Biden stops workplace raids. Record-setting numbers of illegals at the border.

The southern border has been in the news lately. ABC (Channel 15 in Phoenix) had a two-part special report on this subject. The first one aired Thursday, October 21, and the second one aired Tuesday, October 26. ABC Channel 15 interviewed me for about 10 minutes and showed about 20 seconds in each broadcast. 40 seconds to state our point of view is pitiful, but not as pitiful as 0 seconds. We get what we can when we can. This is definitely preaching to the sinners, as opposed to the usual preaching to the choir we see on a daily basis among conservatives. Here are the links to the two broadcasts.

(My comment begins at minute 1:12 of a 2-minute segment).

(My comment begins at minute 1:10 of a 2-minute segment).

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The hypocrisy of Biden and the Democrats is disgusting.  American citizens are being forced by vaccine mandates to get the "Biden jab" or else lose their jobs (or college education), but illegal immigrants--many with coronavirus--are free to cross the border illegally, and are then sent all over the country to live (on the taxpayer dime, of course).

And the GOP has done little to oppose any of this, not to mention the way they deserted President Trump before, during, and after the election last November.

Conservatives definitely need a new political party to replace the failed GOP.  And how we elected an idiot like Biden is beyond me.  I am still furious with him for helping sabotage Robert Bork's 1987 Supreme Court nomination.  Bork would have formed an incredible conservative 1-2 punch in the Supreme Court with Clarence Thomas!

Good job Jose and you are exactly right.  They've been saying that our borders will be secure for 40 years and nothing.  Pres. Trump made more of an effort than anyone I've seen in my lifetime, but still it was not enough.  It infuriates me that people are having to walk off their jobs over taking an experimental vaccine (that doesn't work) and yet they are flying illegals all over our country who are not medically cleared.  The estimate is that 1 in 5 arrive with COVID and yet nothing is done.  But as citizens, we have to wear masks, are mandated to get vaccines  or lose our jobs and it gets pounded into our heads whenever the "numbers" go up.  Well, what do you expect?  This administration gets an A+ in gaslighting!

We need more Americans to continue to just say "NO!" to forced vaccinations.  We also need voters to stop electing these Socialist Democrats like Biden.  I have been extremely anti-Biden ever since he and Ted Kennedy helped scuttle Robert Bork's 1987 Supreme Court nomination, costing us the services of a patriot who would have been a great conservative Supreme Court Justice.

And we also need to stop electing RINO and moderate Republicans just because see that "R" next to their name on the ballot.  This is why we have idiots like Liz Cheyney and Adam Kinzinger supposedly "representing" us in Congress.  Conservatives really need a new political party to replace the failing and ineffective GOP.





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