We all remember that in 2015 and 2016 and beyond, our so-called Republican governor, Doug Ducey, refused to embrace our Republican nominee for President.  Presumably, like too many other hand-in-our-pocket Republicans locally all the way to DC, Gov. Ducey must have preferred Hillary "What email?" Clinton.  Hard to imagine, but McCain Republicans just could not square the idea that candidate Trump called McCain out on the facts of his sordid career.

Well, McCain is gone now, Ducey has inherited the McCain machine, but that machine is not as rabid for Ducey as it was for McCain.  Maybe the Governor doesn't pay them off as well as McCain did.  After all, McCain went into Congress on his wife's dime, but ended up, on a meager paycheck for 30 years, a multi-millionaire in his own right.  That is a lot of paybacks in his time as our employee!

But back to the Governor - suddenly, he's a Trump fan.  Now how do you think that came about?  President Trump has shown little interest in Ducey even though he is very interested in Arizona.  Ducey has taken to Pres. Trump's favorite social media, Twitter, to sing the President's praises.  He enumerated all of the good things Arizonans have enjoyed over the past three years: good economy, interest in the border, low unemployment (roughly 4.9% today - higher than the average), better judges and so on.

We are wondering what epiphany Gov Ducey had for him to swing around to the President's agenda.  Certainly, McCain has much to do with that, even from the grave.  It's hard to serve two masters i.e. Trump the candidate and McCain the sugar daddy.  The sugar daddy always wins out!  Perhaps Cindy McCain is no longer providing counsel and bucks to the Governor in the same way the Senator did.  Owning a politician is not as interesting to Mrs. McCain as it was to her husband.  We think it is still very important to our Governor.

We know that in two years, our Governor will be in full campaign mode again.  He has aspirations. He's shopping around for his next election.  What will it be and will he earn the democrat vote in the meantime?  After all, he committed all of us to pay massive amounts of tax money to Red4Ed to keep them satisfied and then we got to pay even more after the 2018 elections thanks to our largesse-distributing Governor.  Will he need Pres. Trump's endorsement for his next ride into history?

Look for the Governor to be Trump's biggest fan for the next five years.  If Trump gets re-elected!  Ducey probably knows his best chance at higher government is through Trump.  Otherwise, we would be looking at a democrat in the Oval office and what a sour taste that is.  

Prediction going into 2020:  Gov. Ducey's handler's will remake his image into a long time Trump supporter.  They will try to make us believe Ducey effusively supported Trump from day one.  They will say Ducey cast his vote at the Republican Convention for Trump, but they will leave off the part about how he refused to call the nominee by name, calling him only "our Republican nominee."  They will avoid topics like the President's recent announcement of mass deportations, saber rattling over Iran and other touchy issues.  They will trot out the photos of the Governor sitting with Trump in the Oval office, at the bargaining table, in the Rose Garden and at swanky political parties.  Photoshop is a wonderful thing!

Arizonans, many of whom will be new residents coming in from California, will invoke their short memories and get on board with the plan to push Ducey into higher office.  We, the long-suffering, long time residents of Arizona, will be outvoted.  

Unless Ducey makes a huge misstep in his carefully orchestrated dance into history, he will be gunning for a spot, a big spot, in the second term of the Trump administration in 2022.  This appointment would be milked to qualify him for an even higher position in government.  It could mean a run for President in 2024.

We will be shaking our heads at this transformation for years to come.  Heads up, primary voters.

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Ducey riding the Trump train.   We can petition Gov. Ducey to do things for Arizona.  How he reacts and what he does will determine if we accept him to stay as Governor.

For decades since the Johnson administration we have been on this train of "what the government can do for us". Ducey is just the latest rider on that train which Trump wants to pull off onto the side tracks. The Deep State cabal of thieves, the collectivists and bigots, all have their hands out for our dollars making us the serfs to "a kingdom" that we must fight against to our deaths. That kingdom is now revered by democrats and it's name is Socialism. So what we so plainly see is ... what the government gives us it can take away, and with Chief Justice Roberts against conservatism ... we all lose our unique American Republic, our morals, our society, and yes our borders and Liberty.  

A recent article here: https://amgreatness.com/2019/06/27/reclaiming-the-republic/ ...... lays it all out for us.

John, the key to keeping the Republic is the citizen who chooses self-government.  It's what the entire Constitution is all about.  We the people have failed to remember what drove these men to create this document that set forth a nation unlike any other.  The intent of the Constitution is to keep the Republic and that is our job, not the politician's.  The time is NOW for each of us to go forward and insert ourselves as citizens into government wherever we can.

His support of taking more monies and pouring them into a failing school system shows you where he's at, as they have no real plan to improve, sex ed etc., he's expanding his base and can't be trusted anymore than McCain, Flake, Brnovich, Yee, an most GOP in office in AZ, remember the NPV, Red 4 Ed, SB 1469, and so much more.
We can't forget the past as these Purple GOP Office will repeat it in the future no matter what they say, recall Brewer's tax increase, Common Core and Obamacare, she gave all of that to us as well.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

We Need to be Certain No One we Know Ever Votes for them, and that will take Talking to them and taking the chance of offending some of your friends, watching them hasn't worked as they don't care knowing the majority of Voters are IGNORANT to the Facts.

Nailed it! Thanks Clair!

We need to keep an eye on these "never Trump" big shots. They have chosen their side of this battle long ago and they didn't side with the American people like Donald Trump did. They chose the New World Order "Deep State" attitude that they know best what is good for US and how it all will play out as long as we aren't looking to closely at what they are doing. I think the video of Never Trumper Senator John McCain giving his thumb down on the repeal of Obama care is what we need to remember every time we hear from one of these guys like Ducey, Flake, McCain or Frank Riggs. Keep in mind how they vote when it counts like McCain did on Obama care or what ever will promote a Democrat agenda. Don't vote for them ever they will disappoint us at every turn because they have their own agenda and it benefits them and the NWO not USA.

Agree 100%!!!

But Ducey's record as an Establishment GOP (giving in to Reds for Ed, taxes, not challenging the last round of election fraud, gun limitations) still speaks for itself.

Spot on!!!

I recall a time when the Gov. didn't open a window without getting a weather report from Jonathan Lines first. Ducey even shared a private letter from me with Lines. At that time, Lines was Chair of our County GOP and he blasted the content of the letter publicly at a meeting, criticizing me for my comments! We all need to watch our backs.

Amen! Connie. You are exactly right. These guys and their minions keep track of who is against them and we have lost wholesale numbers of good candidates and PCs to their plots and schemes in the last 6 years. LD 13 seems to be a strong hold for the McCainiacs and even has the help of Kim Owens, proxy queen, from LD19 when needed to get what they want to get something done. They essentially ran a congressional type primary against Darin Mitchell to make sure he never became the speaker of the State House of Representatives. He was the highest rating "conservative" in our house. In that cycle we lost all our conservative votes through one reason or another. It went from good solid votes to a bunch of liberal squishes who vote more like Democrats than Republicans.



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