Nothing makes us happier than to see citizens step up and get involved with government.  You may remember that for the 13 years or so it took to write the Constitution, the idea was to have a citizens government.  In the past 100 years, that idea has been diminished to the point that it barely exists anymore.  Most citizens are either too busy living out life or too timid to engage government.  Until something changes in the minds of men in this regard, we are destined to lose more of your freedoms in the coming years.  President Trump is fighting the good fight for us but are we, Citizen Joe or Jane, doing our part in engaging government from school boards and city councils to the federal level?  Is getting educated on the problems in our country and state enough?  We say, no, it's not enough.  It's only step one.  Step two is to address a problem, find a solution and then take it to government and put them on the spot.

That is why we really appreciate the following letter.  It's a great example of Citizen action.  We need more of this.


January 4, 2019 Sent Certified mail return receipt

Brent Backus


Waddell, AZ 853XX

AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich

2005 N. Central Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85004-2926

Reference: AZ Constitution Article 28 Section 6

The Honorable Attorney General Mark Brnovich,

I am alleging under the above that AZ continues to print election documents and election ballots in Spanish. “The Official language of the State of AZ is English.” Thus, the State is in violation of Article 28.

The State of Arizona and local jurisdiction spend thousands of tax payer dollars during an election cycle printing election ballots and election documents in Spanish.

Yes, I am aware that Congress amended the Voting Rights Act in 1975 by adding section 203 which requires the language of a minority group based on a trigger level, however, Congress acted outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere in the U.S Constitution (which is in English) does it require ballots be printed in any other languages.

Therefore, it is requested that the State of Arizona exercise its rights under the U.S. Constitution and AZ Constitution to print election ballots and election documents in English only. The appropriate relief would be for the State to nullify this unwarranted act of the Federal Government and in the next AZ election cycle all election documents and ballots are in English only.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


Brent A. Backus

Cc: AZ Governor Doug Ducey

Stephen D. Guschov, Esq.


We will post any response received by Mr. Backus.  We predict the AG will send this to a minor attorney in the AGs office who will then tell Mr. Backus to take his issue to the Legislature.  If so, we hope he does that.

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Build the wall

Several years ago I emailed the AG office about this issue. They responded that the Spanish materials were paid with non government funds. They didn’t elaborate as to where those funds came from though. I’ll be interested to see their response to your request.

Christina:  I wish you had followed through on that and demanded to know who was paying for that.  If they had hemmed and hawed - as you know they would have - you would have cornered them.  But you certainly had the right idea in challenging them on this.  I'm sure California has been printing them in Spanish, too, but the State is paying for them.   California seems to be moving away from the Constitution completely.  It would be interesting if the *did* attempt to secede. )

I sent a certified letter to the AGS office a year or so ago.  It was on something similar, voting... I don't remember exactly what it was.  Yep I was told to talk to my legislators.  Of course, they are all dems and they and I see voting differently.  Maybe Christine and Brent should team up and pursue this.  Maybe AFA could do stories on what they are doing to get their attention?  Go to the MSM?  They probably wouldn't do a story on this.

To all pursue right, get it done.

Good to read the letter sent by Stephen.  I sent certified snail mail to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz regarding natural born citizen qualifications for President of the U.S.  Never heard from wither one.

I hope Stephen and others are not discouraged by a lack of responsiveness.





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