Big Tech runs everything today, influences everything even when we don't notice.  They are excellent in subterfuge and hidden agendas honest people can't imagine.  It stops only when our side gets immersed in the game.  Who is that, exactly?  Whoever it is, if it is, it's being hidden, too.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that if America remains on her current trajectory, she will be unrecognizable in another generation. Lady Liberty will be replaced by a snarling leftist with a blue crew-cut. 

We’ve arrived at a tipping point where the foundational beliefs that made our way of life possible are under relentless siege by a radical, Marxist ideology that holds our values, traditions and culture in utter contempt. Today, the institutions of family, church, education, free enterprise, and self-government are mere remnants of their former glory. The Left’s long march through our institutions is nearing its dystopian destination, which we are treated to on these pages daily.

The acceleration of these trends are the result of the Left’s consolidation over our news and entertainment media, combined with the censorship of dissenting voices on social media. Big Tech is wholly owned by the Left and they’re using that power -- unprecedented in human history -- to muzzle any effective opposition.

The sad part is that Big Tech’s control over the free flow information is almost entirely illusory and based wholly on our submission to it. Much in the same manner that consumers become zealously brand-conscious, we have come to accept that Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have some innate value that makes them indispensable. We forget that Big Tech’s dominance has come about in just one generation and we can track a direct trajectory between the rise of Big Tech and the radical Left’s ascendancy. 

To have any chance of reversing this ruinous tide, traditional Americans must awake from their stupor and stop feeding the beast that’s devouring them. [Emphasis added. How many of you still support FB, Twitter, Instagram?  Feeding the beast doesn't starve the beast.] Thankfully, that’s much more easily done than say, defeating the British Empire, a bloody civil war to end slavery, or storming the beaches at Normandy. All it takes is a few afternoons at your desk to break the Big Tech habit and transition to emerging Alt-Tech options. But if we’re unwilling to do even that, we’ll prove unworthy of our legacy of freedom and prosperity and will get exactly what we deserve.

Continue reading only if you really want to turn the tech tide.... And KUDOS to you who get it already!

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I have been forced to live off a tiny i/o pipe to do work.  I don't call that usable.

I get it.  I really do.  Many of us will drop the Big Tech's but we need options.  I will, certainly.  Without the options, this article just becomes one more whiner with no solutions.  In my (not so) humble opinion.

Call me crazy but the easiest and first thing toward getting rid of tech is for people to get off social media: twitter, fb, instagram, etc.  If they lose half their members it will hurt.  I know it's a small thing but that's how this great country got its start - a handful of pilgrims determined to succeed and turned their backs on the tyrants.  Every innovation I can think of started small and one thing led to another.  They thought Henry Ford was a fool!

And we have GAB that is really conservative and a few others struggling to get a toehold.  We have to start somewhere but most conservatives would rather take their chances with the commies than give up the big tech social media.  Jack is right- we now can't do without our cell phones but sooner or later, they will fade away for something else and maybe a patriot will find the answer.  

I agree with you, but look at the realistic side...  Don't know your age group but...  I've had people less than twenty or so years younger than me be appalled that I could leave the home without my cell. Same group of people that leave their kids in the car...

They have been raised on electronics and that is their world, or drug.  It's not a phone anymore, it's replaces your PC (which it is anyway) and now they don't phone they go to FB, instant messenger.  They don't know any social skills anymore, it's all virtual.  We used to get on the phone and talk sex, at least we thought it was bad.  Kids today get on face time, ticktock or whatever and have virtual sex watching each other masturbate.  This is the reality of high speed communications and simple low cost computers/communications.

Even if you could get the conservatives to boycott these services, I think it's dreaming to think those, who are clueless anyway, to drop they way they live and change the world to something they have no idea about.  Today and this is their 'norm.'

Who's going to operate the 'Internet' without places like Google?  What kind of crap search engines will be around? The ISPs are really the controllers as far as the Internet itself is concerned.  There's only a half dozen of them and they can inflict great damage to any Internet communications on their networks, if they choose.  They already censor massive amounts of sites/data.  We will be in their sights next.

I am not arguing that you are incorrect about the money.  However I don't think this tact will do much.  Remember 'Ma Bell' dominated the telephone industry from the late 1870s to 1987.  Took the government to split them up... Now AT&T, was ma bell,  is doing it again with media services.

As much as I hate the government involvement, that's what it took to break up ma bell. Ma bell is nothing compared to Google or any of the other tech groups.

I'm driving at maybe a multi pronged approach where not every one does one thing.  I wish I knew the answer myself.  Even though I try and be careful, I can't dump this stuff, it has been a key part of my life, like walking away from my firearms. :(





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