For Christians around the world, this is a Holy day, Maundy Thursday.  This is the day Jesus was crucified, dead and buried.  Christian churches still observe this Holy week of events during the time Jesus walked the earth.

Churches drape their sanctuaries with black cloth symbolizing the coming Crucifiction.  Lights are dimmed and the feeling is dreary and anxious.  It is a sad and mournful time for Christians.  Even in churches that have left traditional Christian mores and tenets, they still observe some version of this day.

The Conservative Treehouse wrote this about Maundy Thursday:

At the end of the liturgy on Holy Thursday evening, in every Catholic Church around the world, the Blessed Sacrament is removed to the altar of repose, the altar is stripped, the church is bare, empty. Tomb-like. It is a striking and heartbreaking tradition, and I make sure to attend each year, to allow my heart to break, my tears to fall, my spirit to be clouded in gloom and dread, preparing for Good Friday, and Christ’s passion.

My purpose in sharing this video is to encourage those of you who let Easter sneak up on you, without much thought beforehand, to find your own ways to open your heart and experience the pain of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Perhaps dedicate an hour to prayer and scripture. Go to a church and wait with Jesus during the hours of 12 to 3. Give alms. Go to a Good Friday service. Fast. Cut off the phones, televisions, computers.

Observing these two solemn days of the Christian calendar will make your Easter more meaningful, and enrich your faith.

It is said around the world that we are in grave danger because religion has been removed from the public square, from schools and government offices, from our hearts.  Whether you are Christian or Jew, you understand that all good and evil comes from having God to worship.  Without that, there is no such thing as good or evil.  There is just time.  Think about that for a moment.  Connect the dots to world and national events of the past 100 years.  Further back than that if you want to go back to the history books.

Wishing each of you a Happy Easter, for in the end, it has worked out as forgiveness of our sins here on earth.

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What an appropriate reminder. With the condition of the world today, we all need to get our house in order and remember that God has called us to a higher standard.


Thank you for this message. We get busy, hear too much negative "news" and forget that Easter is not just another Sunday golf day, not just another holiday but it sets the tone for Christians everywhere to stop, to remember that God is in control and he sent his Son here for a reason.  Blessings to all who believe.





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