[Editor: There has been much discussion over the past decade or longer over whether it makes sense to start a new political party.  The Libertarians have done just that having founded the Libertarian Party in 1971 (https://www.lp.org/about).  Many say it's not feasible to start another party because our country will be lost before a new party can get a foothold.  Others say "the parties we have now - Democrat and Republican aka Uniparty - are so lost as to be useless.  A new party is a must."  AFA takes no positioin on this issue at this time but we do intend to give space to anyone who makes a rational argument for or against.  We think today, Memorial Day, is an appropriate day to introduce this article.  Today, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for OUR COUNTRY, not for a political party.  We do take umbrage with one statement in this opinion article: our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.]

I trust you know government was founded on Christian principles for the purpose of securing our unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and an opportunity for Happiness. Though we pledge allegiance to one nation, under God it is self- evident that America is a post Christian nation. The Liberty in which we were told to “stand fast” in Gal. 5:1 has been taken from us through unlawful government action. We no longer control our destiny. On September 11, 1990 President George H. W. Bush said: "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order - can emerge.... We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders." 


This New World Order has been defined as “a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order;”  i.e., a global prison whose ’warden’ will be an Imperial Oligarchy!


History shows that both of our major political parties have supported the unlawful government actions and that we are being governed (ruled over) by a criminal syndicate having no allegiance to the Constitution. People hoping to restore our Republic must abandon the Republican and Democrat parties and transfer their allegiance to a party possessing the knowledge, courage, and integrity needed to honor James 4:17 and do what is right as each of us must do! To continue to pretend there is hope of convincing our present representatives to change is wishful thinking. It is clear every one of them is a Communist sympathizer if not a card carrying member as none have made any attempt to free us from our existing monetary policy that’s in consonance with the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and which has put us in bondage.


After researching the alternative political parties and their leadership I’ve concluded the Constitution Party best exemplifies the needed qualifications. The party’s stated goal is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit the federal government to its Constitutional boundaries. The party’s platform can be viewed at 



The Arizona State Chairman of the Constitution Party is Kent Miller. He has requested I assume the role of interim Chairman of the party for Mohave County, AZ. I’m considering doing so and am attempting to determine if there is adequate support among people I know to warrant the effort of trying to create an organization having the political “muscle” to help make a difference. The need for people to abandon the major parties and flee to the Constitution Party is clear for as Medori Severi said"until we abandon our manifold private agendas and unite, we will merely be hapless observers standing at the bottom of a dark, deep pit, wistfully hoping to save the world, but really doing little more than breaking the fall of compatriots who are pushed in on top of us. Only by uniting in a common effort devoid of subjective paradigms will we be able to mold the human spirit upon which we may ascend to freedom....."


If you are willing to attend a meeting to discuss a plan designed to let people unite on issues of common interest while retaining their freedom to pursue their special interests and an approach toward educating people on the illegitimate actions of our major parties and need to support a viable third party please give me a call or email me with a simple yes.



Walter Myers

Bullhead City, AZ 86442

[Editor:  If you would like to contact Mr. Myers about this, send email to team-azfreedomalliance2@hushmail.com and it will be forwarded to Myers for response.  Our policy is not to publicize that contact information]

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I would love to see the GOP expand its groundswell effort to weed out the establishment moderates from its leadership positions.  The Dems place their most left-wing people in charge, and we place our least right-wing people in charge.  I would like to see a partnership of the Constitutionalists with the GOP, with the former group slowly (or quickly) replacing the GOPe Dem-lites.  But splintering off from the GOP completely would split the vote.  The Progressives took over the Democrat Party, so maybe the Constitutional Republicans could replace the moderate GOPe.

You are so right a 3rd party could stop a lot of this just like the freedom Caucus. 

Hasn't the "grass roots" of the Republican brand learned from the 3rd party candidate of Ross Perrot? Even Teddy Roosevelt lost as a 3rd party candidate. Perot ran largely with his own money like Trump, he had business experience like Trump, he had economic policies like Trump ... and lost but did give Bill Clinton the Presidency ... leaving Perot NOT winning any electoral votes. If the Republican party is to change its ways .. it must be from the inside ... from the bottom up to remove the corruption that stands to demean our Constitutional rights.

