By Mark Meckler
Our nation is in crisis right now, and we need some serious changes in order to save what's left of our country for our posterity.

    Do you want term limits on Congress?
    Do you want term limits on the Supreme Court?
    Do you want fiscal restraints on the federal government that go way beyond a balanced budget?
    Do you want to get rid of the Departmenother agencies?
    Do you want to have a legitimate discussion about repealing the 17th amendment?
    Do you want to have a legitimate discussion about repealing the 16th amendment and getting rid of the IRS?

COS give you those things. You have the right to stand up in this fight for liberty.

Are you with me?
Last month, Mark Meckler spoke to a room of over 200 state legislators about why a Convention of States to limit the power of the federal government is the only solution to our declining nation. Only through a Convention of States will be people be able to regain control of their government & their lives.
While I was inspired by those legislators, I am even more inspired by you, the grassroots activist. As a soldier in the fight for liberty, you endure and sacrifice so much in the hope that one day, our nation will be restored.
Mark Meckler
Convention of States Action
100 Congress Ave Ste 2000
Austin, TX 78701

 To Understand why it is important to expose treason against our Constitution

Part 1

Convention Signed at London December 31, 1975: A 50 States Convention Program

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I'm glad to see this posted on AFA.

Article V initiatives (such as COS and CFA) are the single most powerful tool American citizens have to restore freedom and push back on Big Government. When combined with other initiatives, like nullification, Constitutional state & local law enforcement, principled non-violent civil disobedience, we have a good chance of taking our country back from the Washington Cartel (as Ted Cruz calls it). 

Sadly, advocates of these various initiatives have wasted a lot of energy fighting with one another in pointless "my dog's bigger than your dog" squabbles, much to the delight of the Left. 

For those not already familiar with Article V, I recommend and for intro material and FAQ pages. And the best book on the subject (IMHO) is still Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments published in July of 2013. 

Levin's book did more than educate me -- it gave me hope. Most Americans still don't know that our state legislatures have the power to amend the US Constitution without the permission or approval of Congress, POTUS, or SCOTUS. It's right there in Article V. Given what's been happening in Washington, I argue that it's more than a power -- it's an obligation.

Among the amendments sketched by Levin, consider especially term limits for Congress and SCOTUS, spending and taxation limits for Congress, and the power, with a 3/5 majority of the state legislatures, to vacate SCOTUS rulings and laws/regulations passed by our runaway Congress and regulatory agencies like the EPA, HHS, DOJ, IRS, BLM, etc. 

If the states propose and ratify those three amendments the behavior of Congress, POTUS, and SCOTUS would change overnight -- they'd restrain themselves, knowing that We the People, through our state legislatures, could reject and eject monstrosities like Obamacare and unconstitutional rulings by SCOTUS. Now they're running virtually "open loop" with no restraints. 

Sure "electing better people" to Congress is necessary. But it is not and has not been sufficient. Imagine how much better off we'd be if we re-empower We the People, through our state legislatures, to rein in the Washington Cartel!

It is a NEW REVOLUTIO to RESTORE AMERICA with out guns and butter.

Natural Law must be enforced.

There can be no "restore America" when our taxes go to Washington and THEY give back to the states what they deem as "necessary".  Tax reform coupled with spending freezes would do all the corrections "We the People" need without opening up the constitution by those who will control you for a self-interest gain.  Washington DC would not let this happen for it would be neutering them and their power hungry thieves. 

Thanks, David.  We post as much as we can get to and welcome everyone who has something of value to add also post their information.  AFA fully supports the Article V Convention of States.  However, we are happy to post both sides and welcome those on the other side to post as well.  We know the Founders put this article in with two options for a reason, just as the entire Constitution, word for word, was written with a purpose in mind.  The Constitution was never meant to pick through and adhere to those principles that you want and discard the others.

Why should "We the people" trust this organization and its agenda ....when all we NEED is Conservatism and real Federalism brought back to the states.

Once again it is Conservatism we need, not another political action committee of politicians telling us what is best for us. Politicians are always telling us that they will balance the budget ... but then they never tell us WHY the nations budget will never balance. 

It is that "Baseline budgeting" which is the DEVIL in the details of expanding government!! 

