The Obama Healthcare Bill, is Like a Woman Without Curves, Is Like Jeans Without Pockets, You Don't Know Where To Put Your Hands.

Frank Hester of London England Founder Of Obamacare Not Obama

Frank Hester of London England is the founder for Obamacare' Universal Health Care Policies , a Tax against the American People, Frank Hester is also the founder of TPP Legislation, Not Made In America. As Obama States.

 What could Obama be doing with the Queen, not having Tea and Tea Party for Sure.

 It should also be noted that this Obamacare is a Charter Act, by the UK, a Tax, for a Universal Healthcare Concept. This Charter Act is also noted with the NAFTA Charter also called a NAFTA Magna Carta Act.

 Thats Amazing !

Frank Hester

TPP’s Founder & CEO to be given an OBE
Frank Hester:

The Cabinet Office announced today that TPP’s Founder & CEO, Frank Hester, has been named on the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List. The list, which recognises the service and achievements of ordinary people across the UK, is announced every year just before New Year’s Eve. Early in 2015, Frank will be awarded with an OBE (Order of the British Empire), for his services to healthcare. Awards are usually presented by a member of the Royal Family at a formal ceremony.

  January 5, 2015-

 And Our Government Officials, are like two 90 years old women, when it comes to remembering whats posted against them

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