Tomorrow is Primary Day, 2018.  For many in the conservative community, we are filled with anxiety as to whether the blue wave is real in Arizona or not.

Here is some very interesting data that will give you an idea of what is happening in Arizona:

AZ Public Voting Data

Here is another source for you to consider. Here, you can plainly see that the democrats have been working to add voters but what has the AZGOP done?  According to these numbers, nothing!

News from Michele Reagan

Arizona Secretary of State

(602) 542-4285


Phoenix – The number of registered voters in Arizona has increased by 21,960 to 3.6 million active voters according to the Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan.  


Of the state's 3,632,337 voters, 1,264,295 are Republicans, 1,111,580 are Democrats and 1,218,716 have not designated an officially recognized party preference.  Libertarians and members of the Green party make approximately one percent of the state’s total registration.


“Since taking office I’ve prioritized making it easier for people to register to vote and the results have been great as the number of voters has increased by three hundred and eighty-five thousand,” said Secretary Reagan.  “From our Voting Rights Ambassadors to the unique and non-traditional outreach events we target, we hope our effort has increased awareness and encouraged people to get involved in the process.”










JAN 2018







MAR 2018






















A complete report compiled by county, congressional district and legislative district is available on or by calling 1-877-THE-VOTE.

WE NEED TO take up the slack left by AZGOP inertia.  This same inertia translates to legislative district chairs, too.

Here are our recommendations if you are wondering:


U.S. Senate: make up your own mind on this.  Polls do not favor conservatives.  No, not the fake polls. The real ones. 

CD1: This is the district Wendy Rogers is running in and who has carpet-bombed voters with disgusting accusations about her closest opponent, Sen. Steve Smith.  We don't care what candidates say at election time, we go on proven records of their actions.  We recommend Smith in this race as the only real conservative.  Democrat O'Halleran is beatable. He's done nothing for the tribes, the primary residents of this district.  Smith has long worked with them toward maintaining their water rights even though these folks were not in his Senate district.  He has a relationship with tribal members that others don't have.  That may or may not translate into votes for Smith but won't for the other two for certain.

CD2:Toss up and we have no recommendation here.  It's predominantly a democrat district.

CD3:  This is a seat that might be picked up this year. Grijalva spends most of his time in DC bars, does not represent anyone and is vulnerable this year.  Sergio Arellano hasthe best shot at taking this seat.  He's run a tight campaign.  Voters also like Edna San Miguel.  Who they like and who has the best chance in November are two different things.

CD8: We prefer Sandra Dowling butit is an uphill battle for her.  The real question is who can win against fake doctor Hiral Tipineni in November?  Rep. Debbie Lesko barely campaigned in the Special Election and only because the RNC came to her rescue pouring money into this race did she win in a very conservative district.  Shame on Lesko for taking such a casual approach as if she was entitled.

CD9: We prefer Stephen Ferrara.  Conservatives have told us he is the one to put up a fight against Greg Stanton (D) in November.  Stanton has an edge and is a good campaigner.  Ferrara has the most presence on the campaign trail.  That counts!  We like Dave Giles but think he needs more seasoning and injection of personality.


Governor:Ducey has been a terrible governor, raising taxes by calling them fees, caving in to Red4Ed thus emboldened them to get a vicious tax initiative on the ballot.  McCain is gone but the machine is still in place and Ducey is married to that machine.  Plus, he failed at owning an ice cream company in the hottest place in the country!!  Vote Ken Bennett ifyou want a better governor!

Secretary of State:Many conservatives have fallen for Steve Gaynor.  We have yet to get an answer from any of them as to what his platform is!  He can't run against Reagan in the General and REAL polls show Gaynor can beat Reagan since he ran ghostly ads to the tune of $1.4mil against her.  The same polls say he can't beat Katie Hobbs in November but Reagan can.  We want to keep that office.... it's critical to do so.  We recommend Michele Reagan be retained.  Much of what Gaynor claims against Reagan is false according the AG Brnovich and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

State Treasurer:Many won't vote for Kimberly Yee because she sponsored NPV.  But that is only the activists in Arizona, a small minority, unfortunately, because activists are those who are informed.  Both candidates are qualified.  You decide.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: The incumbent has the advantage.  That is Diane Douglas.  We didn't think she was qualified four years ago and we have not changed our minds.  We prefer Dr. Robert (Bob) Branch.  He has a doctorate in Organization and Management.  He has been and still is a teacher at Grand Canyon University.  He has designed curriculum.  He teaches teachers to teach!  And, he is accessible, not impressed with himself and has worked tirelessly to get out and meet voters outside the usual Republican circle.

