On July 2, 1776, our nation’s Founding Fathers took the most courageous step anyone can take: they severed ties with Great Britain and declared themselves a free and independent nation.

This decision, prompted by the incompetence and overreach of the Parliament & the Crown, resulted in a war that would last for another six years and cost the lives of many American men. Yet our forefathers knew that this fight was the right course of action, and that it would secure our liberties.

Today, our federal government has displayed incompetence and overreach. Fortunately, we have a tool that the Founders gave to us: Article V of the Constitution. We can fight back against Washington with a Convention and return the power to the States.

Right now, we are engaged in a rally to Guard Our Independence, calling all Convention of States supporters to give toward our goal of $100,000. There are only three weeks left in the rally, so we humbly ask for you to join us with your support today.

YOU can take this important step toward securing our freedom. YOU can join the fight with your gift. YOU can make an impact on this historical occasion.

Let’s celebrate our freedom by rallying to secure the freedom of our posterity, together.

Ret. Senator Tom Coburn
Senior Advisor
Convention of States Action


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 We are a big fan of Senator Tom Coburn, we just love his work, in time we will be able to help, but for now out of over 2000 members we have combined our funds at 50 to 100 per week to complete our goal and it will bring COS into the Media other then the net.

 I well book mark this page.






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