Each year overall government spending increases ... for it allows increases in overall spending by government.  It is this accounting gimmick that allows the politicians to claim they are cutting spending ... when all they are doing ... is slowing the rate of increased spending.
This method of accounting builds in AN AUTOMATIC INCREASE in future spending and in Congress's budgetary forecasts. It is this DRUG that our government uses to expand itself, and it is where the elitist pimps force themselves upon us ... their prostitutes. A proposal by this COS movement to 'balance the budget' cannot balance anything ... without eliminating this scam on the citizens.  OUR PROBLEM IS DEBT ... not balance of a budget. 

We have NEVER had a convention under Article V, in fact the only convention we had was under the Articles of Confederation, which was totally ignored in the amendment ratification process, and under the AOC (Article of Confederation) a new Constitution was written which LIMITED the power of the Federal government as itemized in the Constitution, WITH ALL POWERS RESERVED to the States and the citizenry.
If the 10th amendment meant anything WHY CHANGE any part of the Constitution itself by a COS ..... because the political class ... wants it changed to shred ... the existing Constitution. This would create a "crisis that cannot go to waste".

CONSERVATISM is the weapon that will put an end to this collectivism of "the ends justifies the means". The slithering snakes are coming out of ... The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

John5319, the convention of states project is exactly what you are arguing for- real Federalism, yet you seem opposed to it. That makes no sense to me.  What is more federal than the states getting together to collectively tell the people in Washington what they can and cannot do?

What makes you think that the CoS is a "political action committee of politicians?"

I think I have a pretty good nose for smelling stuff that is fishy in our government and the CoS project is totally clean, IMO.  What you seem to be arguing for is to maintain the status quo.  That hasn't been working.  Its time for a new approach.

Well put, Aaron. 

For those who prefer the 10th Amendment / Nullification approach, see the link below.

And for those who want to support Constitutional Law Enforcement at the local level, see the work done by Arizona's own Sheriff Richard Mack at the link below.

I've contributed to both of these initiatives, and while I favor COS and CFA as the best way to "drain the swamp" in Washington, the others offer better ways to fight back against the Washington Cartel more effectively in the near-term on a more tactical basis. 

For example, COS was not and is not the way to fight back against immediate abuses like those that took place at the Bundy Ranch. It's too slow. But principled non-violent civil disobedience is a way fight back, especially when led by a brave LEO like Sheriff Mack. Kentucky's Kim Davis is another person (a Democrat!) who is fighting back today on her own with principled, non-violent, civil disobedience against an unConstitutional decision by SCOTUS. I admire her courage.

So I recommend that folks pick the We-the-People initiative they like, sign up, and get involved.

But please try not to spend your energy knocking the legitimate efforts of other conservatives. There is no single initiative that is appropriate for every situation. We need all our warriors and all our weapons, short-term tactical through long-term strategic if We the People are to reclaim self-governance from Big Govt in Washington. We have the numbers on our side to win if we don't waste resources fighting among ourselves. 


 We like and support COS, but we stand against Amendments that is not for the foundation of the Republic.

Convention of States and at the same time we are boycotting the 28th Amendment.

Convention of States "Boycott the 28th Amendment"

COS is all about one of the necessary steps to RESTORE AMERICA as a Republic.

There is no controlling measures in this COS ... only the words that there will be.  

To infer that I SUPPOERT THE STATUS Quo ... is ridiculous. 

I support what was "creator given" to our founders in their writings. Our system of a Constitutionally limited republic doesn't need new initiatives ... all we MUST do is to use "trust but verify" what those in the political class opine.  Budgets will always vary, but with this process in the COS we will insure that those in power will remain there by raising taxes to COVER the Governments expenses as usual.  There is no restraint of government by this "balanced" hearsay, for all the methods used by government today ... the Baseline Budgeting of Congress ... remains intact.  So why is that not an issue by those who favor this COS, and they never bring up ??? 

Is it because they don't want you to be informed of the real objective ... to continue to steal from the citizenry by way of an all powerful IRS and its "voluntary tax" laws ????? That is the real objective to codify another IRS ruling, this time by another amendment that the Cabal of Thieves in control favor. 

Back when Nixon was President he championed the "New Federalism" ... but still supported taxpayer money to Washington DC before it was to be "shared with the states".  Some things never change, the reality that you are NOT their employer .. you are their slave to the centralized power brokers. 


 Our forum for COS, is to protect it, from control, it will be people like you that will see something and when that day does come, report it to me and I will show you what our team can do.

Because "We the People" are the only ones with power in this country.  We the people created government.  The government did not create the people.  Since GOD gave us this country, the responsibility to care for the Earth and the power to control this Republic - it is:

our duty and responsibility and right to invoke a convention to propose corrective amendments to the U.S. Constitution.






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