Senate Flexes Muscle, Hires Firm To Conduct Comprehensive Audit Of Maricopa County Election Process

You've been watching!  You saw the legislature way back in November implore the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors wiggle and squirm and make up excuses not to audit the election results.  You hear excuses that sounded like the checked with their kids on how to get out of being responsible.  You saw the legislature run out of patience and subpoena the BoS to answer why they had not audited the results.  You saw the BoS ignore that subpoena.  Eventually, you saw the BoS acquiesce and agree to do a complete forensic audit.  And then you saw the BoS decide they would wiggle out of that and do a minimal audit "to improve on the next election."

Well, the legislature has had enough.  We are hoping the recall of all five of the BoS members immediately and install five new ones.  They could pick 5 people walking down the street in downtown Phoenix or Tucson or Mesa and get a better group of Supervisors than the ones we have.  The Recall Petition calls for recalling only four but we believe that is a mistake.  They have to collect between 50K-100K signatures on each of the Sypervisors by the end of April.  If Calfifornia can recall their governor and already have collected 1.3million signatures and have 30 days to collect 50K more, Arizona can surely recall arrogant supervisors.


Two days after Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors (BOS) voted to contract three companies -including a CPA firm- to examine the tabulation operation of its Dominion Voting System, the State Senate announced Friday it has contracted a different company to conduct a full-scale audit of all aspects of the county’s 2020 General Election process.

“We need to do more than make basic checks on the machines to make sure they were working,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen said Jan. 29. “We need to check the ballots and ballot scans for abnormalities. We need to look at the machines to see if there was any manipulation. We need to make sure there was no remote or local access that made changes to the results.”

Since Nov. 3, there have been a wide-range of concerns about the election protocols followed by Maricopa County. When county officials refused to heed calls for a full-scale audit, the Senate’s Judiciary Committee announced its plans to conduct a systematic audit.

The senate’s efforts include legislative subpoenas served on Maricopa County demanding everything from the original 2.1 million ballots that were cast, the scanned ballot images, voter rolls, software programs, and voting system equipment used by the county. The subpoenas also demand the usernames and passwords for accessing the various programs and devices.

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Bonus video: John Brakey, a democrat, has been investigating election issues for decades.  He will tell you that cheating is a customary activity and not just in Arizona.  He is dedicated to the Constitution when it comes to elections and that is probably the only issue on which we can all agree.  Watch his video at the end of the article.  This is a very knowledgeable man and interesting to hear.

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So happy for Chucri petition, he is my district representative, so will gather signatures when ready.  But then again,  maybe if the Az. Senate follows through, they all will be in jail!!!

The only way to "verify" what the exact count is to recount by hand the exact votes cast on each ballot for each candidate. It may be that the Senate and many other races were also switched in the imaging or transmission of tabulation data process. It will not get rid of the votes actually cast by persons voting illegally or with stolen ballots but that may be found by examining how many ballots were issued per precinct vs legal voters in each. A full count will tell US a lot about what really happened and may point to who did what and how they did what was done. I am willing to bet many ballots sent to people that are dead were returned as voted by someone.





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