Message from Mark Meckler:

Just moments ago, North Dakota passed the Convention of States resolution with overwhelming support!

This historic vote adds North Dakota to the growing list of states banding together to place much-needed limits on the power of the federal government.  

Acting State Director for COS Project ND, Jeremy Neuharth remarked, “Today I stand as a proud North Dakotan that we are part of the solution. Our legislature took the bold step, using the tools provided by the Founders in the Constitution, to restore the balance of power back to the states. It is with these acts that we secure one of our most sacred rights - individual liberty for all!"

Momentum is building.

For years, the federal government has usurped their constitutional authority, stepping on the rights on the people.

But now, we the people are striking back.

This is our chance to pass amendments that place term limits on Congress, get the feds out of our healthcare system, and much more.

None of this would be possible without your continued support. So to all of you who have committed your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor to this fight… thank you.

[Editor: This makes the tenth state to pass this.  That either makes you proud or it chills you to the bone.  AFA takes no published position on this issue.]

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