We in the politically activist community have spent a lot of time scratching our heads. We just can't figure out why the democrats came out of their closets to reveal their true selves and intent. They have spent over 100 years - since President Woodrow Wilson conceived of one world - being circumspect, even cloak and daggerish, about their covert plan of globalism.

First, we saw they refused to accept the election even though, when they thought Trump would lose, they generated a lot of hot air accusing him of refusing to accept THEIR election.

They forced the media to come clean, too, so now we don't ever have to wonder about “the press.” There is no such thing anymore. Just get a copy of the pamphlet that poses as the Arizona Republic for verification of their irrelevance.  Endorsing the communist, Sinema? Ha, we spit on your endorsement!

Attempts at “bimbo eruptions” against Trump were as popular as a dateless Saturday night at an ASU dorm.

Witch hunts thinly veiled as “investigations.”

Kavanaugh was their achilles heel, unwrapped before millions of viewers who immediately succumbed to artifical outrage. The left lurched further into hysteria. The right breathed a sigh of temporary relief. Impeach him, they scream daily. Impeach Trump. Like kids in the sandbox screaming at the kid with the best toy.  They drip with venom.

Caravans, orchestrated, one after the other, by people like Tom Steyer, Soros and others who routinely come together in expensive resorts over the best of wines to plot against Trump's America.

Now we have the fake bomber, inept at bomb making but superlative at van decorating incorporating new photos of Trump/Pence/Sessions, flawlessly arranged to cover every window perfectly. One look at this man and you see the vacancy in the eyes that tells you he has no idea why he's getting his picture taken at the police station. This is a Hollywood style, pre-planned-perfect set up of this guy, not unlike that in the Las Vegas shooting that was quickly swept out of sight, but far less heinous. Country western bands tend to attract conservatives, after all. Where's the crime?

Democrat finger prints are all over both instances. This guy will get convicted to hide what the dems composed. Just another patsy like the video maker of Benghazi. A sacrificial lamb must always be slaughtered for the good of the power grab! It was hard to imagine how much further the progressives could have overreached with the Kavanaugh debacle. Then, along came the keystone cops of terror.

Citizens are awakening to the bad joke the dems are playing on America. Yes, joke. Obvious, no punch line, destructive intent, badly acted, unfunny. Nasty Nancy Pelosi on Jimmy Kimmel was as giddy as a 14 year old girl with her first boyfriend - and about as mature, as she envisioned her return to the Speaker's chair. Kimmel was, too. Barf. Doesn't all of this just smell like sewer water - plotted, planned and fully paid for by the $millions?  

It's good to be wealthy today in America.

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EXCELLENT!!! I will share this everywhere immediately...

We have talked about this in our private conversations but it needed to be said in print in public forums like this.  We will no longer be fooled into thinking dems are humans since they don't act like they care a whit about others. I guess this is where the sociopaths go for political acceptance.  Good job again, AFA

Good editorial thank you AFA.

If the dems are playing a "joke on America" our disruptor President read their intentions well. One thing for sure the "joke" truly has been told for decades upon decades. You can count on them playing the "joke" for decades to come.



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