Last year about this time, a Consultant was rampaging through the halls at the Arizona legislature signing up sponsors and co-sponsors to pass a bill to rid our electoral system of the Electoral College form of selecting our future presidents.  Smooth talking Constantine Querard, employed by the leftist organizations, was wanting to change our system that is unique among all the countries in the world.  They decided, and states have passed legislation, to put our country into a system of a democratic vote count to elect Presidents, like London that just elected a jihadi muslim Mayor!.  You know what a democracy is: two wolves and a sheep trying to decide what to have for dinner!  What a great system... for the wolves!

The wolves are back visiting the sheep again now with a new proposal which is the old proposal all dressed up in perfume. silk cloth and stiletto pumps.  Underneath rests the same old proposal: how do we trick the legislature better this time and keep it under wraps until we have joined other states to give away our country.

We told Constantine the last time that since 1929, more democrats have voted in presidential elections than republicans.  He responded that if we go BACK one year, that would not be the case.  Unfortunately, we are going forward in time, not backward, and it now seems that in the past five presidential elections, more democrats still voted in the presidential elections than republicans.  Why?  Because the large population centers are democrat strongholds: New York, Chicago, LA, Miami, Houston, etc.  Because we have the Electoral College system and their people are all in a minority of states, we have maintained the possibility that either party candidate can win.

But here is the kicker: right now, today as you read this, the state of Minnesota - democrat stronghold and union controlled - has gone to court to have Donald Trump and Mike Pence taken off the ballot.  They claim the MN Republican party violated statute and did not ELECT all Electors AND all alternate Electors, those who will actually cast the votes in the Electoral College.  Realizing they had erred, the MN Republican party caucused in a smoke filled room and appointed the required alternates.  

Not so fast, said the democrat party.  The statute required those alternates to be elected, not appointed.  Point taken.  That is what Minnesota statute says.  However, MN legislators are no smarter than Arizona or Florida legislators.  They passed a law with no teeth.  In other words, there is no penalty for violating the statute.  

Do democrats care about that?  Not in a presidential election year. We know that the democrat party hierarchy are bottom feeders and the union bosses are lower than that. There is nothing they will not do to keep control of the White House and the country.  So the case is in the courts.

Who is more corrupt than the DNC and the unions?  Right, the courts.  

Now imagine that we in America operate in a democratic system of electing our president and democrat states refuse to allow any other party on the ballot?  Who do you think will get the popular vote?

Well, shoot, even a democrat can figure that one out!  The question is: can the republicans figure it out!

Folks, today is the day you start to contact your legislators and tell them in no uncertain terms that they had better walk on by this arm twisting!  NO on the National Popular Vote (NPV).  NO go arounds (you pilots will understand that term!).

If you were not on this site last year when we duked this out with the leftists and those duped by the leftists, go here:  We asked Querard to submit his argument FOR the NPV and we asked a well informed student of this system to submit the opposite position.  Both are published as submitted without edits.  After you read it, read it to a democrat or a republican acting like a democrat!  That should keep you plenty busy!

If you live in a state that has already adopted this, form a movement and get it overturned.  Because what it means is that if your state votes for candidate A but Candidate B gets the most votes in those big democrat population centers, your voice will be voided upon arrival!  DOA!

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Great job, AFA, for informing us, again, of the resurrection of the NPV issue in the legislature, and the powerful lobbyist spearheading this debacle. Republicans need to learn from the Democrats: Take the long view and never give up. Sadly, it looks like this issue will arise annually.

Time to ask each elected Rep and Senator how he will vote this time. Time to issue our warnings in advance?





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