They're almost in summer break so we won't start up with he coffee and Constitutions till probably late August. There may be a couple of them that we will meet with but won't know for a about a week. Will let you know.
In the mean time we're doing open house presentations on the Constitution at the Republican office in Sun City next Tuesday. Patrick Henry will be there too.

You're correct Larry. It is those "mind numb robots" who learn incorrectly from their peers, not parents, and certainly not from us older seasoned folks. Why is that? Because they cannot relate to us nor what we know by the consequences of OUR choices. They are indoctrinated by the Marxist "means to an ends" philosophy and the evils against anything Christian. They channel us as wrongheaded and I know that from my own 30 something son is a prime example, for he's "learned" from social media and accepts that as HIS truth ... while drinking the various Kool-Aid drinks. Facebook is his forum in which a modern day evil perpetuates its own conceit and deception.

Look into the bill in Congress ... The Equality Act ... which will make us all who love free speech ... a lawful "hater" of anything that is seen today as responsible and moral. Society has changed all thanks to the "social justice" of anything goes so long as it objects to the unique American sovereign individual's morals and values. We all are being minimized and herded into a collectivist group by the political winds of deceit !!

Winston Churchill put it this way ..."“The whole history of the world is summed up in the fact that, when nations are strong, they are not always just, and when they wish to be just, they are no longer strong.” ...  and "You must look at facts, because they look at you".

Thomas was right back when and it applies present day. 





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