Last year, Rep. David Stringer told the truth while speaking at an event.  In a discussion about education and schools, Stringer said it was hard to bring real diversity into Arizona schools because there were not enough white students to go around.  He was referring to the state of education that has resulted in many families pulling their kids out of public school and opting for alternative education: private schools, charter schools or home schooling.  Rep. Stringer called this an "existential threat" which was absolutely correct but he broke a cardinal rule: pretend the truth is something different than what it is.

We suppose the sad state of education in Arizona is, in part, tied to the illegal immigrant students who populate our schools in many districts.  These are students who rarely speak English, even at a basic level, and therefore have to have translators or whatever is necessary.  As a result, other students suffer with an inferior education based on English as the primary language in most schools.  There is little reason for parents who can afford to pull kids out of such schools to fail to do so.  Everything in a person's life depends on the kind of education they get.  Parents want the best education they can provide for their children.  Who wouldn't?  Therefore, in some areas of Arizona, most of the kids in public schools need remedial classes just to come up to a low level of understanding.  Culture no doubt plays a role, too.

Rep. Stringer was called on the carpet by the legislature for revealing this shortcoming.

A few  months later, Rep. Stringer, speaking to college students, committed the same atrocity of being factual and truthful.  Will he never learn?  This time, he told these students that "black people and non-European immigrants don’t “blend in” and “always look different.""  Well, duh, as a college student might say.  Why is that problematic since it just happens to be a fact?  My black car stands out in a sea of white cars.  Does that make me a racist?

Another unsavory fact is that everything a Republican does or says these days makes them a racist.  Dems cannot speak about a Republican without using the R word.  But this time, it's the feckless, overly politically correct Republicans in the Legislature who are guilty of racism by calling what Stringer said racist.  This bandwagon is getting over-stuffed with these people who are scared to death of the media. They are salving and lubricating their own guilty consciouses by going after Stringer.  No matter that over 67,000 voters returned Stringer to the Legislature in 2018 after this kerfuffle was widely reported.  We would presume than none of these voters thought the guy they know is the least racist for telling the truth.  The twerpy leadership in the Legislature disagrees.

This headline is running in the Arizona Capitol Times:   Ethics chairman says Stringer not entitled to hearing before committee

Rep. T. J. Shope, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, has made this decision.  There is a full blown investigation going on and when the final report is delivered, the entire House will be able to see it.  But Stringer will not be able to defend against it or explain his side.  Shope's reasoning is that he doesn't want it to "turn into a circus."  Well, we think, just do it professionally and expect everyone else to behave the same.  Don't give salacious interviews to media.  While some democrats are calling for Stringer's immediate expulsion from the Legislature, cooler Republican heads have insisted the Ethics Committee exists for a reason which is to investigate such charges.  It seems logical, therefore, to hold a hearing so the public can hear what was found in this investigation.  To refuse to do so means one or two or so lawmakers will stand self-appointed to decide this man's fate.

As a side note, remember the way they handled the expulsion of Don Shooter last year.  That has resulted in a lawsuit against the Legislature, costing taxpayers plenty of dollars to respond.  There is a reason the concept of due process exists.  Rep. Shope would be wise to use it to avoid an even bigger circus than any hearing could generate.

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We are finding out just how deep the Deep State quagmire is; School Principals and teachers, college professors and Deans, city councilmen and mayors, governors, State Senators and Congressmen, Judges of courts at all levels. 

What can we do?  Number One - EXPOSE them.  Darkness simply can't stand the light of day.  Number Two - Spread the truth of their actions to everyone you know.  Move to remove them any way possible (petitions, news articles) and when possible, vote them out. 

It took a long time for our society to become so infected.  The cure won't happen overnight, but it can and will happen.

This is pathetic.  I've been following this.  His voters did not think he is a racist.  Arrogant leadership in both parties care little about who the voters select. Why have an election?  This guy has a lawsuit for us to pay for if he gets tossed without a hearing or due process.  I don't want to pay for it so maybe he will sue leadership personally but he should sue.  If this keeps up, there will be enough accusations there can be a class action.  OK, you legislators. Do your job which is to make law for AZ not to harass each other.

What the Yavapai County GOP and other elected republicans have tried to do by their actions is disgraceful and results for me has been one of how much I am ashamed of the wad.

Stringer is a good conservative and marches to his own guiding light and as a result he has stood up to the very powerful RINO's/CINO's and special interest they hold. The RINO/CINO motivations are being exposed. The motivations coming to light explains their jumping on and piling on.

The voters spoke impressively and it is sad that republicans are quick to join in with dems to help AZ become Bluer. 

I will stick by Stringer!

What's the deal with this Shope guy, anyway? He's also the (I can't print what I'm thinking) who tossed in the LGBTXYZ and struck 'traditional marriage' from SB 1346. 

He needs to go, along with the rest of the bums. 





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