Sometime during the Obama administration, frustration at government set in. Normal, rational people began to disagree on whether Obama was or wasn't the right man for the job. Disagreeing was never enough. Disagreements became permanent tears in the fabric of friendships and family. Everyone drew a line in the sand that was more serious than the one Obama drew over Syria. Heaven forbid being registered with the wrong party.

Fast forward to the election of Donald J Trump. Even those who have supported President Trump from the beginning can't get along due to differences over local politics and politicians. Those who did not support Trump from day one are roundly avoided. Differences over who should be our next Senator? Loathed. Those candidates running for any office this year better be staunch Trump supporters from the first breath of life to the Trump campaign or they will be outed. They better not pretend to be Trump supporters today if they aren't! That is subject to excommunication from the party.

Relationship breakups are not new to those with political or religious differences. Now, however, it barely takes a breathless insult for the disagreement to rend forever any chance of redemption. Why?

What has happened to forgiveness? What has happened to apologies for insulting a dissenter you once called your dear friend?  Can we no longer even accept a sincerely offered apology?  Is it necessary to go so far? Must all disagreements now turn into personal assaults?

There was a time, not so long ago, where friendships and families were the very places disagreements could be safely aired, consensus sought and failing that, an agreement to change the subject and carry on the relationship was made and kept. Difference of opinion, of course, is the bedrock of innovation in thinking and producing. Insults should be reconsidered among reasonable people.

It seems that we get into disagreements because we want others to agree with us, to confirm our own positions as valid. Many different positions on any number of issues can surely be valid. Today, we seem to care more about being right than exchanging ideas and opinions. We care more about proving the other person to be wrong, sometimes, egregiously wrong. Everyone who disagrees with us must now become an enemy.  Nonetheless, there are real times when these relationships cannot continue because of ongoing offenses.  That is a different situation.

One person I discussed this with said, “Satan at work.” Yes, maybe that is the problem.

Friendships, family, relationships are so much more important than any candidate. Elections are fleeting, family and friends should endure.  It's time to bring back grace as our guiding principle.

Then, we can just disagree.

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Thank you. Yes, I can agree to disagree.

Could the problem be too many people taking positions based on emotions or on allegiances to a person or political party rather than facts? I've suggested candidates be "vetted" with a questionnaire that would, if they give honest answers, identify them for what they are: politicians willing to ignore their oath as all elected officials I'm aware of are doing or as being someone knowledgeable enough to know right from wrong and having the courage and integrity to do what is right.

Anyone interested in the questionnaire can find it on

I think you may be on to something Walter. I always do my homework before I vote and I am a pragmatic voter.  If my dearest friend was a candidate but not the best qualified, I would have to vote for the other guy.  Do you think my friend the candidate would understand?  Probably not so I just hold my tongue and smile.

In my home my mate and I disagree a lot. Sometimes we agree to disagree other times we each just shut up recognizing that the conversation has gone off the rails.

At the end of the day always a kiss and I love ya and it is sincere. Both of us registered in the same party, republican. Both of well educated and strongly grounded. Have over 37 years relationship and accomplished that 1 day at a time.

I have had many former colleagues and many of those thought of as friends choose not to be no longer be friends on social media accounts. Disappointing, sometimes hurtful I have no control over their choice. 

Their actions simply has no effect in altering my core beliefs.


Core beliefs are lessons learned. Remember that it was pastor Rev Jeremiah Wright who perpetuated that division into our White House led by the Obama's South-side Chicago activism against American values, morals, and equal justice system. It is the misinformation and a desire for power & control that feeds todays political disagreements. Conservatism is the enemy of satanic evil. We represent the Constitutionally LIMITED Republic, and a viewpoint that does want to get along with dissent, but only the left fosters a superiority and enslavement of ideals and ideas. That does not lead to cohesion, it leads to anarchy. That is why they bow to Saudi kings, kneel at the thought of Allegiance to the Flag, and support "social justice" and a borderless nation with endless give-a-way programs. The demons across the isle are the leftists and socialists who feed upon an enforced group thought .. a worldwide Collectivism.  We DO UNDERSTAND them ... and they hate us for it !! That will never change, for it is their "new world religion" against anything that resembles Liberty and Freedom for all. 

There is a huge difference between discussing disagreements backed by evidence and valid arguments and what we see now on the political stage. Those are not disagreements, they are fundamental differences in philosophy that preclude even hearing the other side, much less understanding it. This is not a discussion where we might come to some middle ground acceptance of each other. This is a struggle for the survival of our Western Culture. We cannot ‘just’ disagree when violence erupts as a natural consequence of the clash of cultures that are no longer compatible. Before you can discuss any difference in position you must establish a peaceful environment for it to take place. Antifa, BLM, and many of our own alphabet agencies have no interest in allowing for that peaceful environment. Interesting times, these.

Bruce, I think your comments are on target on a broader scale but I'm going to "just disagree" with your understanding about this article.  I think this person is referring to family and friends who disagree over religious or political philosophy or candidates and stuff.  I mean, the things we can have opinions about, but other than vote or volunteer for candidates, have no impact on.  Just daily life and conversation, you know?

It strikes a nerve with me bc I lost a dear friend. I didn't like Obama and she was an "Obama fan" much like I am now a Trump fan.  I doubt she is, tho.



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