Things have been bubbling up for years between minorities and non-minorities in America.  In our estimation, things got demonstrably worse under the Obama administration.  Anyone who was paying attention during those years could clearly consider actions by this administration in two ways:

1.  Racial relations went downhill quickly and it was made clear and very publicly when Obama said the police "acted stupidly" in a suspected home break-in that occurred in Cambridge, MA.  It was an attempt by the police to arrest what was suspected to be someone breaking into a house that belonged to someone else.  It turns out the owner was trying to get into his own home and he happened to be a black professor at Harvard University.   The professor refused to produce ID to the police officer and accused him of demanding ID because he was a black man!  Obama admitted he didn't know the circumstances but still made his own stupid statement.  That set the stage throughout his time in office that exacerbated racial tensions.

2.  The open border policy of the Obama administration pushed race relations to atmospheric heights.  He lawlessly admitted people from across the globe simply based on their cultural background and opened our southern border to everyone, bringing thousands into this country with no documents to know who they are.

Subsequently, racial tensions hit a fever pitch and the Obama administration certainly had an agenda to get that done in America.  We recall that Obama told us at the beginning of his time in office he intended to form a "citizen's army" and he did just that.  Protests were out of control; it gave rise to the Occupy Wall street that became antifa.  

Those protests raged across America and long before Donald Trump announced his campaign, thugs were looking for someone to beat up.  

Fast forward to what has happened in the state legislature this past ten days.  It's clear now that the democrats are not content to protest outside our doors.  Now they are bringing the protests inside as though the walls don't exist.  Two episodes happened within a week at the legislature. Randy Perez, who is well known to be at the heart of racial tensions in Arizona, was also in both chambers to orchestrate incivility.

First, there was a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  It's that committee that hears bills that pertain to elections, immigration, etc.  among other bill topics that relate to judicial law.  SCR1007 tipped the scales from civility to total rage among the LUCHA (Living United for Change in Arizona, Hispanic rabid socialist organization) speaker.  The bill calls for total enforcement of federal immigration law in Arizona.  Speaker could not resist using the vitriolic name calling: racist, purveyor of hate, etc.  Chairman Eddie Farnsworth warned the speaker not to use such "vitriolic" language but he was ignored, wherein Sen. Farnsworth called in the Sargent-at-Arms to remove the speaker.  WHOA!  That set off speaker's companions who started to shout and chant.  One lady went postal and started shouting directly at Farnsworth and was also removed.  See video below starting at the 36 minute mark.  Enjoy!


One would think that was fair warning.  Oh, no, they were not finished yet.  On the following Tuesday, during the hearing of the House Elections Committee, Chairman Kelly Townsend started the meeting in a most intriguing way.  If you had not already known about the Senate incident, you would wonder about her sanity.  She explained the rules for the hearings for the day: no racist comments or accusations; stay on the topics of the bills in question; no disruptions.  If these rules were violated, she stated, those who ignored her warning would be removed.  There were two DPS officers just outside the room who would restore order!  

All went well until the very last bill to be heard:  HB2304 deals with making federal only ballots, which are voted by people who DO NOT have to declare their citizenship when they register to vote only a federal ballot, be printed on colored paper distinguishable from other ballots, to be kept separately and tabulated separately.  Printed at the top in bold letters it would say FEDERAL BALLOT.  Anyone who is interested in voting integrity would welcome such distinction specifically because those voters may or may not even be citizens!  The afore mentioned Randy Perez came to the mic and bedlam ensued.  

What we see now is that protests are fair game in any institution in the United States by the rabid minority socialist/communists.  See video below starting at 4hr 4min mark.  

Bottom line: there is no longer any respect for the election process, the kind of respect that would make us proud to be adhering to the law, allowing only citizens register to vote.

 Things got so bad, we thought we were watching a democrat debate!!


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I am less inclined to think the R's mentioned just "caved" I instead believe we are witnessing who they really are. 

Remember that Obama was a community organizer. Does anyone remember Obamas starting his own internal security forces? See the bottom link for video. There used to be more but the ones with them training with rifles I have not been able to find. It would not surprise me to find that they are still at work and funded by our government. Is it likely that the BLM and some of the other Soros groups are led and controlled by government paid actors and traitors like those we are learning about within the CiA/FBI and NSA? I don't doubt this as recently it has come out that Obama did order parts of our government to help Soros with somethings he was doing.

that is scary.

Heartsick the leftest liberals have bled over into our beloved Arizona...but it has been in the making since McCain pushed his progressive movement here.  While the conservative leadership has the upper  hand and could hold back against the onslot they should have taken advantage of it...but to cave is giving in and will not stop the blue.  Keep praying for leadership to do the right thing, I know they have it tough.   Make sure all you know are registered so we can make sure to get out the vote.  Check with your about grandkids?  We'll need every vote to stay red.  





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