We are wondering what is going on in the minds of the few liberal Republicans in our state Legislature. First, they removed Don Shooter without due process. It's that “without due process” part that is the problem, not whether or not Shooter should have been removed.

Next, they forced the resignation of David Stringer. David Stringer has some unusual reports about sexual behavior with minors in 1983. He was charged. Charged doesn't mean the same as “guilty as charged” without due process. It appears that Stringer made a plea deal which he said was on minor offenses. Sexual conduct with a minor is anything but a minor incident and it would seem that if he was a sexual predator, there would never have been a plea deal. Whatever the situation, the case was expunged.

Stringer has said he took a plea of "probation before judgment" — a Maryland sentence that allows someone to have a charge cleared after completing probation — on two petty charges to not risk conviction.

The word “expunged” sent us to check out the legalities under which records could be expunged and found this:

There are certain exclusions to this right to apply including cases involving dangerous offenses, sex-related offenses, offenses where a victim of under 15 was involved, and certain motor vehicle offenses.

Reports indicate the alleged victims were 15, so perhaps in Maryland, this case could be expunged. Or maybe it was, as Stringer claims, minor issues that were not worth the risk of prosecution and conviction.

We surely don't know the facts in this case. We do know that reports can be skewed because some with hidden agendas violate the legal definition of the truth:

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, so help my God.

Whether that happened here is unknown but we wonder again about that pesky “due process” situation. Did Rep. Stringer get due process? No, he did not. Could that be because those in leadership wanted to avoid salacious details that may be unfit for public consumption, had a lack of sufficient clear evidence or some other reason? Again, we don't know but again, pesky due process...

And now we come to the next in line: Rep. Anthony Kern (LD20). They are coming for him. Again, the leadership is claiming sexual misconduct from many years ago. Unfounded and like Stringer, un-prosecuted. Here is what Rep. Kern has to say:

During the course of my employment at the City of El Mirage, I had to reprimand certain employees under my supervision for failing to meet the standard that taxpayers expect of public workers. In retaliation, those employees vindictively filed false complaints, which resulted in no action against me.

We know these kinds of things happen often in a political or business climate. As yet, the Legislative leadership has produced no solid evidence of fact and again, are going on accusations. Are they bent on ruining Kern on allegations that seem unprovable? We spoke with some good conservatives in his district and no one had a bad word to say about him. Like Stringer, he was re-elected by his constituents.

We have to wonder: is there a vendetta going on in the Arizona state house against conservatives? Real conservatives, not the fake also-ran conservatives, the names of which we won't use. Will the Kern incident bloom into a full court press against him without due process?

Jumping to conclusions seems to the legal standard in this Legislature.

Yes, we do wonder about that and who is next?

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Van, I think honestly that Shooter voting for NPV is a separate issue from him receiving due process.

I have no knowledge why he voted for NPV. There could be a political reason that might have resulted in it dying of the vine. Just don't know for sure he must have gotten a earful from constituents.

OK, let's stop debating who is or isn't "conservative" and remember what that term actually means.  Originally, it pertained to the establishment and in some quarters, it still does.   We constitutional republicans must find a new name and until we do, the usage in the article seems pretty targeted to me.  I know those in Kerns district do believe he's one of us.  The NPV was a huge mistake.  However, people in glass houses should not throw stones. (that's what my mama said)  I've made a few doozy mistakes in my time.  I'm one of those folks who believe we can learn from mistakes and if and when this NPV comes around again, we all better pray it goes down in flames again.  But back to the point of the article.  I don't give a rip what the "rules" of the legislature are since they seem to be pretty fluid.  NO ONE should be castigated and forced to resign without solid proof being presented in a formal hearing of some sort.  If that tiny rule is trampled, it will be a short time until it gets to the courts and in some case, already has.  Let's hold to principle, shall we?

I think you said it right when you said "liberal Republicans" an rightly used the word vendettas. Powerful nest of republican's coupled with hiding in the swamp stinkweeds are the democrats to take out Stringer using any means. 

I too do not know the real story but I do know Stringer the man of present day. Yes Stringer was a good conservative and not afraid to challenge the powerful republican liberals and their counterpart democrat liberals.

No Stringer did not receive due process. He fought the battle -- against the swamp critters -- If they are after you they are out for blood and will not stop until they extract it all. Vampire feeding frenzy.

They have nothing to celebrate, no high ground taken, I see them as morally deficient.

Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing.  I have lost faith in these guys.  I didn't like Shooter and I knew he ran after the ladies but this is about due process that is the bedrock of our justice system.  Whether justice is being meted out in the courts or the halls of Congress or our state legislature, it's the way to go.  As to Kern, it's not about his votes on NPV.  This article is clearly about proper protocol being swept under the rug.  What was it my mama said?  oh, yeah, two wrongs don't make a right.

Way to put it "two wrongs don't make a right". I am ashamed of the liberal republicans who join with the lefty to act in a political theater play -- to use whatever mole hill they can make into a mountain of vengeful accusations against an opponent. Our political class chose this path and they seemingly have no shame.

How to fix this in spite of those in the political not at all sure how.

None of this was about anything each of these people were said to have done so much as what they did do when they voted in the state house. Those who wanted more liberal laws passed and less push back from their fellow elected went after the weaknesses they found and got the other representatives to go along with them in the push and shove that we observed leading up to their "removal" and resignation. You don't see Democrats pushing out their own for the things we know about them but our RINOs have no problem in helping Dems create a fuss about Republicans shortcomings, real or imagined. It should also show us as Republicans who it is on our side of the isle that should be removed in the primary elections next round.





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