Doug Ducey is flush with McCain cash.  He has plenty enough to wage this campaign.  So we have to wonder, why is this organization raising money for Doug Ducey when this organization should have a provision in their ByLaws preventing them from picking favorites in the Primary.  That is the tacit agreement and has been for years.  Bylaws, however, have never been very important to this group, having violated them at will over the past few years.  Outside of Bylaws, that understanding that AZGOP would not support candidates in the Primary is only worth the paper it's written on.... which is to say, useless and ignored.

So take a good long look at this email AZGOP sent out for Doug Ducey.  If you are a precinct committeeman or have ever been, they consistently use YOUR email address to campaign for candidates you may not like.  To say that is violating the spirit of the long standing understanding hardly says enough.

Did you see it?  Did you see the address of the sender?  Did you see the Paid By stamp?

One thing is right - this was NOT authorized by any candidate (except Ducey) and that includes candidates to become precinct committeemen who also have to be elected every two years and are the electors of the AZGOP Chairman.

On the other hand, Jonathan Lines, although the Chairman of AZGOP, does nothing at the job, doesn't even come into Phoenix to the headquarters.  Nope, Jonathan Seaton, long time operative of John McCain, is running the AZGOP - is, in fact, the unelected co-conspirator for this email.

If a candidate for Governor, the highest elected official in Arizona, falls so low as to help violate the state party rules, uses our emails to campaign for more money for his campaign, one or more things are in the works: he's running scared at Bennett's entry into the race; he's raising money for his next campaign, which many insiders say will be for a fedeeral office.  Will Ducey win the governorshp in 2018 and then throw his hat into the ring for 2020 or 2024?  He's not telling.  But every precinct committeeman knows that AZGOP and all of the Republican Committees in 30 districts around the state know that raising money for Ducey is a no-no and is unconscienable.  Of course, one must have a conscious in the first place!


Donate $5 to Ken Bennett so he can get the clean election money to challenge Ducey.  Be sure to use the Clean Election button when you donate that $5.  Recent polling shows Bennett is closing in on Ducey, but he has to have campaign money in order to close the deal.  A recent internal poll showed 69% of registered Republican likely voters want a new governor.

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Oh, my.  This is quite disconcerting. Mr. Ducey errs when he allows the AZGOP to campaign for him.  But, of course, Mr. Seaton is a long time associate with Mr. McCain who surely does own the AZGOP. Oh, please do not donate a penny to this man.  He is so very much like our Senator who should have resigned many months ago.  I do suppose he doesn't want to give up power.  Oh, how he has failed Arizona.  Mr. Ducey has failed Arizona, too.  He is quite incorrect because he has raised our taxes in a most hidden way.

Today, AZGOP  is stumping for Debbie Lesko via their daily email rants.  Lesko is not supported by the half of the precinct committeemen who are Constitutional Republicans.  AZGOP abuses the emails they have for PCs to stump for candidates who are liberal establishement McCain backed candidates in the Primary.  We support Sandra Dowling for the CD8 seat.  She is honest, accomplished and very well qualified and most of all, she is not sold out to AZGOP or the McCain Machine.  But don't think you can respond to their abuse.  They use a non-working email on their reply line.

No surprise here. Yavapai County Republican Women ( YCRW) dismisses bylaws and rules like a military junta. I wrote about them in AFA called "Kangaroo Court."  The YCRW website clearly endorses without officially endorsing Martha McSally for Senate.

Steven K Sensmeier, son of Mark Sensmeier, Chair of the Yavapai County Republican Committee is on the campaign staff for McSally.  When he spoke to this Republican club about his candidate, the Kelly Ward team was denied a  campaign table . They were given the filmsy excuse that they needed to give 2 weeks notice.  Lorraine Pellegrino never , President of AZFederation knows of my article, said she would respond and never did .  Clearly bylaws mean nothing to these Republican Clubs nor does the Arizona GOP.

The above example of the azgop clearly demonstrates a line was crossed. Bylaws are the AZGOPs constitution they will use a bylaw when it suits their purpose and ignore when their goal is contrary to.

Myrna after no action from my complaint of clear bias to YCRW action was finally taken after sending a letter to AZFRW President.

Do note though the Candidate page is lame at best.



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