The Arizona Justice Alliance is a far left "social justice" group that wants to release many prisoners from our state prisons, many of whom are violent and dangerous. They also hate private prisons, in spite of the fact that they save the taxpayers money.

The $900,000 is a small increase to a private prison company who dramatically cut the per prisoner rate it charged Arizona during the recession. Because the economy is coming back, they asked for a small increase, which still keeps their rate below market value.

Here is an email from the company explaining their position and the facts:

In an article that appeared in Saturday’s paper, the Arizona Republic inaccurately highlighted a $900,000 appropriation in the Private Prison Per Diem line item in the House version of the Department of Correction’s budget. This article is misleading in its mischaracterization of this item.
 During the Great Recession, the GEO Group voluntarily reduced the cost of emergency beds in its contracts from an average of about $30.00 per inmate per day, down to $10.00 to help the State in the budget crisis. The GEO Group was the only private prison operator to reduce their rates. At full occupancy of these emergency beds, the savings to the State are about $3.7 million annually.
 The GEO Group was happy to help the State, they are partners in serving the needs of the Arizona Department off Corrections. Emergency beds make up slightly more that 26% of the beds that GEO manages for the State, making this significant in terms of total State savings, and to the GEO Group’s bottom line.
 The $900,000 private prison appropriation represents only a small portion of restoration of the emergency bed per diems. The State’s budget is still tight and GEO recognizes that full restoration is not possible this year. We appreciate the legislature’s recognition of the GEO Group’s efforts to assist the State when it needed help, and thank you for your support of this modest restoration.
 One additional point of clarification to the Republic's article: Private prison contracts with the State are 20-year contracts. They include a provision for CPI increases to be made for private prison operators. Without direct funding to the Department of Corrections, these CPI or any other adjustments, cannot be made. The GEO Group has not only foregone any CPI increases since 2007, they reduced their rates to help their partner.
Hope that that clears up the misinformation in the Arizona Republic article.

Here is the article in azcentral,com being referenced

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 Kavanagh?   I don't see a reference to him.


The link to the article in question is at the very end. The usual half story!  Kavanagh's comments were by email.

The question that has been posed is 'do private prison' have the 'easy offenders' or the 'serious offenders'.  Easy 'offenders' should cost less-it would seem.  So back to the pivotal question...

I have always taken the 'private' prison system with a grain of salt.  I have heard many positions and some that are not so positive. 

Some of my concerns are:

Many articles I've read stated that some of our upper law enforcement people (such as the Attorney general) get funds funneled back to them.  How much of this is actually true, I wonder, but have noticed they seem to be putting people in prison rather than some other type of resolution for the crime, and these are not violent criminals.

The private prisons are guaranteed a 90% (I believe) of full occupancy no matter how many inmates they take in.  Does this really save us money or will they just stuff persons in there to fill it up?

When prisons fill up, they must release some people, consequently these are the most violent we have, as some others such as drug offenders are non violent, but have merely possession violations.  These should be considered, but these people were put there under the 'hard line' drug deals of the 70's and 80's.

I have seen nothing worthwhile come out of people in prison for a number of years.  Very few seem to be able to get back into a social environment to produce.  Seem like for violations such as drug abuse that the money spent on counseling would be preferred to stuffing them in a box and throwing out the key.  They only hurt themselves and maybe others in the criminal area could also be better corrected than time in prison.





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