I do so believe it certainly is time for a new political party.  It's time we turned the Republican party back into the party as it was first established under President Lincoln. The Whigs were in a terrible mess, much like we are seeing now with splinter groups that were untrustworthy.  I believe we must focus our efforts on re-gaining the Republican party as the Constitutional party as was intended to be.  But, thank you, Mr. Myers, for bringing this topic to the conversation.

As a former Chairman of the Arizona Republican State Party, I can tell you that your frustration with our party is by no means without substance. During my term, I battled on a daily basis, the Establishment Elite who tried to put me in a corner with virtual duct tape over my mouth.  They were incensed that someone supported by the Tea Party and the Grassroots was at the helm.  They withdrew their financial support and viciously attacked me and my staff on the blogs with an intensity similar to what they are doing today to President Trump.  Their motivation in both instances?  Simple - they want to maintain their status quo, no matter the cost to our country. Despite this, "we the people" prevailed.  During the 2012 election we, the AZ GOP, were the best performing Republican state Committee in the entire country. This was because of the Grassroots, Tea Party and independent Republican clubs coming together and volunteering for our candidates and attending our fundraisers.  The donations that came into the party during my term totaled 3.8 million dollars, in small amounts.  The lesson here is simple, we have the numbers, the Establishment has the big money.  Dollars can't vote, no matter how many.  We the people can, and do. So why should we cede our power to them.  Why are we talking about leaving our party? Let us drive them, the Establishment, out and maybe they will go to where they are more aptly placed, the democrat party.  Not a dime's worth the difference between them.  

Stay the course and remain in the party and p__s off "those who believe that they know better than we".  We the people are on the side of the truth and they "can't handle the truth".  Stay strong. Support our champion, President Donald J Trump and take our party and our country back.  and this time keep it!  This party belongs to we the people and not to the special interests, the consultants, certain elected officials and lobbyists.  There is plenty of room for them in the democrat party.    


Thank You for giving a real service to the informed electorate!  It all starts at the Precinct Committeeman level and strengthen by State Committeemen level ... where we must call to audit the party's books NOW.  Ceding that power to the elites makes us have inalienable rights.

Posting for Suzan Lamberson:

Sure is about time. First one we get is President Donald Trump. You have an immediate following. Get on Social media have them sign up with a $1.00 pledge. With that one dollar they get one other person they talk too. 

Walt and Others

A New World Order is here. Here since 1947 per John McCain.

The NWO has defended it's coup with body count. And you Guys are going to change or re-invigorate parties as a solution.

Ya right. Get Real!

JFK died trying to do the right things. And now we have a POTUS trying to do the right thing while trying to stay alive. 

Solution: I only know this: "You have to acknowledge a problem before you can solve it."

Read more here

What's your suggestion Marc?  The problem at hand is not only one with the Establishment, it is with those who have been bought off, and in turn, are selling this country out.  My feeling is that it is incumbent on all of us who love this country and culture, to do more than just shake a stick at this problem and say that there is nothing that can be done.  Something can be done, and must be done. So, I urge you to join the movement to save our country, or, if you choose not to, then think before making negative statements, which can be discouraging to those who want to be part of the solution. Bottom line - don't add to the problem - do something about it by suggesting a solution. 

Solution: I only know this: "You have to acknowledge a problem before you can solve it."

and that is not happening with 98% of the folks

@Marc  I too would like to hear your solution. I would add mine if I had any idea how to rid ourselves of the likes of McConnell, Ryan, McCain and 3/4 of the Congress but that's not going to happen.  It is we the people who have the power for change but we the people won't take up the cause of liberty.  Some do, maybe 1-5% but the rest complain and sit.  My parents taught me if you complain about things, come up with an alternative.  We are waiting!!!

Solution: I only know this: "You have to acknowledge a problem before you can solve it."

and that is not happening with 98% of the folks. Nothing can happen until we get numbers that actually believe John McCain NWO exists to the degree that it an oligarchy. Your vote does not count.  

 It all starts at the Precinct Committeeman level -- Ya right!



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