By Mark Meckler
Our nation is in crisis right now, and we need some serious changes in order to save what's left of our country for our posterity.

    Do you want term limits on Congress?
    Do you want term limits on the Supreme Court?
    Do you want fiscal restraints on the federal government that go way beyond a balanced budget?
    Do you want to get rid of the Departmenother agencies?
    Do you want to have a legitimate discussion about repealing the 17th amendment?
    Do you want to have a legitimate discussion about repealing the 16th amendment and getting rid of the IRS?

COS give you those things. You have the right to stand up in this fight for liberty.

Are you with me?
Last month, Mark Meckler spoke to a room of over 200 state legislators about why a Convention of States to limit the power of the federal government is the only solution to our declining nation. Only through a Convention of States will be people be able to regain control of their government & their lives.
While I was inspired by those legislators, I am even more inspired by you, the grassroots activist. As a soldier in the fight for liberty, you endure and sacrifice so much in the hope that one day, our nation will be restored.
Mark Meckler
Convention of States Action
100 Congress Ave Ste 2000
Austin, TX 78701

 To Understand why it is important to expose treason against our Constitution

Part 1

Convention Signed at London December 31, 1975: A 50 States Convention Program

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@Tif  I was talking about your whiny words not your legitimate information.  That whiny attitude is tiresome.

PMS that day, my children was a pain that day, its like this, its my party and I will cry If I want to, and any information posted from The Network can and has be proven to be facts. So until you pin point the issue, I can not show the forum.

I guess I will just have to post a incoming, you got mail, be back soon. I promise to be good:)

 We have been so very very busy, and as most know Trump is our President. So some issues came up, so very different, it has cause the Tea Party Command Center to just undo so many wrongs.

 First up date,

Mapping The DNA Of Jesus Can Jesus Be Cloned ?  this blog by its self started a investigation against that company.

 Then hidden links brought on line, this blog, From DNA Clones To Artificial Wombs "The Geneticliteracy Project"  I am personally offended in such  things, its one thing to show Christ lived, but to even think about creating a clone of Christ is rejected.

 last up date,

Our team contacted Donald Trump, he has plans for Amendments to The Constitution. So we sent him the following information and links, so he could build a proper way to undo Unconstitutional Laws within our Constitution. The info is as follows.

Our  50 State Convention Of States never died, just put on hold by orders by my dad.

                        Donald Trump On Convention Of States

Hi Tif,

I have been very busy with the U.S. President election, first supporting Dr. Ben Carson and then Trump all the way.  AND I have found a better means of communications than blogging - Appealing to Heaven.

President elect Trump may ask Congress to propose an amendment for state ratification for senate and representative term limits.  The likely possibility for that to happen is slim to none. Restoring and keeping America as a Republic will require the state initiating an Article V amendment proposing convention.  Draining the swamp hopefully will occur under a Trump administration.  Keeping the swam drained will require state action.  Consider from:

Natelson Issues New Paper – 

Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson is constantly researching Constitutional history and issues… and reducing his findings to writing.  His most recent work deals with the question Did Congress Approve the (1776) Constitution?

His new paper can be read HERE

The above posting is one of the more than 250 research papers produced by Professor Natelson since 2010 that are now posted on a new Heartland Institute web site:  

Regarded as one of America’s top scholars on Article V, 93 of Natelson’s papers on this new site deal with questions often posed by Article V activists.   The site allows visitors to narrow searches to just Article V topics, but unfortunately there is no search provision within the 93 Article V topics.

Who Said It?

Having hope means that one will not give in to overwhelming anxiety, a defeatist attitude, or depression in the face of difficult challenges or setback.  (Hope is) more than the sunny view that everything will turn out all right; (it is) believing you have the will and the way to accomplish your goals.”

Written by Daniel Goldman in his study of emotional intelligence…  
in relation to President Lincoln’s reactions to setbacks in the Civil War…
not long before victory.  Page 631 –
Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin





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