Arizona Corporation Commission: We think the field will produce Justin Olson and Tom Forese as the winners of the primary.  That does not mean they are the best.  Strangely, Eric Sloan impressed us when we saw the ACC Forum on Horizon on PBS.  He appears to be anti-APS and showed himself to be a fighter when opponents made false allegations against him.  For a job that pays around $156K, this is a very weak field overall.  Anyone but Glassman is our choice!  Democrat Bill Mundell will be a tough customer in the General in November.  Always remember: we elect our nominee in the Primary with expectation they can win in the General. Vote for the Republican who you think can carry the day in November.  That is the bottom line.  We don't hold with "don't vote for the lesser of two evils" when there is little choice.



There are way too many districts that are not competitive.  Wonder if it is because good people cannot leave jobs to pursue a job that only pays $24K?  We aren't as well versed in some of these as we would like, so we will skip some of these races:

LD2:  We favor Shelley Kaisif only because she has no trouble with principles or the law!

LD12:  Eddie Farnsworth isa proven product.  Votes conservative most of the time.  It's not alway easy to vote conservative and sometimes, it depends on how active conservatives are in letting our lawmakers know what we think.  That's our job!

LD13:  Don Shooter has a well-earned terrible history of making passes at the women.... all women!  This is unprofessional and so ridiculous it defies discussion.  Sine Kerr has an advantage of sorts for being the incumbent, having been appointed this year to fill a vacancy.  Brent Backus has no strings to anyone and knows the proper protocol for his conduct.  He's smart and knowledgeable.  He's also a long shot.  Nonetheless, we pray to the Saint of Lost Causes and we recommend him.

LD14:  We recommend Drew John.  We do that because we think he is a better candidate than David Gowan, a certified liberal.  Plus, conservatives in that district seem to prefer John.  It's their district.

LD16:  You will have to decide this one.  Do you want another Farnsworth?  Or someone new?

LD20: This is just too easy to pick:  Charles Loftus by a mile and a half!  His competiter is no conservative.  Charlie, as he is called, is a strong conservative with a law enforcement background.  You just can't go wrong here.

LD21:  Just as in LD20, there is a clear favorite here.  Randy Miller will make every voter in LD21 proud again.  His competitor is the truly repulsive Rick Gray.  So liberal he makes our teeth hurt.  Miller is connected to the Conservative Sheriffs and Peace Officers organization, knows what the Constitutions of the US and Arizona call for and how to apply those principles to good government.  A clear winner.

LD22:  The west side is packed with good options.  Lucky them.  In this race, we strongly recommend Clair Van Steenwyk.  Sure, he likes to criticize AFA on occasion but we are undeterred.  He if well versed in Constitutional requirements and we believe he will apply those principles to government.

LD23: Again, an easy pick for conservatives, Michelle Ugenti-Rita.  We believe she has been treated unfairly for coming forward against the lewd passes from Don Shooter and many other women came out after Ugenti-Rita bravely stepped forward.  We want a lawmaker with guts!  Timothy Jeffries has papered the city of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills with signs but that hides the fact he is a Ducey buddy, establishment candidate.  Kristina Kelley has been recruited by the teachers union to push Red4Ed.  Again, an easy decision for us but voters are not as aware as we are.  This will be close and could go either way.

LD25: The ever-tricky Bob Worsley did a set up for Tyler Pace to be the only candidate on the ballot.  That is why you MUST write-in Itasca Small.  Voters in LD25 could not ask for a more honest informed lawmaker than Itasca.  Spread the word for Itasca.

LD28:  We wouldn't know Ken Bowers if we were standing next to him at his own campaign event. Nonetheless, his opponent is Kate Brophy MaGee who did defeat the democrat last time.  Decide if Bowers can defeat the unknown but well-funded democrat.  Vote accordingly.

House of Representatives:

LD1:  David Stringer has been excoriated by our liberal Republicans and the media for telling the truth.  Such courage needs to be rewarded.  But don't vote for Stringer because of that, vote for him because he is the real deal and voters deserve to have him as their Representative.  If we lived in that district, we would only vote for him, even though two votes are available.  It's the best way to get a conservative in this seat.  You won't be sorry!

LD5:  This is a crowded field and anything can happen.  We recommend a single shot here for Jennifer Jones-Esposito.  Take your chances with any of the others but Paul Mosley has been in the news lately for his continual violation of traffic law.  Voters remember names.

