On a party line vote in the AZ House Thursday, Republicans passed a bill without a single democrat.  The bill is designed to protect small business owners from all liability should they get back to work serving the public and someone subsequently claims they became infected with covid-19 in their business.  

We remain a lawsuit-loving society.  People think every single thing that goes wrong in their lives can be settled in court!  That is a frivolous idea but it's the dream of those who want to blame and then hold accountable someone else for their actions.  We call them democrats.

We were very pleased to hear that Rep. John Kavanagh's bill, HB2912, squeeked by with only Republicans caring to protect small businesses on a 31-29 majority vote.  A sad day for the democrats and a victory for we the people.  If it proceeds to become law, as it should, it means everything to those small vendors who are the backbone of Arizona's economy.

Not one democrat broke ranks against their leadership instead of being concerned with Arizona's economy.   It depends on all of these stores that provide goods and services to our citizens to be able to have that stream of commerce.

We don't know what club the democrats wield against their lawmakers but it is clearly a powerful one.   Indeed, power is where it begins and ends for the democrat party.  (Both parties, really.)  They have long ago stopped being "for the workers of  America."

That pretty much sums it up.

Thank you Rep Kavanagh.  Thank you Republicans in the House!  Now lets hope it passes all other tests and becomes law.

NOTE: Thanks to Rep Jay Lawrence for alerting us about this as soon as he could.

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This is just another example of why we need ... TORT reform. The games politicians play with each other are killing small business, individuals, and the sovereign states, who don't go down that path nationally. Run-a-way judges declaring ruling beyond their authority and jurisdictions, like the 9td District Court in San Fran and other liberal bastions, show us the results of such jumps of Law rulings.

Congratulations GOP for a job well done !!!

A truly huge THANK YOU to Representative John Kavanaugh, my friends Boyd Dunn and Kelly Townsend and all of the other great republican reps who "get it"... Voting does have consequences my friends. I'm old enough to remember a time when attorneys' advertising was a peel off sticker on the cover of the telephone book but legislators(who are to a great extent attorneys) gave themselves the right to advertise on television and we entered the litigious era where EVERYTHING results in lawsuits where of course the judiciary(also attorneys) even further sanction the activity. Sort of like feeding on itself...

As we as a nation move forward to get back our Liberty and Freedom, I bring to you the profound words for former President John F. Kennedy. Listen carefully to the meaning he was trying to tell us citizens ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOkWtrBydJs

Good work House R's!

This is a good thing, but on the other hand is all the limits on suits and maximum amount limits on awards for cases against untested and potentially dangerous vaccines which we may soon face more of because of this Covid 19 Pandemic. See below something I sent to Republican Briefs. Hopefully Frosty will think it is important enough to include when they publish next week. Check the story attached please. This is one part of what our Governor is involved in with Gates and the other Co-Conspirators from Apple and Google and it goes way beyond them. Covid is the tip of this, Deep State, iceberg. See how quick and world wide this panic was promoted and is still being pushed as something to bring US a "New Normal". Lets prosecute everyone involved for the deaths it has caused, this is mass murder and Fauci was involved and so was a bunch of other well knowns. Investigate and prosecute!!!!! We surely don't want to let these guys off cheap for the harm they have, and may, cause with this and other "Deep State" experiments on populations of unsuspecting and innocents.

An entire new class of NAZI thinking is riding the wave of Covid 19 hysteria. At least we can see these guys coming for US.
We will need a new group of NAZI hunter to get these guys out of their multi million dollar homes and offices to be tried for crimes against humanity they are already putting in place. Is it any wonder this virus comes from a lab In China using money,$3.8 million, from the Obama administration sent by Fauci to increase it’s usefulness as a Plandemic to force US into contact tracing and vaccinations of their choice at their whims and profitability!!






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