Unsullied by Falsehood: The Signing Of The Declaration of Independence by Harvard University

 This is what we found out, Professor Danielle Allen Emily Sneff of The West Sussex Record Office, challenged two different, Preambles to the Declaration Of Independence, and they went further to say,  the signing of the Declaration Of Independence, is a lie, that it did not happen on July, 4 1776.

 So, I showed the information to the members of our Network....


"The Unanimous Declaration Of The Thirteen States Of America " by William Floyd  a official Preamble of our Founding Fathers"

  The Preamble "The Unanimous Declaration Of The Thirteen States Of America July 4, 1776" , by William Floyd,  was a Declaration Of War Against England. Floyd , became wanted by England, for Treason Against the Crown. And he, with his family fled New York.

 This has been confirmed in the, “ Journals of Congress : Containing the proceedings from Sept. 5, 1774 to [3d day of November 1788]  by William Floyd, a Founding Father of America."

 A Document found in England for over 200 years..............

 Danielle S. Allen

Center for American Political Studies
Harvard University
CGIS Knafel
1737 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


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