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We all know how when Dorothy, knees shaking, entered the Emerald Palace to see the wizard, she was cautioned to pay attention to the riveting, flame-belching projection on the screen in front of her and to ignore the “wizard”, working the levers behind the curtains.  Turns out, he was just an old salesman.  In revealing the man behind the curtains, Toto, Dorothy’s dog, revealed that the wizard was nothing to be afraid of.  To the contrary, what was to fear, she found, was one’s own incorrect perceptions.  Dorothy had believed the wizard to be an all knowing, all powerful being, when in fact, the wizard was merely an illusion created by someone in order to control her behavior.   The real power, she learned, was in her own thoughts, in her faith in herself and in those who loved her. 

Conservatives have much in common with Dorothy these days.  We seem to doubt ourselves, seemingly more inclined to pay attention to that “wizard” while ignoring the man behind the curtain than we are to recognize the truth of our convictions.  Because of that self-doubt and fear we fail to act on our political convictions.

Let’s take a look at the “wizard”.  He has many faces.  One of them is the Republican Party; a political body which we are told represents the interests of American conservatism.  Of course, it’s now plain that they do no such thing. They are just as pro big-government as the Democrats.  So why do we continue to vote for and support them?  They tell us that they will represent us if elected.  They tell us that they oppose the Democrats in Washington…but nothing ever comes of their “opposition”.  It’s been happening in this manner for many years now. The federal government has taken so much control of our everyday lives and our very behavior as citizens that now we are at a point where even casual observers are fearful of losing the nation as it was formed.  Yet, we’re afraid to take the necessary steps to prevent that loss.

What steps would bring real opposition to the Big Government people in the US congress and White House?  The first is obvious: form a party of conservatives.  Form it with rules which prevent the deviation of individual elected office-holders from the party’s platform.  Secondly, caucus for nominees to place on the ballot for public office.  That is, instead of open primary elections, allow only party members to determine which of the party’s members will go on that final ballot in the general election.  In this manner, Democrats or other socialists are prevented from helping to select our candidate.  

Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, announced that approaching the 2016 primary elections, the GOP would conduct “sanctioned” debates, hosted mainly by liberals.  He also announced that any candidate who participated in an “unsanctioned” debate – that is, a conservative candidate attempting to debate without the control of the liberal media – would be denied participation in the “sanctioned” debates.  He didn’t want conservatives reaching the massed public with their ideas and criticisms in open conversation.  The liberal, big-government cadres he represented wanted to control the conversation   It seems evident that without such constraints of virtual censorship, conservative candidates could then take their messages to the American people unobstructed or undiluted by non-conservatives.  That message would resonate.  It would carry.  In a party of our own, no sudden rule change will prevent conservatives from speaking at their own convention as we witnessed the ruling Establishment people do to Republican conservatives at the 2012 convention.

This may all seem pretty obvious and you may ask “Why haven’t we already done this?”  That’s where the Wizard comes in.  It’s because we’ve been conditioned to be afraid.  Fear is why we’ve done nothing.  The Wizard tells us “Third parties always lose” … and we believe it.  The Wizard says “OMG, you’ll split the vote and allow the Democrat to win!” and so instead we vote for a Democrat who calls himself “Republican”.  Having done so, we’ve merely strengthened our opposition.  We’ve voted for bigger government while doing nothing to advance conservatism.  We have Republican presidential candidates who move away from conservatism, handing out the excuse that they need the “middle” – whatever that’s supposed to be.  We know that’s phony – “the middle” needs us -- but then we go and vote for them anyway.  They told us if they opposed Obama, they’d be called “racist” and would offend black people. They’re not going to get the black vote anyway, but we swallow the excuse.  We vote for them anyway.   We’re afraid to not vote for them, but we’re also afraid to do anything to fix things.

