A few days ago, an Alliance member posted an excellent article on the scandal of covid. Though I liked the article very much, it prompted to me to ask, is covid-19 a “scandal”? No. I think we have to be honest with ourselves and face the reality of what is happening. It goes far beyond mere “scandal”. Covid-19 is an ongoing attack on the people of the United States by a part of its own government. associated agencies, corporations and foreign powers. It is a civil war action as it has played here, destroying livelihoods, breaching the constitution and enabling massive election fraud.

However, it goes beyond even civil war. It has also played out in Europe, perpetrated there by the same sorts of players in their governments allied with those of ours here in the United States. What prompted it? I suspect it was our election of Donald Trump over the Establishment GOP’s picks. That was clearly a revolt, a proxy “third party” win. Following his election, as he had promised and as his voters wished, he began to dismantle the globalist, socialist construct of the previous twenty-eight years, actually putting into practice his campaign promises. The world statists saw that the US public was getting wise to them. In addition, their media was compromised, no longer enjoying the hegemony of information control. Thus, they saw the 2020 elections as their last chance to realize their aims, to make the United States “safe” for world socialism.  An election win for Biden was absolutely necessary to prevent president Trump's second term, in which he would complete the work and reveal them and their aims for what they are to Americans and the rest of the world.

Back to covid-19, it’s supposedly a “pandemic”. If that is so, why is it only the USA and the EU where there is a problem? The Peoples Republic of China? Its client state, Iran? Believe them? I don’t. They are a part of the scam. But look outside the media. Why aren’t the slums of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo being decimated by covid? How come people aren’t dying in the streets of Quito, Ecuador, Santiago, Chile or Bogota, Colombia? Where is it in Montevideo, Uruguay? Why isn’t the contagion tearing up Japan, Taiwan, or Nigeria? Why only Western, “first world” states and Australia? Why all “white”, developed nations? (What’s the Left’s main vehicle for internal division? Race.) Mumbai, India seems to be getting a pass, though millions of people living there are stacked on top of one another. The people of the USA have the best health care in the world. Yet, in some of the places mentioned here, most people have never seen a doctor, let alone have ready access to good health care facilities. Where do you find a doctor in Chad or Sudan? Why no “pandemic” in those populations? Could it be that in those nations, not primary parts of the “Great Reset,” covid is merely a mild flu or cold -- like it is here, minus the media and Leftist bureaucrat lies? So, what's it about?  I think we know by now.

What are we going to do about it?

(Author’s note: I refuse to capitalize covid though spell-checker wants me to do so. I don’t capitalize flu or measles either.)

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This is all the result of conservatives not knowing to say no. The republican party is afraid to be stigmatized by the socialist words. Look at every process that we disagree with. Did we stand together and refuse? The left operates in herds. We can't seem to put together enough for a poker game.

Addutionally, the Republican Party is not very conservative to begin with.  They didn't like Goldwater or Uncle Ronnie--and they definitely do not like President Trump.  Conservatives need a new party to represent them.

We are forced to lock down while our economy shrinks. The Chinese are not locking down and their economy has grown by 14% this year.  The CCP is laughing all the way to the bank while the US and the EU face hardships. I'm not saying that was the plan but that is how it is working out.

I think it was all planned.  From COVID-19 to the social justice warriors destroying property, etc., the country is under siege from the Deep State left, the CCP, and all these New World Order globalists--and things will get worse when Trump leaves office.

I think these numbers from the CDC says it all.


No significant statistical increase in the overall death rate from 2019 to 2020?????

Less of an increase than between 2014 and 2015???

Wow.  Thanks for providing this video.  Also, check out Michael Yeadon's video here:https://www.bitchute.com/video/cdKu2RXGAWyu/

It's also interesting re. the swamp bureaucrat Fauci, that I had earlier come upon information stating that Baric and Fauci had been working with the CDC on a Covid virus here in the USA.  The information stated that the NIH became aware of what they were doing.  Wanting to relieve the NIH of any anxiety that covid would escape into the American public, Fauci and Baric farmed the research out to the Wuhan lab.  That was the gist of the communication.

Re. The vaccine, it's very clear to me that the reason for the virus, is the "vaccine", not the other way around.  For that reason, should anyone attempt to "vaccinate" me against my will, I will regard it as an attack with a deadly weapon.

    I trust Crazy Bernie Sanders more now than I trust the established GOP.. Thanks Doug

 Truly sad times..

 BTW #ArrestKatieHobbsNow

What are we going to do about it? Read your history books. The Founders and general Washington, not sheep, are your role models. Those who ignore history are condemned to live in slavery. Those who read history and learn from it will survive.

The problem is that most Americans today are totally ignorant of history.  The lack of knowledge surrounding the Civil War is a great example.  So is the furor over the Betsy Ross 13-star flag, and the criticism of American icons such as Washington and Lincoln.  Our schools have totally dropped the ball since World War II.  I am lucky; I had a father who tought me history so well that a history teacher of mine in high school told my younger sister that I was better versed in the subject than he was

. . . !

The imposition on our freedoms and liberties continue.  Now there is a new, supposedly more contagious form of the virus.  Lockdowns and mask mandates continue with no end in sight.  Despite the vaccines, many on the left say "normalcy" will not return until after 2021.

Wearing masks does nothing.  My own family doctor has told me that.  Lockdowns have done nothing to "slow the spread."  In many areas, just the opposite is the case.

And yet the American people seem perfectly willing to continue with these state-mandated restrictions.  Why?  Why do we continue to endure this for a disease with a survival rate of 99.4%?  94.7% for at-risk portions of the population?  And many of these deaths occured in nursing homes where people were piled in right on top of each other.

I wonder when our citizenry will unite and say enough is enough.  It is hard to believe we are the same nation that won two World Wars and put a man on the moon.

There must be a challenge to peaceable assembly.  It's a first amendment guarantee.  We cannot go along with nor permit it to be restricted by anyone in government.





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