Tom Tancredo, former five-term congressman from Colorado, initially had reservations about an Article V Convention of States. He feared such a convention would subvert our Constitution and permanently damage our country.

But Tancredo did some research, and has since decided to reconsider his stance. In a recent article on WND, Tancredo encourages his readers to support a Convention of States and explains the top two reasons he changed his mind.

First, there is “an obvious safeguard built into the amendment process.”

“Do the math. Since it takes 38 states to ratify any proposed amendment, it takes only 13 states to kill any amendment. If you believe that the conservative, constitutional liberty movement cannot win and maintain majorities in 13 state legislatures, then we might as well give up now and quietly accept the inevitable destruction of our liberties.”

Second, the current runaway government is much more dangerous than a runaway convention:

“No path is free of risk, but look at the path we are on now! Today, we don’t have the possibility of a runaway convention, we have the reality of a runaway government.”

We encourage anyone still considering a Convention of States to think carefully about what Tancredo says in this article. The ratification process removes the danger posed by a runaway convention, making the current runaway government the real threat we should consider.

The choice is clear: a Convention of States is the safest, most effective means to halt the expansion of the federal government and restore power to the states and the people.

If you would like to get involved in your state, sign up in the Action Center.

You can read the whole article here.


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Your original opinion was correct.  Once a Constitutional Convention is reconvened the original Constitution itself can be thrown out entirely.  After all, that's what happened the first time we had a Constitutional Convention.  The Articles of Confederation were tossed and an entirely new form of government was created.  The provision that it takes 38 states to ratify an amendment could be dumped along with the second amendment and any other rights the new Government feels threatened by.  

The safest and fastest way to halt the expansion of the Federal Government is to vote incumbents out and replace them with tea party or libertarian types.

The long term solution is for Conservatives and small government thinkers to get professorships at Journalism colleges and start churning our honest to God investigative reporters again -- instead of morons who print press releases (propaganda) as news.  The so-called fourth estate has let us down badly.





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