Preface: The following is written in the context of my belief that our Deep State and permanent ruling class in Washington, along with financial elites, major multi-national business concerns and the media which they own, are driving forward the Great Reset/New World Order.

Their counterparts in the EU are also in league with them.  The great sin of both Trump and Putin – and most Americans – is that they/we oppose the Reset, a one-world socialist setup under an authoritarian government.  That opposition makes us all their targets.  They got rid of Trump.  They’re working on Putin and regime change in Russia.

Probably as many of us do, I spend a fair amount of time each day reading “news” on internet websites.  Some of them are the Newsmax, Breitbart and Epoch Times websites.  Others are Gateway Pundit, Zerohedge and rarely, Fox News.  On each, I frequent the comment pages on articles which I believe to contain important – or false information in one way or another.

When I encounter false or disinformation, I counter it in the comments with what is correct.  Often times it is merely a choice of words which is the source, though usually it is the overall analysis which arrives at what I believe to be, a predetermined falsehood or half-truth.

In countering such deceptions with a comment exposing them, if the lie is important enough, a troll will usually emerge.  You’ve likely seen them yourselves.  They have two absolutely diagnostic hallmarks. 

Their salient characteristics are 1) they always smear the author of the truth.  They will call him “stupid”, “brain dead”, “Trumper”, “Nazi”, “Commie” or other meaningless derogatory nonsense directed at the person, not the argument.  2) They never respond to the comment itself or otherwise engage the discussion, countering what was posted with facts or arguments of their own.  That’s because they would be seen as doubling down on the lie, which has just been exposed.  More often than not, they are also the first to respond, as if they were triggered by an algorithm set to immediately detect people like me who counter their lies.  Sometimes they’ll respond by calling you a “troll” – but characteristically, they won’t respond to your comment.  When that happens, I always call them out to comment on what I posted.  They never join that discussion, at which point I write for any readers that they have diagnosed themselves as the troll.

So what’s their purpose?  The aim of the troll is to create what is the main ingredient of all totalitarian government control: fear.  They want the person reading the comment to be fearful that, should he or she repeat the opinion, they too would be called “stupid”, “Nazi”, “Commie” or “Trumper”.  They want to create a fear of ridicule, to in effect, shut you up and prevent a repetition of unmasking the lie.  It’s another form of attempted censorship.

Trolls can also be quite subtle and lead people into a lie.  Today, for instance, I read an article about a supposed “poll” which allegedly showed that Biden’s approval rate among Jews had dropped to a mere 63%.

The very first comment stated that 63% of Jews favoring Biden was no different from when the Jews elected to save Barabbas and not Jesus.  There were three “thumbs up” on that comment.

I am certain that the object of most so-called “polls” which are reported in the media is disinformation.  This one however, struck me as being different.  Perhaps like me, you have also ceased to believe too much in coincidence where media and anything remotely political are involved.  In wondering who had paid for such a poll and why they would have paid for it, then releasing it to, in this case, NewsMax, I wondered if the real intent of it was to create dissension between born-again Christians and Jews, given that this is the week of both Passover and Easter.

Creating internal division along racial lines in the US has been a goal of the Establishment for some time now.  Was this “poll” another manifestation of that effort?  Just coincidence?  I suspect that Newsmax is linked with the CIA to some extent.  Was this another of their fronts in aid of the Establishment?

My point is to assist in people’s recognition of trolls and to not be afraid to call them out for what they are.  Also that one has to be very careful about what is printed and even more so about anything read to them by a pretty or handsome face, a professional actor on a televised news program.  Those “personalities” want you to believe that you “know” them – which of course, you do not and most likely, never will.  What you “know” is an attractive or at least apparently harmless electronic image, not a person.  I think one of them might even be running for governor this year…




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This is right on target!

There is another aspect of leftwing trolling, whether it's done consciously or not: they try to lower the level of the discussion, so that our arguments get drowned in verbal filth.

If you take a look at, for example, '' or '' you will find plenty of patriots/conservatives -- mostly young, I suspect -- dueling with leftists. But most of the exchanges are just flinging vulgar epithets back and forth, a pointless waste of time.

It's clear that we have many supporters whose instincts are absolutely sound -- and, let's be honest, it doesn't take an Edmund Burke to realize that teaching how horrible America is to our children, while bringing in drag queens to read stories to them,  is aimed at the destruction of the country. 

But ... we need to train/educate our supporters, especially our young supporters, in how to argue and debate. And above all, we need to organize them into groups which can take action at all levels -- from getting out the patriotic vote, to holding rallies which can be defended from the violent Left, to doing patriotic-based community work. (And here, we can learn from the Left ... playing Patton to their Rommel.)

Good instincts are not enough. You need a world-view, grounded in history, reinforced with hard facts, and above all organized into a serious, sober, hard-headed organization. Without this, we risk falling into things like the 6 January trap, which was a huge gift to the Left.

If we cannot transmit this to the younger generations, there is the real danger that some -- even many -- of them will fall into the trap of the fascist/white supremacist groups, who DO have a world-view, and present themselves as a militant organized alternative to the tepid Republican business-as-usual Right.  At the moment, these groups are miniscule ... but if there is a leadership vacuum, they will try to fill it.

We need the maximum of discussion among ourselves about strategy and tactics.  We have many, many top-quality thinkers.  I subscribe to half a dozen excellent conservative publications -- First Things,  New Criterion, Claremont Review of Books ...  but the impression I'm left with, after reading the latest isssues, is of that old cliche, re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The ship is listing further and further ... the dinner plates are beginning to slide across the tables. Time to organize and act.

What a great comment, Doug. describes a form under which to organize.  We have no one in our corner.  It isn't enough that one or two Republicans "believe" this or that.  What matters is what they all believe and how they act in unison in congress and/or the White House.  With thirty years of hindsight, it's plain that our opposition is using the present setup to work within the GOP and defeat us.

As Bruce Lee once advocated in flying against the rigid orthodoxies of the various martial arts, "be like water" -- that is, adapt to the shape of your container, adapt to the character of the fight. 

That's what conservatives, most Americans, must do if we are to win.  Bland statements of "I want to save America" and then following the old familiar format will not get it done.

The media would always isolate Trump -- as they now isolate Putin.  It was always "Trump" this or "Trump" that -- as if Trump alone ran the USA.  Of course like so much of their other disinformation, it too was untrue.  However they know that to take down an opponent, first isolate him.  Well, let's do that to the Establishment.  Take them out of our fight, because it's for certain that we've been infiltrated.   Sitting around with analysis paralysis, bitching and moaning then going out and doing the same things over again and "hoping"  will achieve absolutely nothing.  We know very well that "hope" is not a strategy.  We must organize and act.  And soon.  But we have to get it right the first time as time is short.





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