One thing we all agree on is that the left is out of control, drunk with perceived power, even. Thousands of the usual leftist people showed up on the Capitol lawn to protest SB1062. Click here to read the one page bill. That was a pretty minor bill, an amendment to a previous bill, in its language. All it was designed to do was assure religious freedom for business owners.  Religious freedom is defined as deciding for yourself where you stand on religion and having the freedom to act on that for yourself.  Remember, this country was founded because people yearned for that freedom, were willing to risk their lives to attain that freedom and then fought a war against the British Monarchy for it.

Can you imagine the government getting in partnership with your business, telling you how to run that business?  Sure, as a matter of fact, we live it every day.  It's a major problem and keeps businesses from starting up and closes down businesses through too much regulation.

In the matter of SB1062, such a bill would not have been conceived except for the fact that government has already forced business owners in other states to make decisions the government thinks they should make.  It would be like forcing an atheist to go to church every Sunday.  That is religious persecution.

This is an issue that must be thoroughly thought through.  The easy route is to start to bash every candidate who didn't line up behind this bill.  In life and in politics, we must pick our battles.  Does it make sense to pick a battle that won't succeed?  Especially considering we don't, in Arizona, have any law preventing business owners from deciding who their businesses will serve!  The media, as usual, immediately framed the bill as anti-gay when there is nothing in the language to identify any specific group.  It could be anti-Jew, anti-black, anti-white, anti-rappers or anti-government. Or anti-media! But that would not have raised the ire of the left like calling it anti-gay!  The point is that you, as a business owner, should be able to make the decision for yourself.  And you can, legally, already. Some business owners refuse service to those not wearing shoes or shirts.  Or smokers.  Where was the outcry there?  Could the government force you to serve terrorists?  Or drug runners?

The question remains whether Gov. Brewer made the right move when she vetoed this bill.  To know that, it's a question that requires some analysis, devoid of the knee jerk reactions we the people often engage in.  Politics is not about emotion, it's about strategy.  Going off the rails is futile.  

Along this line, only Al Melvin, so far as we have been able to discern, actually came out with strong language in support of signing the bill.

Gubernatorial candidates Thomas, Riggins, DuVal demurred on the bill, putting out statements that said practically nothing when voters deserve a strong statement one way or the other.  Just tell us where you stand and why!

Doug Ducey pretty much sidestepped the issue, too.  Here is his statement from his press release:

"Doug Ducey, candidate for Arizona governor, today released the following statement regarding Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of SB 1062:

“Now that Gov. Brewer has deliberated and made her decision on SB 1062, it’s time to refocus on the issues that I’m hearing most about from voters around the state — how to get back to a full-strength economy and create jobs.”

Secretary of State Bennett and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith said Friday they don't support it. Bennett called it unnecessary and divisive and Smith said it has the potential to negatively affect basic rights, including freedom of religion.  Huh??

Democrat Fred DuVal said "it is wrong for Arizona."

Christine Jones sent this directly to us in response to our request for comment (the only candidate to directly respond):  

"Religious freedom is a bedrock principle of our fundamental rights in this country. I agree wholeheartedly that protecting that right must be a significant priority - and it will be when I’m Governor. Sadly, SB1062 was not the way to do so and I therefore agree with Governor Brewer’s veto of it yesterday.
"While SB1062 failed to accomplish its simple goal of protecting the rights of business owners, I firmly believe this is a real issue and it requires real leadership to fix. With the appropriate roll out, proper language, and buy-in from all involved, we can arrive at a solution that will guarantee no citizen can be compelled to violate their deeply held religious beliefs, or their conscience." 
Arizona will be best served by thoughtful lawmakers.  There are many routes to most solutions.  We are in favor of having lawmakers who use the correct strategy to get there.  If we travel a route through the muck created by media and leftists who care only about boxing in Republicans and those same Republicans fall for it, immeasurable harm can be done.
If the goal is success and we really want to get there by the best route, we as conservatives would do well to be a little smarter about choosing the route we take, choosing our battles like a well trained General, doing the last thing Democrats expect and win the day.
As much as we at AFA agree with the intent of SB1062 and why lawmakers wanted to protect everyone on religious grounds, we agree with actually succeeding in getting it done by the right method even more.  Good policy starts with good bills.
In the meantime, go ahead and run your businesses and make the decisions that are best for you and this issue will live to see a better day.



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So what exactly was wrong with the bill?  What should have been the verbiage and how do the Gubernatorial candidates propose to  make the change that will be palatable to all including the loud leftists?? No one has offered up ONE WORD to suggest a better line or statement.

