For the past year or more, America has been subjected to behavior that was never seen to go unchallenged in America before.  Remember when BO was in charge and for over the last term, we were subjected to mass "killings" that subsequently were proven wrong? Proof usually came by ordinary citizens doing their own investigations, took videos that belied the "facts" being put out.  Much like the so called insurrection on January 6 that, now, has seen endless reports about planned activities by, huh, some House leadership!

We don't doubt that real mass killings happened under BO but we also often saw crisis actors on scene with different hair styles and makeup.  We reported on that extensively during that time.

This is when we first really understood the boiling frog syndrome when we the people are the frogs.

Over the past decades, bad behavior has become accepted by the media, leftists, establishment republicans, local authorities and the courts.  Some justice, so to speak, has come to light in a rebuke of Biden by Catholic hierarchy.   This happened in September but you didn't read anything about that.  A band of Bishops and Priests are calling Biden on the carpet for his impetuous decision to OK abortions across America.  Sad, since Biden claims to be a faithful catholic!

We have three branches of government for a good reason: checks and balances. The Legislative branch is to make and/or repeal laws; Executive is to carry out the laws and Judicial tries to interpret what the Legislative branch had in mind from a Constitutional perspective when they created the law.  That is all out the window now when we see the courts refuse legal requests, via lawsuits, to even read the documents, much less decide without bias whether the suit has merit.  No suit brought by a Constitutional lawyer has merit today and evidence is never enough to bother reading.

How disappointed were 75mil voters when they were brushed aside like so much wreckage when their reasonable complaints were brought to courts from Arizona to Michigan, Pennsylvania to Georgia and other states.  Even more disappointed when the highest court in our system, the Supreme Court, also brushed aside any look at these requests.  Much fodder filled the rumor mill over that incident regarding the Chief Justice, a wholly own subsidiary of the left.

Now, SCOTUS has had an epiphany, a true awakening about what law is about and has decided they will hear six of the suits on February 19 during a Conference.  Or, the SCOTUS is just using subterfuge to trick honest voters into thinking they will get relief from the hundreds of turnip trucks full of evidence that is irrefutable to those who will put bias aside.  

In a similar situation right here in Arizona, the Republican Judicial Committee in the Senate has decided they will press to get a real, honest audit of what happened in the time running up to and including several days after the November 3rd election.  The feckless Board of Supervisors responded by filing another lawsuit to have that decision overturned.  Maybe the BOS should appoint someone to read the statute to them that gives the Legislature authority to appoint electors, which did not happen. It didn't happen for several reasons, the most important is that the legislature did not take on that responsibility but instead initially turned that over to the AZGOP.  The AZGOP appointed friends of the party rather than qualified electors but in fact, the Chairman should have rebuffed the authority given them so casually.  Plenty finger pointing going around on this!

This is like an alcoholic who won't stop drinking until he/she hits bottom and has their own epiphany.  Maybe it will take extreme outcomes before government gets a grip on their mission - to represent we the people!  Art IV, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

We miss the days when integrity actually meant something and you didn't have to go to court to get it!  It's time to get back to we-the-people-government and it's up to us to get it restored.  Elected politicians will not do it because there are not enough of those who really care about representative government.


If you want to sign petitions to recall the Board of Supervisors - and Steve Chucri has now been added to the list - go HERE.  Remember, you must live in Maricopa County and you must sign every petition of the Supervisor you want to recall.  This recall should be successful if voters will stop turning a blind eye to secretive public officials.  This will be a good start but hopefully, not the last penalties meted out to bad actors in government.

FOOTNOTE: We believe now that nothing is going to happen to bring Trump back to the WH.  We are stuck with the commie pretenders to the WH.  Prepare!

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Very good. Vote for integrity, not low life liers!
Don't be too sure Trump won't be back.

It will be up to the states to push back on Biden's exc. orders.  So far Florida, Texas, and North Dakota are leading the fight.  Too bad Arizona lost the fight.

Roberts is through.  It's just a matter of time.  I won't even call him a Supreme Court Justice.

He is through when he decides he is done....  not us!





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