LD6: Conservative voters and activists like Stuart McDaniels.  We won't argue with them.  Three in the race for two seats.  Single Shot is in order.  Although, Bob Thorpe does come through for conservatives some of the time.

LD11:  We highly recommend Rep. Mark Finchem.  We also will go with conservatives in that district for Bret Roberts.  We are just taking their word for it.

LD12: No reason to desert these two Representatives.  Both have served their constituents well:  Warren Petersen and Travis Grantham.

LD16: This is a very crowded field.  Rep. Townsend is just about a shoe-in.  Therefore we recommend a single shot for John Fillmore.  He served one term a while back and is better known than any of the others.  We are just very happy that Doug Coleman is not running again!!

LD 17:  Incumbent Jeff Weninger has an advantage.  We have heard nothing but good reports on Julie Willoughby.  We don't have much on either of the two women.  You decide.

LD25:  Rep. Rusty Bowers has been around forever.  Voters like him.  The other incumbent is Michelle Udall.   She has not done much for constituents.  We would take a flyer on Marlene Hinton.  She could be worse, she could be better but she will be different.

LD28:  The ever uber-liberal miscreant, Kathy Petsas, could not be a worse candidate.  She is in mourning for McCain today but she will root out the next uber-liberal to support her before November. This is not a contested race but we wanted to plant this idea into your head: Petsas is actually running to defeat the conservative, Maria Syms.  Really!  Remember that in the General.  If you don't, we will remind you.

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Replies to This Discussion

First of all, I have been the Corresponding Sec. of LD16 for six years and we our Proud to have David C. Farnsworth as our Senator. We held a Special Election to have him fill the seat to replace Rich Crandall and we have kept reelecting him since.

I do agreed on LD16 House Reps. Kelly Townsend and John Fillmore!

As for ACC you are wrong. James "Jim" O'Connor and Justin Olson are the best qualified Candidates. Tom Forese has voted badly and came to meeting unprepared. Don't believe the lies that were posted on here about Jim O'Connor in the past, they were very untruthful. I know what truly happened. 

No Forese.  I voted only for Jim O'Connor since I don't know the others.

We are never wrong about Jim O'Connor since he was once a team member here.  He was dismissed when he helped the rogue AZRA group try to misappropriate someone else's money.  We are conservatives here.  If he will do that, your money is not safe on the ACC.  We just report the facts and we have heard the recording.

This was posted on White Mtn Independent. With Smith, SB1519 was a whopper that we thank the Lord it did not go through. Then there is Rio Nuevo. How many passes does this man get before his followers realize he is not the man to represent Arizona in CD1? 

Smith not watching the taxpayer till

It is amazing. Rio Nuevo was such a fiasco, that I am shock that State Senator Steve Smith didn't do everything in his power to stop it from rearing its ugly head, especially since he continually states what a conservative and Christian he is.

The information on Rio Nuevo's finances is so convoluted, that it almost appears that someone went to the trouble to make it appear so and take advantage of the taxpayers. For $230 million, taxpayers were promised an array of museums, a re-creation of the Tucson birthplace and a hotel. None of them came to being built. All they did was restore two old movie houses and part of the Old Pueblo wall and infrastructure for a new downtown subdivision.

Over the years taxpayers became frustrated. Many of the records were incomplete, unorganized and lacking in detail. The projects came to the realization of what a giant boondoggle it had become and one of the dumbest in the history of the city. Projects started and never finished. The city overpromised and undelivered.

With this bad of a reputation, how could Steve Smith allow this renewal of Rio Nuevo to happen again taking advantage of we the taxpayers. Steve was given a huge fundraiser by these pro Rio Nuevo individuals, many of which were involved in the original Rio Nuevo Fiasco. Shameful. Wendy Rogers would never allow this kind of scam to happen to her constituents."

Geri Ottobani-Gilmore,

Oro Valley

Very good report.  Thanks.  I agree on all that I know about so bet all the rest are straight on, too.

As to ACC, I agree that O'Connor is a bad choice.  My friend has known him a long time.  Politically speaking. He said O'Connor can't have access to his personal checking account because he isn't trusted with the money. Said he was always complaining about having to report to the wife what he spent.  No thanks.  I did vote Olson. Glad to get that right.  I already read a prior report on that race.

Also would trust AFA on Smith over some Oro Valley lefty. I don't vote there so it doesn't matter.  It seems Smith must be leading because so many are after him.  Mostly, it seems, Rogers' voters wishing.



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