I'm tired of this crap!

Yes, crap. There, I said it. Cloward and Piven, may they rest in the bowels of hell, came up with the concept we are all living with today. That concept is to overwhelm us. I'm overwhelmed. Not by life. No, life is just normal still, except for the crap dished out on a daily basis by the democraps and the media and that includes half of Fox News. That's their point.

Cloward and Piven, oft mentioned on this website, set out to destroy America and in the process, you and me. What they proposed would not affect the democraps because they have purchased a contract with Satan. Satan seems to be in charge today. The problem is that too many people today either buy into the socialist BS or they have turned their backs on our heritage of Judeo-Christian values or they are just too dumb and selfish to care. With their belief system, there is no right and wrong because all things are OK with them. Except white men.

I'm tired of the msm media including most of Fox. They collude with the democraps and tell us lies with straight faces. Without the DNC daily talking points, they couldn't speak at all. They are only as important as we allow them to be. Ignore them, all of them.

Welfare: I go to work every day, so does my spouse. We pay our bills and some days, we have nothing left over. We don't go on welfare. It's not that we couldn't use it, some extra money sometimes. It's because we are responsible people. Those who are totally irresponsible feast on the welfare system, aka me and you. They are the perpetual offended class. Accuse them of being welfare slugs... RACIST. It's not about skin color any more, it's about not being THEM. C&P didn't believe in the welfare system because it is a racist tool of the wealthy to keep blacks on the plantation. That's nearly the one truth from them. But talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Welfare socialists want all of your money and their money and your neighbor's money and my money to give indiscriminately to the bums who won't work, but could. These bums run around in black hoods now with masks over their faces like the coward welfare suckers they are. Or they trot them to the border in the thousands to overwhelm the border patrol and are instructed to yell “RACIST” if they have to wait in a local area to be processed, which they knew before they left their own stinking country.

I'm really tired of this crap.

Yes, illegal border crossers. I'm tired of these people crawling over our barriers to invade my country, making demands of our border patrol, whine about their accommodations, bringing trafficked kids and drugs. Kick their illegal butts back across the border they came over.

I'm tired of being called a racist. Who is a racist? It's not the person like me who goes to work, raises their families, pays the bills and hates what some people of color believe and will do to act out their chosen offense (I can't say 'blacks' or 'Mexicans' or terrorists because I would be a RACIST, even those are racist words. I know that because I get called 'whitey' by strangers who are never accused of being racist) No, the racist is not the person like me, it's the person or people who scream “RACIST” at every move made by “whitey.” No matter how innocent.

I'm tired of that crap!

So, who are the racists? Those who scream “RACIST!” The wealthy blacks afraid of losing their drug money, or maybe they are white or brown skinned. It doesn't matter, they are drug money wealthy and they spend their money on mansions, drugs and fancy cars. The only jobs they create are drug running illegals.  Whoever it is who screams “RACIST' at all, qualify as a racist themselves because that is all they think about. Leftist politicians. Antifa. Indoctrinated students. Professors. If “black” is a race, so is “white.” These people are highly prejudiced against whites.

They foment hate and are the ones who cause crises and are the ones that encourage militant, violent protests. C & P were geniuses of venom, the poison of hate.

Welcome to the new leftist America.

I'm tired of this crap.  I want my country back.

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You're tired? Aren't we all

Bravo!  Exactly the thoughts I've been having  the past month or so.  I was born in the 1930s and, had I used the "N" word in our various homes, my butt would have been stinging 24/7.  Yes, I want all the Muslims to go home to wherever their ilk originally came from.  Let's see how the like living in a truly Muslim world.  My reason for such thoughts is simply that they refuse to be AMERICANS.  That's not "racism".  That's self defense!

Where does Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals fit into C & P's chaos theory?

Alinsky's R4R is the "democrap" bible.  C&P studied it and maybe even helped write it

A good read about the comparisons of Rules For Radicals and Cloward-Piven ... https://davidfiorazo.com/2017/03/radical-take-down-of-america/

 ----  BOTH are Marxist philosophies

In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems.”- Saul D. Alinsky (Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer).

Cloward-Piven called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis. The connection is very plain to see by reading this article.  It further states: Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and The Cloward-Piven Strategy have been woven together by Progressive Marxist-Humanists to create a crisis so bad that the only “solution” is what they have wanted:  Communism

I read the article at your link, and it does provide an excellent explanation of how the two philosophies tie together.  Their implementation really is being implemented in the open, right in front of us.

Long ago I learned in the world of Biology,  Anatomy, Physiology, and Genetics, just what a parasite was and how it effects the life of the "host" being. It lives off that body of the "host" .... in this case our nations heritage. It's sole purpose is for it's own existence, to perpetuate it's offspring to increase, to produce MORE parasites ... so long as the "host" organism allows it to be so. What you speak of is exactly that .... much like a malaria outbreak in the nations bloodlines. Only rational people would defeat that parasite, and only irrational people would claim that there is not "crisis" ... but that Republicans caused the problems. We see that in Chicago where the Democrats have controlled that city for over 50 Years, and they blame Trump and us "deplorables". Enough of this clap-trap BS. 

All democrats want open borders and "free lunches" on the backs of "other peoples money", they are the parasites living of the "host" nation ... and We The People.  So far as I know even Congress gets their "golden parachutes of retirement" at our expense UNTIL THE Day they die, they keep getting their salaries monthly as if they never left Congress ... and are fully vested after just 5 years "serving" the people! Parasites and socialists are the same creature from the Black Lagoon, they are the opportunists ... and We The People ... are the "host". 



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