Guns and immigration don't necessarily go together but both are leading the headlines today. Hopefully, it won't take guns to solve the invasion problem. Nancy Pelosi, who at this writing, is in trouble in the House, may not be the Speaker after all, wants to hold off on impeaching our President and also wants full speed ahead in confiscating guns in America. Let that word – confiscate – sink in. I seem to remember somewhere else in the world that word was not just used, but put into action.

How she proposes to do that is clearly still a mystery even to her. I wonder if she has ever noticed that it's the bad guys who kill the innocent, unarmed people just living their lives. If I remember correctly, about a year ago when a gunman entered a church in a small Texas town and created the killing fields, it was a man passing by, former military, armed, who stopped the killing. How many more churchgoers in that small town would have lost their lives that day if Pelosi had her way and this hero could only watch?

There is a reason the 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution. It wasn't to hunt, it wasn't to make it easier to commit crimes with guns, it wasn't to have something to fight for 240 years later. It was so individuals can protect themselves from others, including government.

Maybe we would all be safer if those out for an evening of fun were armed. If those at concerts were carrying. If those in small businesses, entertainment venues and houses of worship not only had a firearm under their robes or coat, but encouraged everyone in the joint to be armed as well, things would be different. These people would refuse to be victims. Today, the bad guys are not content to rob and pillage. They want to see blood because that is where we are in America. Anything goes. No limits. Let fury rule.

It would be nice if we could pin this on the democrats, but I see Republicans are not much better on this issue. If they cared about the 2nd Amendment, they would have come up with protections against the Pelosis of the world. They are mute, just as the democrats have lost their voice about MS-13 gang killings and these mass murders. Democrats have made guns the enemy, not the savior they often are. I see people embarrassed to admit they are pro-gun.

I see the same only worse on the issue of immigration. Guns do come into this due to the massive number of illegals committing crimes against innocent citizens who might have a fighting chance if they were encouraged to carry right after they got trained in firearm fighting.  Look at statistics. But don't look at those compiled by liberal progressives. To them, there is no increase in crime since we (Obama) started letting foreigners into America. They should subscribe to the Chicago Tribune. I think Obama knew exactly who they were and what they were capable of doing. It appears that illegals from specific geographic areas tribe up, form gangs, use guns to commit mayhem and legal Americans are usually the victims. Link

The democrats are determined to confiscate your legally owned gun but encourage illegal invaders who throw rocks at border patrol agents, scheme to get into America through the back door, over the wall or through a tunnel to commit crimes with guns & drugs when they get here.

I stand awestruck that anyone in America would vote for a democrat. Yet, I have just seen the results of the education system for the past forty years: a population under 50 who has no relationship with American history, how we became a country in the first place or where God fits into it all. Invaders are the new “Americans” to democrats, but actual Americans are unwelcome in America.

Imagine that.

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We the people must take it back, MAGA

Yes just imagine that! 

Support our Presidents efforts at the border.



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