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"How do you know that duckduckgo is collecting and selling my info?"

Eric Barnes replied Dec 11, 2019 to Government snooping - Read only if you are against computer snooping

8 Dec 12, 2019
Reply by Jack Wilborn

"Keep in mind that the REGRESSIVES will stop at nothing to take over our government.…"

Eric Barnes replied Nov 17, 2019 to What will it cost to sit on the sofa?

4 Nov 18, 2019
Reply by Pat J

"That a specific religion is somehow attached to a specific political party makes abs…"

Eric Barnes replied Nov 4, 2019 to From Darkness into the Light

6 Nov 5, 2019
Reply by Vince Ansel

"Leave us alone?  Surely, you jest.  They've already begun their violence, egged on b…"

Eric Barnes replied Oct 28, 2019 to Poll: Almost 70% Of Americans Believe Civil War Is Imminent

14 Oct 31, 2019
Reply by Glenn Helm

"Entertaining, to be sure, but not of much least to me.  But at least this…"

Eric Barnes replied Oct 21, 2019 to A colossal waste of time and blather - a perspective on Trump Impeachment Syndrome

6 Oct 22, 2019
Reply by Jaspersgoat

"Try  They DO NOT TRACE YOU.  "

Eric Barnes replied Sep 10, 2019 to We have a Facebook problem

14 Sep 11, 2019
Reply by Patricia Gillenwater

"Almost at it's birth, I had suspicions and used an "anonymous" email address.  Short…"

Eric Barnes replied Sep 9, 2019 to We have a Facebook problem

14 Sep 11, 2019
Reply by Patricia Gillenwater

"Bravo!  Exactly the thoughts I've been having  the past month or so.  I was born in…"

Eric Barnes replied Sep 3, 2019 to I'm tired of this crap!

7 Sep 3, 2019
Reply by Mike White

"That sounds like a quote from the Radical's handbook!  Oh, of course, he IS one! LOL…"

Eric Barnes replied Jul 18, 2019 to America’s failure to stand up to socialism might make us the Stupidest Generation

15 Aug 6, 2019
Reply by Clair VAN Steenwyk

"C'mon!  Congressperson!!!  Gotta be "politically correct"!  LOL  (But it sure does l…"

Eric Barnes replied Apr 8, 2019 to The radicalization of America and beyond

11 Apr 8, 2019
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance





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