Stand up to Local Government Encroaching on Privacy and Public Safety via 5G Rooftop Antennas

Statewide Emergency meeting at 6 tonight for the protection of Arizona families, neighborhoods, and public safety, property values and privacy from the invasion of dangerous 5G rooftop antennas that enable 24/7 surveillance and blanket neighborhoods w/ ultra high levels of radiation.
Please share the attached post and sign up EARLY for the meeting (it takes a couple minutes, so don't wait till 6 pm to register).
Thank you , and see you on Zoom at 6 pm AZ time tonight.
PLEASE SHARE: For anyone wanting to protect the health and privacy of your family (and your neighborhood), tomorrow at 6 pm on Zoom is the statewide emergency meeting to learn about the dangerous mini 5G antennas being placed on rooftops throughout Valley neighborhoods. Unacceptable levels of dangerous radiation entering our homes, also enabling 24/7 surveillance-- with no public notice.
VIDEO explaining issue:
TICKETS to Zoom meeting TONIGHT at 6 pm Mountain Time:

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