Article from the RidersUSA newsletter "Keeping the Greasy Side Down" June 2019 edition.

                                                    "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”  
                                                       “Complacency-The Silent Killer”    by Vince Ansel

    I’ve been watching the ebb and flow of victories and defeats of both the Democrat and Republican parties for decades now. It’s a never-ending battle to determine which ideology will be victorious in controlling the direction, policies, morals, principles and people of this nation.
    Politically speaking, it is a fact that the nation as a whole leans “right of center”. I don’t know what the exact numbers are but based on an estimated United States population of around 325 million people I assume that number to be in the tens of millions in favor of those who "veer to the right”.              Intellectually, one would assume that issues involving immigration, abortion, economics, preserving history, religion, social issues, domestic and foreign policy, etc., etc., would favor the Conservative platform. This is far from the truth.
    Despite nearly two years of a Republican controlled Congress and Presidency we continue to have “open borders”, abortion on demand, the desecration of our National Monuments, disrespect for our Police, Flag and Military, the coddling of Illegal Aliens, the funding of nations hostile to our Republic; the list goes on and on. We now have split government where Republicans still maintain control of both the Senate and the Presidency but have lost the House in the 2018 midterm elections.
     The numbers simply don’t add up as to why this nation relinquishes control in many instances to
Democrat/Socialist policies when Conservative governance should be the rule of the land! This is frustrating to those who pay attention to such matters. Blame is directed towards the Democrat/Socialist/Anarchist cabal without looking inwardly as to how Republicans contribute to our nation’s turmoil.
     We oftentimes ignore or overlook the fact that Republican voters are notorious for being either absent or way too complacent when it comes down to being politically active and to get out and vote! The Republican turnout in the 2018 mid-terms is a perfect example of this self-defeating, repetitive attitude. Democrat “crazies” who now dominate in the House, are the result of Republican voter lethargy.
     How many times have you engaged with people who vehemently bitch about the anti-America sentiment griping our nation, only to find that they didn’t bother to vote in the last election? Voting is the lifeblood of this nation. It ensures that the American culture stays on the “straight and narrow”.
Republicans and Conservatives often carry the notion that “others” will do the heavy lifting when it comes down to warding off the withering assaults on our Constitution, Traditions and Values.
     Waiting for the pressure to build until something explodes is always too little, too late. Evidence is abounding that pressure is reaching critical mass as crazed Democrats compete in who can conjure up the most creative schemes in how to demolish a Republic that has given us and the world so much.  Being politically active in promoting Conservative values is no different than preventative maintenance on your vehicle. You either change the oil regularly or simply wait for the engine to seize and be non-functional.
     A trap that most appear to fall into is the perception that individual effort may not be making any difference. Remember this: every effort to uplift and better this nation does not go to waste. Our energies have a cumulative effect which collectively moves the needle in the desired direction.            Complacency is a cancer cloaked in comfort and security. It equates to the eventual demise of everything we love and cherish. Get active!

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If you haven't got your ticket on the Trump train then what in hell are you waiting for? Are you committed to retaining a U.S. Senate seat as an R? If the answer is yes get active now.

Are you a Precinct Committee woman / man? If not become one now.

Have you signed up to be a Trump Committeeman? If not sign-up, donate.

Trump / Pence 2020! Lend positive active support to send R's and conservatives (best) to the U.S. Congress and the AZ Legislature.

Keep all local elections in the Red camp.

Thanks for the positive input Patricia. Great points on how to get involved!

I understand why people are complacent. Trump promised to MAGA. This demands America be in control of its own destiny which requires getting the US out of the UN, bringing monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution of 1787, and shedding America and Americans of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt resulting from present policy.

For scores of years Americans have alternated giving control to one of the two major political parties with the hope of seeing major change. Has it happened? NO, its been an exercise in futility. Clearly, voting hasn't ensured that the American culture stays on the “straight and narrow”.

I partially agree with you Walter. One of the most frustrating periods I have witnessed was between 2016 to 2018 when this nation saw a rare opportunity by a Republican controlled Presidency and Congress to alter the course of this nation. Even with Republicans in control we were not able to get legislation passed to secure our borders, impose sensible Immigration laws and failed to even repeal Obamacare (thanks to John McCain). Let me put it this way Walter......America has a better chance in straightening things out with Conservative ideology than with the Communist inspired pathway that Democrats, Socialists, Progressives and Anarchists appear focused upon. Progress is a slow and sometimes agonizing process. Don't give up the ship!

I have been a political - government activist for over 45 years.  As a Jaycee I won national and Minnesota state first place honors.  I was a life long Independent.  Since moving to Arizona, joining the Republican party and becoming a Precinct Committeeman, I have witnessed one failing election after another.  I wondered why, since I had seen nothing but success as an Independent.   It has occurred to me the reason is I joined the Republican party.

Complacency and apathy are natural affect from 60 years of prosperity.   Democrats play by a different set of rules - Saul Alinsky "Rules For Radicals" and the Republicans plod along with congeniality, propriety and succumb to political correctness.  The Tea Party flashed up and then pretty much disappeared.

