Who in their right mind goes to movies these days?  To watch liberal propaganda in every film to brain wash all who watch!


Almost everything today on TV and at the movies is terrible, just like everything our institutions produce. Moreover, most of the people in Hollywood hate us, again just like institutions. Are you sensing a theme? They are awful and they despise us, so we need to respond in kind. Lets destroy Hollywood. In fact, let’s destroy all the institutions. And then lets build something that doesn’t suck on the ashes.

In the case of Hollywood, we need to begin from the basic and indisputable fact that there has never been more content, and simultaneously, the quality of the content has never been lower. It’s discouraging, but we can’t just abandon culture. We must adhere to the admonition of Andrew Breitbart, who famously observed that politics is downstream from culture. We need to be in the culture, and we have never been more out of the culture. 

Wokeness has invaded Hollywood, which used to be a refreshingly amoral place where people cash-signaled instead of virtue-signaled. Posing is now currency. That’s bad, because when everybody was focused on money, at least we could buy them off. You could make something conservative because people would pay for it. But you can’t buy off people who are only interested in getting PC props from their fellow drones.

As a result, today’s films and shows are dreary exercises in boring conformity that push a message of submission to the dominant paradigm. It’s all CRT strawmen villains and a diverse spectrum of tiresome protagonists who look different but are entirely the same. 

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Destroy the dems and their communist agenda and you destroy HollyWood..

or as I call it,  HollyWEIRD

The author makes several great points.  First, it's a culture war.  We need to be involved culturally.  Second, politics is downstream from culture.  We need to be winning cultural battles in order to win more political ones.  Third, the left's philosophy has invaded EVERYTHING.  You can't watch a show, open a newspaper, or even see a commercial anymore that doesn't attempt to push an agenda.  For example, while viewing my e-mail an ad for John Deere tractors comes up with a woman driving the tractor.  There's nothing wrong with that, but the reality is that tractors are driven in over 90% of cases by men.  It's an obvious attempt to appear woke.  Fourth, conservative-minded arts of all sorts mostly don't exist, so we need to foster them.  Don't cede territory to left-wingers!  Fifth, stop supporting them!  Unplug, people!  I got rid of Facebook the day after Facebook got rid of Trump.  I can't tell you how many "conservatives" I hear express anger at twitter, facebook, youtube, whatever, then go and say "but I can't get rid of it my kids are on there" or whatever.  Stop it, people. Unplug.  Drop out.  Turn off.  Cease subscriptions.  Don't watch their garbage.  Get outside.  Pray.  Hike.  Sing.  Learn piano and another language.  Stop supporting leftism anywhere and everywhere it exists.  It's a culture war and you are supporting the enemy otherwise.  The time is now.  

Thank you, Neal, for your level-headed response.  We have been beating the drum at conservatives who will not give up the very things that they are funding to destroy America and conservatism.  And they still call themselves conservatives.... a meaningless word now.  AFA shut down FB and Twitter at the very time you did and we are doing just fine.  We will not watch a youtube and we get a lot of those.  Use Rumble or other video not connected to the left.  Trump has a new social media platform.  Get on that if you must communicate with others you don't even know.  Until our side gets the message that they WILL make a difference on the bottom line of FB, Twitter and Instagram when they abandon them, they will keep destroying America!

To Jeff: abandon the Olympics, sports of all types that mirror the communist left.  Most of the athletes in these sports are unaware the damage they are doing to play sports under the communist banner.  Let the ads feature minorities.  They will pay the price when the "un-woke" take their leave from those products.  It's tough pootuties and we better exercise it if we are to survive.  You cannot continue to "feed the beast" and survive.  Make a decision for America.

I'm with you!

I can't remember when was the last time I went to a Hollywood movie.  It's been years.  I have gone to an occasional Christian movie a couple times.  I don't feed the Beast.  Neither on Netflix.  How about you?

It's everywhere: in sports and in ads on television.  Notice that more than half the ads feature black people or racial whatevers, apparently an attempt to make us believe that these races are a majority when they are actually less than 15% of our population.  "Foreign" is "good" by their definition and also "better" .  People talk of "black pride" or "gay pride" and so on.  They act as if these accidents of birth were some sort of achievement!

The USA is not about race, nor are we "white supremacist" (so-called because most of us are caucasian) racists.  For the most part, we don't care about race other than the leftists who seem to feel the need to pander to race.  We only care about behavior: are you minding your own business, living as a good citizen, or are you a criminal?  Our constitution doesn't recognize race.

All this about race is a concerted attempt at division, in order to create chaos.  Out of the chaos, those leading the charge hope to reform our nation into a totalitarian nightmare with themselves in charge and, of course, not subject to the necessary horrors of their rule.  It's all been seen before.  These people are no different.

But who is in our corner?  We rely on Republicans.  In state legislatures we have some success.  However the people who get sent to Washington, where legislation could be passed to stop all this nonsense,  fail.  Not once, not twice, but at every common sense juncture, most recently 1/6/2021.   The party is run such that people like McCain, Collins and others can vote against our agenda with the Left, blocking the policies we so need...yet remain in good standing in the party.  So given that, ask yourself, what does the party stand for?  How can it ever be effective for us?   So what do you want to do, as a citizen?  Keep hoping that the people running the party will somehow change?  "Hope' is not a strategy...  Serious change is required within the party which purportedly represents us.  That change must be in structure, rules and leadership.  There's no other way.





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