God Is Pure Energy

The People hearts and minds are vibrating throughout our bodies because God Is Communicating with our Souls and revealing(seeing) Satan Subtle Works against Humanity; Amen,

Therefore, I speak in behalf of many Movements and Parties For Truth and Justice that are rising-up throughout the United States concerning God and The People Common Law that is the Law of Nature. In which, our past and current government bodies are lacking and not focusing on the People Liberty, Rights and Freedoms in the Letters and Spirit of the Founding Fathers intentions to live under the Words(Bible)of The Holy and Almighty God; Amen.

Now, We are facing a time to elect a new Leader for America and the People. To insure and entrust that The Words and Intentions of all parts of God Laws in The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights and its Amendments that are of/by/for The People and NOT FOR THE PARTIES AGENDAS. To defend and secure the Sovereignty of America under God Law that provides Save Guards against Tyranny, Oppression and Dictatorship from inside government, private sectors and/or any foreign assembly of bodies that are not for The People Unalienable and Natural Rights under God Law.

However, We find other Man Made Acts that has appear to been passed by our bodies of representatives in government and in the courts that have violated our SAVE GUARDS against Evil Acts that We the People disapprove. Thus, the intolerance of Evil Acts passed by the past and present government Officials shall not withstand in any Christian Society that lives by the Common Law.

Therefore, The Truth and Justice Movements and Parties wants back The People America. Our, government representatives have been brainwashed and tricked into passing Evil Acts by the Cabal Elites and Secret Society of the Wealthy and Power Freaks that wants to control the world. Under, their subterfuge, schemes and activities for a New World Order, fronted by CFR and The United Nations, Agenda 21.

Since, America 911 Attacks, the True Evil Acts of Terrorism raised its head in America against its own People from the Bush Administration. The Bush's Skull & Bones 322 Occult Secret Society of Devil Worshipers and the 911 Perpetrators and Traitors with Dual Citizen-Ships to Israel and United States in TOP Level positions in the Government Cabinet Offices of officials/officers that, knew and had beforehand knowledge(Able Danger) in 911 Attacks that allow it to happen against the Working Class People of America.

Furthermore, We the People do not believe the Cover-Up of the Official Conspiracy Theory and/or The 9/11 Commission Report in its entirety any longer. We the People demand a New Independent Hearings and Committee Hearings from our government representatives in the Act of Treason and Conspiracy in 911 Attacks(False Flag) Operation. We demand that all Acts be Appealed by Official's in the Former Pres. George W. Bush Terms in Office; violated the People Common Laws.

Wherein, No one is above Evil and Sins in the sight of God and No Reign of Power is greater than The Love of God. Evil in any form and action must and will be exposed and judged by its People under all God Law.

I know that there are many social issues that WE(Groups) take-on daily that effects America Interest and the People concerns for fair treatments and help in personal difficulties that protect their Rights. Also, to protect United State Land Reserve, Environmental, Industrial, Educational and Health issues. However, We have to resolve the past Capital Crimes and Corruptions committed by our Official's rogue practices and actions against its People and our Country Establishment.

Wherefore, We must come together in one accord by all Parties for seeking 911 Truth and Justice for the Free World and in His Word that Created the World.

IN CONCLUSION, I know not all People can understand or, will deny the UNTHINKABLE ACT given the TRUTH AND FACTS for THE 911 ATTACKS. But, to those People(Congress and Senate) in positions and authority that can do the right thing and invoke this Gift from God. We must use our blessings(Energy) to fight the Evil on Earth. Thus, our hearts shell be heavy for not stepping forward to expose and judge THE EVIL ACTS: TREASON, CONSPIRACY, CAPITAL CRIMES AND CORRUPTION by Official's actions.


Mr. John W. Stanis, AFA Member, Tea Party Member and 911 Justice Campaign Member

Advocacy : 911 Missing Flt Passengers and Flt. Crews, A&E911 Truth Movement

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My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson


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