This momentum is unprecedented.

Just moments ago, Mississippi’s House passed the Convention of States resolution with a resounding vote of 69-46.

This historic victory makes Mississippi state #15 to call for a convention where the states can propose amendments to drain power from Washington, D.C. and send career politicians packing.

The American people are on the move. This marks the third state passage in the last few weeks, including victories in Utah and Arkansas.

With progress quickly developing across the country, we’ve put together a progress heat map that shows key statistics on which states have passed, where we’ve secured partial support, polling results, and more.

Click here to download our progress map./span>>

But we’re not done yet. Many states are still in the heat of legislative session and will be voting on Convention of States in the coming weeks.

As a movement that’s 100% fueled by the American people, our victories depend on you.

Your support allows us to continue mission-critical campaigns. Initiatives like sending expert testimony to committee hearings, securing petition signatures in districts where legislators are on-the-fence, and running ads on social media and radio to elevate our message.

For America,

The Convention of States Team

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