In the meantime the Democrat equivalent of the Tea Party is the Indivisibles.  Check out their November response to winning the U.S. House in the mid-term elections.  Also check out the AFA posting at:

 We must stop complaining and start fighting back.


I read "Rules for Radicals" from beginning to end. This is definitely the rule book by which the Democrat Party operates from. Our detractors are more organized and willing to get up off the couch, turn the TV off and get out into the streets. They feel as if they are fighting for their ideological lives. As long as Republicans get a paycheck and we don't have wild eyed Anarchists invading their neighborhoods with pitchforks and bad intentions, they're good. Two totally different kind of animals......

I find myself grateful many times for being able to have blogs that I can vent on.  Clearly be it venting or an out right whine it means for me to ask myself what action do I need to take.

No action of some sort leads me down the path of apathy and disspire. I just keep trying the best I know how. Many unified voices can be effective don't you think?

I like your philosophy Patricia. Doing something is a heck of a lot better than doing nothing. Doing nothing can lead down the path of apathy and despair. A unified front is definitely more effective in confronting the enemies of our nation. It doesn't matter what you do to contribute to that front. It all adds up.  

It's disconcerting but, I wouldn't attribute it much to simply complacency.  There are many reasons why people don't get engaged.  They're raising a family and too busy, they're financially less stressed than under the Obama dictatorship a couple years ago, they've never been much interested in politics and only got involved when they thought it was urgent ... and now it's not, or they're politically minded and just don't care. 

All these play into why people aren't active in the political sphere and I would like to add another.  Prosperity.  Many people are doing so much better now and just don't feel the need is that great to participate.  Prosperity is perhaps the greatest danger of all.  It conceals the reality of a nation falling apart.  It can be used to convince the less interested not to participate.  Prosperity can allow a person to convince himself that there really is no danger. 

The people in this forum are well versed in the real and still imminent dangers facing America, so this is not an accusation toward you, it's not an accusation toward anybody.  It just happens to be the national conscious at this time.  Like the push to make the word gender-fluid.  People went about their daily routine just a few short months after 9/11.  The Oklahoma City bombing was never and will never be fully investigated though the entire floor of the FBI was absent that day.   Our "security" agencies are making sure we don't panic so they continue to keep us in the dark about the assassination of Kennedy, why our Pentagon allowed 9/11 (three buildings - two planes, is that like killing two birds with one stone?), their possession of anti-grav technology ( Yes, they're ours), and even the origin of The Destroyer 'Barry Obama' (whoever the hell he is - maybe he'll wind up being the Anti-Christ).  

Sorry this is long, I actually don't like writing long soliloquies.  But the point is, we're NOT going to know the truth about many if not most things.   The truth is created in secret rooms among $ Trillionaires who move pieces like in a game of Risk.  And even if we know who they are, and we do, what can we do about them.  They're able to  pay off hit-men and get rid of 150 that may get in the way of Hillary.  And those in the know, like to keep it that way ..... just like the Catholic Church did for hundreds of years.  If you were caught with scripture on a piece of paper, you were executed.  Do you remember the Jesuits?  Thank you, Pope, may I have another?  

I'll end.   Thank God that Jesus/Yeshua is coming back.  If He weren't, there WOULD be no hope.  So I don't go around daily with a sourpuss, rather I thank God for my blessings, for the ultimate victory ...... and simply do my small part in the fight without letting the idiocy from many of my fellow human beings get to me, without staying angry though I do get angry, and keep the joy of the Lord.   Life is Good, Jesus is coming and will straighten out all things ..... and we're going to be with Him forever. 

OK, I'm off my soapbox now.

Larry, I have my laptop and a lot of time. I spend each day trying to navigate to prevent a personal fall, which with my best efforts, I do in a nanosecond.  My wish and that is the reality is to add any value to saving this Democratic Republic. Have you noticed that the demon-rats always use "our democracy". Republicans have more and more using "our democracy" the conservatives on Fox use "our democracy". Paul Gosar I have never heard him do it. Now "our democracy" is as normalized as "fluid gender". Words matter. 

When times are difficult economically that is when we should be on alert for orgs like CAIR, and the demon-rats. Prosperity for how ever long it last gives some time for many to take a break and enjoy life a little more. I try not to be extreme in judgements against them. 

Lots of good points you make, Larry. My article was meant to "get the conversation going". I realize that "complacency" is not the only factor involved in why the Conservative majority often falls short of maintaining power. Many other factors come into play as you have outlined. Thanks for the input!

It's more than's pervasive ignorance and mediocrity politically intentional after the '60s when the radicals of the 70s took over the depts. of education and our public schools across America. Reagan warned "A Nation at Risk" 50 yrs ago "an act of treason had we not done it to ourselves" Local school boards abrogated as unions seated majorities. We now have voting majorities of No Nothings about history, economics, responsible behaviors or citizenship period! Every voter of what was America must vote in this election or our Constitutional Republic is done.





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