 In the meantime, other Wizards in the media, working with the ones in Washington, fix our attention on any number of sideshows – from the virus du jour, to this or that terrorist group or alleged threat – distracting our attention away from the things we can change, while shifting them to fear of things we cannot change.  Then there’s the usual and normal human fear of failing.  “What if we go off on our own and we fail?”  That could happen.  However, being involved in building a political home for conservatives in no way precludes voting for people in another party: you could still vote for whoever you think is best.  As with any business startup, however, there is an underlying reason to believe in success.  In this instance it’s because according to multiple polls, somewhere around 70% of all registered Republicans call themselves “conservatives”.  That’s over 30 million people.  In addition, have you seen the many and successive polls on the approval ratings for the US congress?  The latest that I’m aware of is a 1/2015 Gallup poll showing only 16% approval.  That’s 84% disapproval!  People know that they have representatives, but they also believe that they have no representation.  They are ignored and not happy about it. The time is now.

At what point do we come to understand that the people who claim to represent our interests in the spirit of the nation’s founding principles, have no intention of doing so?  Isn’t it high time we understand that and realize that they are not our solution?  Rank and file American voters – Republicans, Independents and some Democrats, millions of us – know that our nation’s affairs are being mismanaged by both parties, but we have nowhere to go.  Let’s believe in ourselves.  Let’s believe in our instincts and act on our knowledge.  Let’s put on the blinders and be laser focused.  Let’s leave fear in the dust, creating a political party which trusts Americans and tells them the truth; a party America can believe in – and more importantly, a political party which believes in America and its people.

(Author’s note:  I originally wrote this in 2015 while working with others to create the framework for Freedom Party America.  Little did we know at the time that another virus, of uncertain origin, would be unleashed by our enemies to wreak havoc on the nation and introduce the rationale for unbridled “vote by mail”.  Neither then could I imagine what the GOP could or would do to a truly conservative president.  As for GOP approval rating, I can only imagine what it is today.)


Jeffery S. Dover

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Maybe Biden will allow us to print Renminbi.

We dont need another political party, we need Constitutional Conservatives getting in the ground game.   Another party isnt going to fix the apathy in vetting candidates, cowering from Democrats when they call us names, making sure that EVERY Democratic candidate has an opposing candidate in  every election, 60% vacancy in Precinct Committeemen,  34:1 Democratic response in the Right to Speak  system.  Lets get busy and stop the "Silent Majority" nonsence.  Look where that's gotten us.  Its time to throw out the RINOs, organize Patriots on the ground game and clean up this mess.

Note to Windy:  a word about RTS.  Democrats pay their people to go login their opinion when most of them have no idea what they are voting on.  We know that because we have been at the Capitol when hordes of young people are trying to add an account but are too ignorant to do it, as simple as it is.  Our republican lawmakers know what is going on.  The very huge margin on some of those bills the dems log opinions on is laughable.  Let's do our part and not worry about the professional posters.  Our side carries much more weight because we don't cheat and the legislature knows it.

Gripe all you want about parties... Return us to our Constitution.  Any Party that does this will fix the issues.

AMEN ...

The Truth is that the Republicans already won the elections in a really big way but because there was Democrats and Deep State operatives in the positions to block recounting to find the truth we have a usurper in the Whitehouse and many more in the Senate and Congress than would be there from honest vote counting and it's process of checks and balances. The Democrats in charge know their days are numbered and pulled out all the stops to cheat and our elected Deep State RiNOs refused to participate in outing the fraud. With President Trump in play the Deep State Republicans and the Democrats were and are an endangered species. The main goal now should be to rid ourselves of the RiNOs in all the State Governments and take back the Party of Lincoln from their slimy hands casting them to the side in every elected and appointed position we can. Here in Arizona there are plenty of examples and they are the reason we had McSally on the ticket, weak as she was, for Senate. For thirty odd years McCain claimed to be "conservative" at election times every six years but was best friends to the left in vote after vote and was still in office at his death. Defiant of Republican, American, values he was the deciding vote against scraping Obama Care thanks to Arizona's apathy in vetting candidates and our tendency to keep the bad political people employed in positions of powerful office like McCain and Gov. DooS**t who follows California's Newsome's lead like clock work in many things Covid. All we need to do is to clean up the mess we have allowed here by vetting candidates and taking back the Republican Party here which is already in charge, if only by fractions, and put in good Candidates instead of the RiNO's we have now and previously elected. Maybe if we give people good candidates the "Right" people will show up to vote. End the use of equipment the RiNO's bought and used to stay elected and put in Real Republican's who aren't ashamed of the Republican Platform as it exists. Keep track of what they say and how they vote. If they lie or vote wrong we will know it.