They all stuck their head in the sand on this one--- sorry NO POINTS except for Al Melvin who then made the mistake of not being VERY clear about the facts and what he  thought before he took on Anderson Cooper. He wasn't prepared--no points. 

This was the time for ONE of them to have come out strong on either side and took a stand then stood by their conviction.  All wishy washy responses.  I am a Christine Jones fan, maybe, but her carefully crafted statement says NOTHING.  What was wrong with the bill???  WHY was it a failure???  WHAT word would she change to make if work?? Not going to say because they all still don't get what happened.

This was the entire state of AZ getting played with Alinsky tactics (Rulers for Radicals, page 129, TACTIC 10)  and it was too far down the road before they figured it out and had no come back that wasn't going to add fuel to the fire.  Legislators knew when they passed it the Gov would veto...... really??  what was the clue???  If it was going to fail why put it out there???  If you are going to do that shouldn't you have a strategy to USE that and get out ahead of it??? 

I Hope everyone was paying attention to what happened because there was NO RESPONSE from the right and NO RESPONSE from the TEA Party/Liberty groups/ churches......  there is a lesson here and I hope that it is obvious to all because we were just PLAYED like fools!

Oh, and BTW, AZ was not the only State!!  14 other states have a similar bill...... the left was all over them too.....  and the right was where??????

I disagree with you on your assessment on Christine Jones.  She actually does get it but she also gets strategy.  Why would she tip her hand to the other side at this point?  I thought her statement was pretty clear but it's the wrong time, the bill is dead, the legislature just wants to finish up and start campaigning.  Timing is everything.  Look for something on this when she is governor... and I hope for the sake of Arizona, she prevails.

As was said in the main message, we have to be more strategic and smarter if we are going to win.

Then, why pick a fight on this small issue while so much is going on. We need to concentrating on changing the Big Picture. voting, term limits, Senators via state congress, etc. The 1062s can't pass while we don't have basic climate of the people in a conservative mode. We have a lot of educating to do. thanks

And intent is an empty word these days. The left always has good intentions, or so they claim. .

Looks like we have to start by educating our legislators not to create this kind of atmosphere on something they knew wasn't going to pass.  Why give the left fodder to use through the whole election season because that is what they just did.

Was this an ALEC bill? If it was then they need to re-assess ALEC suggestions as well because this was a BOMB!!

To bad this bill was ''torpedoed"  we did not see the left coming.  So only if one of our businesses here in Az. is sued, then our governor will take action, OH, that depends if the "Super bowl"  is scheduled.

Such short range thinking,

This was a futile battle because it is the wrong time for it.  I've heard the word gaystopo and that just tattoos every gay person and creates more hate, something that is in abundance already.  This bill was never about gays.  It was about freedom.  We all should have the freedom not to be harassed by anyone.  We conservatives fall into the hands of the left every time because we get all defensive and make arguments against what they call us.  That is what happened with this little bill that covered a lot of territory.  I don't want to have to serve attorneys, the media, far lefties, parents who won't control their kids or demanding people who think they alone exist.  None of those groups would catch the attention of the media except maybe the media itself.  The conservative side would do better to formulate a proactive response knowing full well what will happen anytime we try to protect some people from others. Our legislature didn't even prepare a message on this.  They dumped the bill out there and crossed their fingers. Foolish.  Proves to me we are in a society gone wild and legislating proper behavior will never work.  Remember that the radicals of every stripe have perfected their message, are ginning up resentment and are really the hateful class.  If a radical jihadist is bad, so is a radical in any other group.  We need to find a better way to counter their argument.  Even stupid Fox News mis-reported this as a gay bill.  The core problem is not this bill it is the radicals among us.

Fox News did not miss report anything. THEY are the "Jerry Lewis" of the mass media. Could be that the people doing this bill are suspect too.

Otherwise, Thanks for this great comment.

This was a great discussion between Shane Krauser and Trevor London. Shane is the radio host. And Trevor is an Australian visiting here with concerns about the United States retrieving it's freedoms and liberty.
This discussion involves picking the right players for the GOP to win in 2014. They agree it should be a grassroots effort, no more establishment GOP. They are thinking one good conservative candidate without baggage running on a platform of having the right people around them to dismantle the government. By dismantle the government, they are talking about ending the Energy Department, and many more of the alphabet departments.

Please leave comments at this website.

Thanks.  Trevor Loudon is an outstanding thinker.  But he lives in New Zealand just to be clear.





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