PS, I agree with lawyer Dan Schultz that filling up the vacancies in the PC roster is essential, but they must be vetted also or we will end up with the RiNO's and a lot of Proxy votes held and voted by them to keep the status quo in charge of everything which is how it is now.

Excellent points John, however winning elections isn't our problem.  Our problem, as you note, is getting the policy we want after we have won power.  We fail to get it for one, single reason: there are no safeguards against corruption.  Individuals sent to Washington -- or Boyer in our state legislature -- vote as they wish at any given time.  Thus, single individuals or say, a handful of individuals, are relatively easy to corrupt.  Or maybe they never believed in the platform to begin with.  Take your pick.

A party with unelected officials in a committee which instructs its delegates as to how they will vote -- or be expelled -- is what is needed.  We'll never see that in the GOP because the same powers controlling it now will never permit such a change.

The only way forward is to create that "second" party -- and soon.

Your solution is akin to walking away from a perfectly good automobile because the transmission is bad and deciding to build your own from scratch. I saw how it works when a billionaire named Ross Perot tried it against Bush in the election Bill Clinton won. Trump's victory against Hillary proves we are going the right way and the fact that the Democrats had to Cheat at record levels that are now proven shows we are on the right road we just need to do our due diligence and clean up our own states by vetting and taking back the party locally and within our states. The 2018 election here is an example of what our failure to do so has caused.  That election was stolen also but no one wanted to get involved to keep it from happening again. All we need is about a 10% increase in Constitutionally minded Precinct Committeemen/Women in the Party State Wide and we can change the State from Purple/Blue to bright Red but we need people willing to put in a few hours a month to do so if not your new party will face the same and simply act as a spoiler for the subsequent elections just like Bill and Daddy Bush's election.

Not at all.  A perfectly good automobile doesn't have a bad transmission.  It also gets you where you want to go.

Heard of the GOP getting any conservative legislation passed in Washington during the past twenty years?  The internet has taken the press' hegemony away...  What's their excuse with the majorities they have held?  There isn't one.  The power which controls the GOP isn't on the side of constitutional, founding principles-loving Americans.  It's not about winning elections.  That's only an opportunity.  Then you have to win the policy.  They steadfastly have failed.  Democrats don't fail.  Only the GOP.  After 60 years of "trying to work within the party" with ZERO success, it's perfectly clear that there's something else at work there.   I'm done.

I agree Mr Dover, The 2 party's (save a few) are a uni-party.

One of the things that anger me is that one tries to elect the most conservative Chair to our state and county GOPs and disappointment follows as the RNC get what they want. Our leaders of our state and counties need to stand up and say NO to the RNC.

Correct.  We are defeated by the party structure...a structure which is designed to keep those who run the party continually running it. 

But what if we could take the rest of the structure, the PC's and etc. and just roll it into a new structure with internal safeguards to prevent corruption and prevent people from going off the party's stated principles and campaign promises?  It's not the GOP's platform, for the most part, which is the problem.  It's the party itself.  So keep the platform, keep most of the people, but change the structure.  And by the way, isn't that what the voters did in 2016 when we threw all the GOP's picks under the bus and voted for Trump?  It's what the voters want.  Let's find a way to get it to them!   The GOP isn't that way.





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